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TIZZOP Nov 2019
dear black folks i
want to be white

dear white folks i
want to be black

dear biracials i want to be
black and white
at the same time

(much love to my kids)

dear jews i
want to be a muslim

dear muslims i
want to be a jew

can you help me out

can you help me out

can you help me out

can you help me out

i need someone
like you folks

who is aware of
Dhaara T Apr 2017
I knew from the start
Sweet melodies would follow
His fingers plucked hearts
Shades31 Mar 2016
I never got to meet you
You lived way before my time
To think of you - refreshed, anew
Become colourful from lime

You taught much in your life
That we still use today
Taught man how to treat his wife
To respect her in every way

You spread the Word God sent
For all mankind, it came
The words acted like a tent
Covering all from Flame

You acted in the best of manners
The perfect example to mankind
And still today, we raise the banners
Of Islam's goodness, we must remind
Well, for Christians, I suppose this could apply for Jesus (pbuh) and Christianity as well.
Because I'm Muslim, though, I wrote this from my perspective

— The End —