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Spadille Aug 2020
I vividly remember the day we brought you home
And the ecstasy I felt

We would always play
I'd pet you endlessly
I grew up with you by my side

Things changed and I have regrets
Time passed by, we grew older
Time flew by us
And the next thing I knew,
You have already bid farewell

I can never forget
You are embedded in my soul
You've been the best
You can now rest
Might contain some grammatical errors, English is not my first language. I'm open for corrections and constructive criticism, it will help me improve.
You do not strive for greatness
You strive for perfection

But perfect
Isn’t perfect enough

You don’t need a break and are not allowed mistakes
For you are strong enough

Say goodmorning
No matter the lie

Don’t cry
Sit straight
Don’t yell
No rough music
Be a good girl

For we only want the best for you


I mustn’t settle for greatness
I must strive for perfection

But don’t stop there
No matter how delusional it sounds

Breaks and mistakes are not tolerated
They think I’m strong enough

Say goodmorning
No matter the lie

Don’t cry
Sit straight
Don’t yell
No rough music
Be a good girl

Put yourself in the mold your parents made for you
helena alexis Jul 2018
a reality seduced by danger is
what made her want him more
the passion between them was electric
the way their bodies fit together like
puzzle pieces in the night
she’s addicted to the thrill
and to the evil angel who
wants her to be his forever
What happens when the good girl goes bad
like the spoiled milk she left out?
Because I couldn't seem to get up.
I think it was something about acknowledging that I'm alive, I'm here.
Wouldn't it all be easier if I wasn't?

When the good girl goes bad
because she worked her *** off on that paper and only got a C.

When the good girl goes bad
because the world doesn't treat her right,
but I guess it must because that's
how come I'm the good girl.
Not my depressed sister sitting in her room;
not my other sister running around, destroying everything I had to work for;
most definitely
not my other sister who always seemed to be your favorite but is now smashing plates in our backyard,
'cause I guess that's what happens if you get too close to you.

When the good girl goes bad,
you get angry because
I'm supposed to be your perfect child
not supposed to be
your ***** up child
your lonely child
your lazy child
your anxious child
not supposed to be
your good for nothing child
your dysfunctional child
your doesn't give a **** about anything anymore child.
why don't I ******* give a **** about anything anymore?

When the good girl goes bad
your life falls apart,
because clearly
you had enough to deal with already,
because clearly
this is all my fault,
because clearly
you don't have the time to face your good girl
because clearly
that's all on me.

When the good girl goes bad
because you left her out on the counter all those years, sitting there to rot.
And though I know that you can't waste your time putting it away, 'cause you never cared for it anyway,
maybe you shouldn't have bought the milk if you didn't want to drink it.
And I know the milk should take care of itself
but I tried and that only works for a couple of years
before the good girl gone bad falls far off the counter, spills across the floor,
and the only thing left is to throw that nasty old milk away
because your bread, eggs, oil, etc. need your attention
and it's just too late for the good girl.

When the good girl goes bad
because she never asked to be the good girl
or maybe I did, I don't really remember,
but not like this.
I just wanted to be loved
but little did I know that
the good girl just sits there
keeping herself afloat,
but the boat can't guide itself if it wasn't given eyes.
The boat can't patch itself if you keep telling it its still brand new
when its really old, broken, and covered in holes.
You shouldn't put a boat in the water if you know its going to sink,
but I guess you only really need a couple good boats
so you can just toss the good girl.

When mama's little good girl goes bad,
she feels guilty
because she was told she'd always be
the good girl.
Though, its hard being the good girl when you don't have any windshield wipers for your tears at night.
But the tears at night aren't supposed to exist
I'm still mama's mother ******' good girl,
please pretend I haven't gone bad.
I added to what was originally posted. I was having some technical issues and decided to just post what I had before, but this is the full poem (5/16/18)
frankie Nov 2017
he'll call you pretty
he'll capture you with the sparkle of his brown eyes
and melodic laugh that'll ring in your ears for days
after the moment passed

things will escalate
your heart will race each time you hear his name
you'll admit to liking him
he'll say he feels the same

his lips will taste like honey
you'll love the taste, it'll be your  new favourite flavour
but honey gets too sickly when you eat too much

