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May 9 · 32
Under a Cool Moon
Jim Davis May 9
How did I finally become
this hideous terrible beast
In the mirror’s reflection I see!  
It’s happened gradually I suppose
Without my realization of change
****** to forever live as a beast
Now it may be too late for me
Howling at the moon’s cool light
Lonely for another’s breath of love

©  2021 Jim Davis
Dec 2020 · 219
The Line (3w)
Jim Davis Dec 2020 dear...

© 2016 Jim Davis
Best three word movie line there ever has been... so far...!   Arnold’s “I’ll be back...” runs for a close second place!
Dec 2020 · 144
She (5w)
Jim Davis Dec 2020
Finally... she destroyed his poetry
Dec 2020 · 163
Advice (10w)
Jim Davis Dec 2020
Take a little hint
Today... live
Tomorrow... love
Yesterday... fuggitaboutit

©  2020 Jim Davis
Pretty much the same for most of 2020
Oct 2020 · 240
2020 Halloween Fright (5w)
Jim Davis Oct 2020
Love... hanging on a thread...

©  2020 Jim Davis
Will it break?
Oct 2020 · 419
2020 Dreaming
Jim Davis Oct 2020
I reach to touch you
In and out of my dreaming
Hoping my dream lives

©  2020 Jim Davis
2020... Wow!
Aug 2020 · 481
Whispers (5w)
Jim Davis Aug 2020 your inside voice

©  2019 Jim Davis
Jan 2020 · 487
Heartbeat (5w)
Jim Davis Jan 2020
My heart beats... for you

©  2020 Jim Davis
Jan 2020 · 1.0k
She's a Lemon Drop (10w)
Jim Davis Jan 2020
She can be
Sweet as Honey
Sour as Lemon

©  2020 Jim Davis
Dec 2019 · 297
Don’t (10w)
Jim Davis Dec 2019
Don’t form opinions on yourself
Based on opinions of others

©  2019 Jim Davis
Kinda stole the idea... and it doesn’t rhyme... but ... I love it!
Dec 2019 · 114
Jim Davis Dec 2019
Holding... heart to heart
Me... heaven... on earth again
Lips...touching... my lips

©  2017 Jim Davis
Dec 2019 · 360
Hidden (10w)
Jim Davis Dec 2019
beauty is sometimes ugly...
dancing at a masquerade  ball!
Ya never know... till ya know!  So the beauty within any person... is always a nice discovery! So... I’ll argue against the world and say... beauty... is more than skin deep! And a truly ugly person... sometimes wears a mask of beauty!  Be careful... what one looks for in a person or a mate!
Dec 2019 · 126
Life (5w)
Jim Davis Dec 2019
Life’s good... till it ain’t!
Well... cheated a little, (“life’s” is actually 2 words - (life is), but pretty much one word if said fast... right?... thus a (5w) poem!
But don’t we all try to cheat on life a bit... by trying to cheat on death.  Good thing we’ve all got something to look forward to!
Dec 2019 · 489
Marriage (10w)
Jim Davis Dec 2019
Most beautiful...
at the vows...
then again...
at 50 years!
I’m at 33 years... 17 years to go!  There is a joke - Joe is crying in the corner at his 50 yr wedding anniversary... his best friend asks... “Joe why you crying? This is a beautiful day!” Joe says...” “Her Dad said I either had to marry her or go to jail for 50 years... I’m crying cause I coulda been a free man today!”
Nov 2019 · 376
Behold (5w)
Jim Davis Nov 2019
**** is in the eyes

©  2019 Jim Davis
If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... where is ****?
Oct 2019 · 284
Jim Davis Oct 2019
I don’t much like weddings
But nearly always they will have cake
usually punch, sometimes nuts
kissing the bride is always nice
I pretty much like all that

I also don’t much like funerals
But almost always they will have
A nice song or two, a glance at the corpse
A tear filled remembrance or three
I pretty much like only the memories

So I’ve pretty much decided
I’ll stop going to these kinds of events
weddings and funerals
Even my own
Unless I’m forced

©  2019 Jim Davis
Oct 2019 · 1.4k
Surrender (10w)
Jim Davis Oct 2019
Stop fighting against
The brightening light
Surrender all to love

©  2019 Jim Davis
Oct 2019 · 205
Hello Goodbye
Jim Davis Oct 2019
Heard that big C word today
Didn’t realize how really big it was
But it is.... big....quite big
And it is what it is
Or as said in Spanish
Spelling it out to say
“That’s what it is”
or simply
it is what it is
life took a careening turn
observing more of life
to be more kind to others
Although there are no others
Just me
And it is what it is
Still tearing at life’s flesh
with teeth and claws
Living what life is left
while it’s left...
while it’s left....

