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Apr 21 · 768
Apr 19 · 588
cassandra Apr 19
i put my spring jacket on
not knowing the winter
was yet to come back
you had your time acting off
weren't here anymore
to warm up my heart
Apr 18 · 2.2k
white & black
cassandra Apr 18
your mind
like canvas
pure white
till you get hurt
and paint it
deep black
Apr 11 · 2.6k
cassandra Apr 11
i remember
your favorite
do you
my name?
Apr 10 · 958
a waste
cassandra Apr 10
you’re like a mental map
that i use
every time i get lost
in somebody’s eyes
to remind myself
it’s not worth a try
Apr 6 · 267
cassandra Apr 6
high heels
red lips
your weakness
but does
it help
love deeper?
Apr 5 · 712
a hint
cassandra Apr 5
the sun
during winter
your smile
like a whisper

different things
in my life
stop the tears
from time
to time
Apr 4 · 181
all and nothing
cassandra Apr 4
i heard your words
"that's all she was"
so i decided
to put on a show

now you can't compare me
to anything you know
cause i'm a butterfly
that learned to grow
Mar 30 · 425
cassandra Mar 30
thought you were
a waiting-to-be-written song
but you were just a lyric
and you proved me wrong
Mar 26 · 765
cassandra Mar 26
seeing your eyes
for the first time
made me close mine

for a little while.
Mar 25 · 915
cassandra Mar 25
our whole adventure
just like a blink of an eye,
was there no gesture
or did i miss

your goodbye?
Mar 25 · 1.2k
cassandra Mar 25
so many words
to describe you

yet so little you
Mar 23 · 299
hi's & hello's
cassandra Mar 23
the streets make us strangers
cars louder than greetings
put our souls in danger
how to stop the bleeding

words not meant for me to hear
drifting fast from your lips
echoing somewhere so near
what an apocalypse

but is it the revenge
for what is lost
or is it just defence
from what's not gone?
Mar 23 · 621
cassandra Mar 23
lonely in the sea of people
overwhelmed while being alone
craving you to like me
while praying that you don't

didn't know the colors
seeing in black and white
all the flaws seemed see through
despite hours sacrified to hide

naked between the sheets
pillows soaking the tears
and all this because
mirror was my worst enemy

— The End —