he'll call you good girl
then you'll realise,
you're not the only one who's been eating honey.
Britney Lyn Nov 2017
I don't like being called "good girl" anymore.
Not because I don't like the way you say it, or why you're saying it. No.
I don't like being called "good girl" because of a man.
I met him at a party, my friend ditched me.
I was watching everyone around me relax and have fun, but I was so tense.
He must have picked up on my weakness, like a predator to prey.
He handed me a drink and kept me company, he said I looked nervous.
He told me to relax and to take a hit off his joint.
I didn't want to be there anymore, but I tried to take his advice.
We sat on the floor near the double doors and he told me I still looked nervous.
He said I had no reason to be that he'd never let anything happen to me.
I just laughed because he only just met me.
Next thing I remember I wasn't feeling too good, my head was cloudy, and the floor was the ceiling.
I remember his eyes on me, so hungry.
I remember his hands on me, whereas mine were incapable of moving.
He couldn't meet my eyes and I couldnt remember where we were or how we got there, but it wasn't by the double doors anymore.
I remember noises, the dim lighting around us, I tried to focus on anything and everything else.
I was screaming, but I don't actually know if the noise came out.
I remember the hot tears that slid down my face as he slid over my body.
I was a toy, I couldn't do anything, I was a puppet to his whim.
He stoked my face occasionally and said I was a good girl, that I didn't need to be nervous, that I was a good girl, to just take it.
I remember wailing, his hand covering my mouth, my lips bruising, my body throbbing.
I haven't seen myself the same since, there wasn't anyone I felt safe with, not a hand that didn't feel like his.
I get sick at the thought of him, at the thought of that act he forced me to commit.
I didn't know his name but I knew his face because it haunts my dreams.
I scare easy now, I want to hide but sleep can't even save me.
I didn't want to be a good girl, I never wanted to be a good girl.
So please...please.
Don't call me one.
I don't think I'll ever be able to read this poem again, it's too much for me.
Kenēn Jun 2016
Today I'm gonna tell you
How to be a good girl that Ma loves
First, remove all your piercings
But don't shove them down the drain
You'll need them later.

Second, have a straight hair that Ma likes
No buts and no ifs
Only yes and yes
But keep all your curler and ribbons
You'll need them to straighten your soul.

Nobody tells you this
In the street or in the market
Nobody texts you how it's done
But now that I've done it and I know why
Because it takes stamina to be a good girl.
Shades31 May 2016
Last night, you saw me
And when I looked at you
You captured me, captivated
I felt refreshed, born anew

Your eyes held so much wonder
Much guilt and mystery
You seemed to have a bad past
But you're still beautiful to me

I am one of those guys
Who no girl gave attention
Maybe it was attitude,
Sarcasm or detention?

Maybe I was too smart
And they felt insecure
But you are smarter than I
And oh, so much more pure

There's just something about you
That makes me want to alter
I wish to ask you to be mine
But I always seem to falter

You put my nerves on edge
You make my hair stand high
Send shivers up and down my spine
For once I will not lie

I have fallen for a girl
So much more pure than I
And now I wish to begin again
It's hard, but I shall try
My poetry is not necessarily a full reflection of my life. However, there is some truth to it
naila Jun 2015
Im the girl that lisn to soft music
love reading and writing poems
I'm the shy girl who's always quite
You you are the guy that spends
His nights out
Who can get drunk the whole night
Without giving a **** about
The world
The badboy that all the girls wants
But i guess that the reason why
I want you more thn anything
I want you to be mine and only mine
When i'm with you i forget abt
The time and about the world
If only you feel the same about me
But for you i'm just that little goodgirl
Hidden Secrets Apr 2015
I'm a good girl gone bad
I've slipped up and lost track
Got caught up in the wrong crowd
Went the wrong way
Fell short more than once
I'm surprised I got to see another day

I'm a good girl gone bad
I decided to spread my legs too quick 17 & pregnant, I thought I was grown
My body was my own

Sipping coconut *** & milk
That night I became a drunk bandit
I was sure I could handle it
Until he drugged me and I couldn't remember a thing
All I know is I had bruises on my thighs
The police dismissed the case
They called me easy
Said they weren't surprised

I got high on speed
Fooled around the wrong way
I accidentally overdosed
& if my brother hadn't walked in just in time
I wouldn't be here today

I'm a good girl gone bad
Ive lost track of the guys I've had
Lost count of the names they call me
Can't recall the last time I had a friend

I'm a good girl gone bad
I was tired of the rules
I wanted to live my life
Didn't want anyone telling me what to do

I didn't think it would be like this
Why didn't anyone warn me?
I didn't know bad girls get this much heat
I just wanted to try it out
But these fates weren't ones I thought I'd meet
A good girl gone bad?
Nah I'm good
Good girl gone bad gone good
Is more like it...

— The End —