©  2019 Jim Davis
PSA elevated
-I’ll shut up now - already TMI.
I recently wrote “The Rising Sun” perhaps with premonition!  We’ll see what happens... we’ll see!

Questioner: How are we to treat others?

Ramana Maharshi: There are no others.
Oct 2019 · 114
Hello There
Jim Davis Oct 2019
may I
have your heart
you could have mine
if such was so... then we might never part

©  2019 Jim Davis
My first tetractys poem!   Thanks annh for the introduction to this poetry form!  

From Wikipedia:
“In English-language poetry, a tetractys is a syllable-counting form with five lines. The first line has one syllable, the second has two syllables, the third line has three syllables, the fourth line has four syllables, and the fifth line has ten syllables.[13]”

The tetractys was created by Ray Stebbing, who said the following about his newly created form:

"The tetractys could be Britain's answer to the haiku. Its challenge is to express a complete thought, profound or comic, witty or wise, within the narrow compass of twenty syllables.[14]
Jim Davis Oct 2019
The Moving Finger writes;
and, having writ
Moves on:
nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to
cancel half a line
Nor all thy tears
wash out a word of it.
Apropos for our profession of poetry I believe!  

From Wikipedia:  Omar Khayyam (/kaɪˈjɑːm/; Persian: عمر خیّام‎ [oˈmæɾ xæjˈjɒːm]; 18 May 1048 – 4 December 1131) was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet.[3][4][5] He was born in Nishapur, in northeastern Iran, and spent most of his life near the court of the Karakhanid and Seljuq rulers in the period which witnessed the First Crusade.

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics quotes the tradition that the Persian quatrain-form, the ruba'i, originated in the gleeful shouts of a child, overheard and imitated by a passing poet.
Sep 2019 · 651
Jim Davis Sep 2019
Hot summer ending
In late evening listening
To loud Patsy Cline

©  2019 Jim Davis
Finally in the low 90’s here, smidgen of rain!  SOCKS Spell it out and you’re talking Spanish!
Aug 2019 · 1.2k
The Rising Sun
Jim Davis Aug 2019
Supposing I were to die
With the rising sun
of tomorrow’s day
Would you know
Would you care
Probably not
It’s not you dying

©  2019 Jim Davis
Aug 2019 · 120
Mind (10w)
Jim Davis Aug 2019
a man of letters...
confused his p’s and q’s!

©  2019 Jim Davis
Wikipedia:  Mind your Ps and Qs is an English language expression meaning "mind your manners", "mind your language", "be on your best behaviour", "watch what you're doing" or similar.

In the late 19th century, when literacy was relatively common in European countries such as the United Kingdom, the "Man of Letters" (littérateur)[17] denotation broadened to mean "specialized", a man who earned his living writing intellectually (not creatively) about literature: the essayist, the journalist, the critic, et al. In the 20th century, such an approach was gradually superseded by the academic method, and the term "Man of Letters" became disused, replaced by the generic term "intellectual", describing the intellectual person. In late 19th century, the term intellectual became common usage to denote the defenders of the falsely accused artillery officer Alfred Dreyfus.[18]
Aug 2019 · 132
Jim Davis Aug 2019
I stand and look at you
A tree consumed by
Heated arguments
And many winters of a cold hate
Ash from burnt leaves of love
Falling, blows away with the breeze
Leaving a bare limbed skeleton
Blackened by the fire snd sun
Truly an ugly beast
which will
Not live
Until spring has arrived again

©  2019 Jim Davis
Aug 2019 · 230
Dreaming (10w)
Jim Davis Aug 2019
Touching you softly
to know
my dream lives
as you

©  2019 Jim Davis
Dream Dreaming Touch Touching
Love Loving Live Lving
Aug 2019 · 1.7k
Hummingbird Classifieds
Jim Davis Aug 2019
hummingbird boy
hummingbird girl
(seeking only a long summertime of hum
sipping dark red flowers and then some)

summer hummingbird
hummingbird hummingbird
hummingbird unfurls
hummingbird whirs
hummingbird twirls
twirling hummingbird
twirl twirl hummingbird
hummingbird whirls
whirling hummingbird
whirl whirl hummingbird
hummingbird pearls
pearls of hummingbird
pearl hummingbird pearl
humming hummingbird
hum hum hummingbird
hummingbird hummingbird
humming hummingbird
hummingbird bird hums
hum hummingbird hum
fuming hummingbird
fume fume hummingbird
hummingbird fumes
watching... waiting
for any hummingbird girl
humming hummingbird
hummingbird summer

