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cassandra Apr 2021
what a dive
staying up
all night
just to jump
and die
cassandra Apr 2021
i put my spring jacket on
not knowing the winter
was yet to come back
you had your time acting off
weren't here anymore
to warm up my heart
cassandra Apr 2021
your mind
like canvas
pure white
till you get hurt
and paint it
deep black
cassandra Apr 2021
i remember
your favorite
do you
my name?
cassandra Apr 2021
you’re like a mental map
that i use
every time i get lost
in somebody’s eyes
to remind myself
it’s not worth a try
cassandra Apr 2021
high heels
red lips
your weakness
but does
it help
love deeper?
cassandra Apr 2021
the sun
during winter
your smile
like a whisper

different things
in my life
stop the tears
from time
to time
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