Heard hummingbird’s whir
Within a bright summer day
A whir... now... heart beats

©  2019 Jim Davis
An experiment now - posting the poem again!   I posted this poem yesterday / did not get any likes/loves/comments - nothing?  Didn’t think it was that bad... but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!  Just sorta strange that my last few poems have trended... but this one - nothing!  Anybody out there??
Aug 2019 · 376
I’m here for one thing
Jim Davis Aug 2019
What are we
doing here anyway
Are we seriously
going to write
some poetry
to save the world
Or not so seriously
to save ourselves
Either way
Let’s get to it

©  2019 Jim Davis
Just a late night rambling!
Aug 2019 · 473
Big Spread
Jim Davis Aug 2019
I’ve got my acreage
I’ve got my kids
I’ve got my wife
I’ve got my life
**** well
Best leave me alone

©  2019 Jim Davis

You know in Texas
you never ask a man
the size of his spread!  
Downright rude, I guess!
Aug 2019 · 400
A Fine Line (10w)
Jim Davis Aug 2019
With words...
my heaven within your eyes...
became my hell

©  2019 Jim Davis
Aug 2019 · 930
No (5w)
Jim Davis Aug 2019
Small words can slice deep

©  2019 Jim Davis
Aug 2019 · 219
Youth Fountain (10w)
Jim Davis Aug 2019
Looking to cure my early onset of old age!  Anyone?...

©  2019 Jim Davis
Aug 2019 · 737
Fireflies in the Dark (10w)
Jim Davis Aug 2019
Much like dancing fireflies
Thoughts of you light my dark

©  2019 Jim Davis
Aug 2019 · 680
Faded Love (10w)
Jim Davis Aug 2019
Crushed love leaves a fading scent
Much like crushed roses

©  2019 Jim Davis
Such is the sweet aroma of sorrow!
Aug 2019 · 662
Live to Love
Jim Davis Aug 2019
I’ll turn past six decades tomorrow
I’ll not live to love much longer
Coulda said the same
a decade of years ago
or on the day of my birth
I’ll not live to love much longer
Who really knows what
decades of years or
another tomorrow brings
I’ll not live to love much longer
Perhaps someday I’ll say
I’ll turn past nine decades tomorrow
that’ll be the day I’ll say
I’ll not live to love much longer

©  2019 Jim Davis
Love... really... is all there is!  If you don’t get it, give it... while you can!
Aug 2019 · 155
Jim Davis Aug 2019
Slipping my hand away
from her soft shoulder
with an eviscerating stare
she used her tongue
as she flayed and filleted me
cutting sinew, bone, flesh
all my feelings alike
words slicing through
splitting my dry carcass
bursting open my soft heart
spilling sweet love’s blood
on the cold sawdust floor

©  2019 Jim Davis
Aug 2019 · 174
Jim Davis Aug 2019
Slake my thirst for you
Allay my fears
Assuage the nightmares
Of you not here
Shatter my reality
Over and over again
With your simple
Presence and touch
To know you are really real

©  2019 Jim Davis
Jul 2019 · 181
My love
Jim Davis Jul 2019
If I were to write
a poem about you
I know how it would start
And can fill in some middle
But how will it end?

©  2019 Jim Davis
Love you
Jul 2019 · 438
One Way Love (10w)
Jim Davis Jul 2019
If one not in love,
are both out of love?

©  2019 Jim Davis
Jul 2019 · 225
Jim Davis Jul 2019
I spend a good
part of each day
Writing poetry you see
At times in words
Wishing vision to see
Perhaps I've found
A real life calling
Or just a little thing to
Play with all day

©  2017 Jim Davis
Jun 2019 · 5.2k
Harpoon Barry (a haibun)
Jim Davis Jun 2019
Scrounging local garage sales... near ten years past... I had found a flat, welded iron, rusty seahorse... 3 feet high... with a good seahorse shape and poise... edges welded and cut... after the haggle... twenty-five dollars..... perfectly added to my estate... covered rust in gold sheen... mounted upon a tree... to greet all comers... with a seahorse kiss!    
     Seller said it was made by the same artist... of the turtle lady statue... to be found in Corpus Christi!  Asked if I had seen it... my reply... No, but I liked the seahorse piece! He expounded... the artist... only had one leg... but was a surfer... well known for this trait... in Corpus Christi!  
     After I had mounted the seahorse... upon it's tree...I did an internet search... looking for anything about the one-legged surfer artist of Corpus Christi!  Found... nothing!  
     End of May, 2019... visiting my sister, Donna... we were wandering Corpus Christi!  She guided us to the surf museum... not knowing the story... of the one-legged surfer artist... creator of my mounted seahorse!  
     Girl at the front desk... Kyla... real nice and friendly... told her about the seahorse and questioned her... she didn’t know... she never heard of a surfer with one leg or the turtle lady statue!  Looking at us just a bit strangely... one legged surfer???
      Donna and I... started our stroll through the small museum!  Along the right side... stood a long row of surfboards... I’ve never surfed... but I was imagining trying it with just one leg!  
      Anyhow... I didn’t really stop to read or look in any detail at any of the exhibits until I reached the back... there was a glass case... which had a piece of simple letter paper...  8.5x11... taped to the front of the glass cabinet!  I started in reading the last paragraph...

     “Welch, 53, and his wife, Chelsea Louise, 23, died September 15, 2001, when their car plunged off the edge of South Padre Island’s Queen Isabella Causeway, which partially collapsed after a string of barges crashed into the bridge’s support pilings!

     Thought to myself... Wow... Who is this guy???  I jumped up to the middle paragraph...

     “Welch lost one of his lower legs in an auto accident in the 1970s, but he kept surfing with a prosthesis.  He wore a peg-like prosthesis at first, then got one with a foot.  He won the prosthesis division of the United States Surfing Championships on South Padre Island in 1998.”

     In the glass case was a welded metal sculpture of a beach scene... with waves, palm trees, and all!  The piece did have some resemblance in style to my seahorse sculpture!  Also, there was a picture on top of the case... of Harpoon Barry... striking a muscular, no shirt pose... in his tattoo shop... his torso covered in tattoos!  
     “It is said... he was on the verge of suicide after losing his leg. In one interview with the San Antonio Express News in 1992 he said;  "I may not make it to heaven, but you can be sure I made no deals with the devil to get where I'm at now, "  Looking down at his false leg stretched out in front of him, Welch said quietly: "It is a real empty feeling when you put one of these on for the first time, especially if you are an adult on your own. And your mama'a not there and your daddy's not there, and the people in the hospital tell you, 'This is the best it's going to get.  I made my first leg myself, out of Hi-C cans. I couldn't wait for my leg to get finished. I wanted to walk. I guess I got the idea from the Tin Woodsman in 'The Wizard of Oz.' That leg actually worked pretty well!”

     I had found my one-legged surfer artist!  I walked towards Donna... who was already half-way leaving the museum...  I hollered to her... she just had to come see this ... “I think I found the one-legged surfer!”  She had recently had partial knee replacement... and was hobbling!  She said if I was fooling her... she better not walk back all that way for nothing!! She came back to the glass case... we read through the letter in it’s entirety!  
     Then we went... and told Kyla at the front desk... she again looked at us again a bit strange... but then reluctantly left her post to go with us to take a look... she was then astounded!  Said she never knew about the one-legged surfer... although she had worked at the museum for several years!  Said there were also a couple metal sculptures... at the front of the museum... she thought were also done... by Harpoon Barry!  We took pictures of those also!  

In the letter we also read...

     “Welch had numerous tattoos and body piercings.  He wore a tiny 14 carrot gold harpoon through one ******.  That is how he got his nick name according to a friend, Scott Gangel.”  

     "I am a unique, self-made sensation!” he said matter-of-factly... in the interview with the Express News!  
     It's been 18 years since eight people died when South Padre Island's Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway collapsed... sending 11 people into the water below... four days after the 9/11 attacks!  A string of tow barges had struck the supporting pilings!  A section of the roadway had collapsed...
     I promised Kyla... I would donate my seahorse piece to the museum upon my death!  I only hope my death... is as grand as Harpoon Barry’s plunge into the Gulf of Mexico with his young wife!  Wonder what they were doing during the plunge... what was Barry doing... yelling Yippee Ki Yay... or Surf’s up... Dude!!!... maybe???  
Surfed waves on one leg
Young wife... crazy life... grand death
Harpooned by Barry

©  2019 Jim Davis
I doubt I could ever match his life!  !  Though...  someday... I might get a tattoo... or two... or a harpoon piercing... perhaps in a ******! Also... still looking for the turtle lady statue!
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