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MJL Feb 22
Roll out the white carpet
Pour me some deep pile bubbly
Love to just look at you beneath the bright baby blue haze
Strut on you like big sparkly sugar stars in glassy rock candy slippers
Feel your g-glamour under foot
Stretched out for a warm frosty arrival
Check it out, La La
Everyone immersed in the fantasy for one cool coral minute
Everyone gawking at the dream wave we’re riding
Snap, snap, snap it all up
By invitation only
Swim with you
Splash in you
Bask in you
Fandango style
Lauren Dec 2018
If there was a tilde wave and you had a surfboard, I still think you would die.
And if you didn't die you would sail past bodies and ******* and weird things like vacuum hoses and cafe menus would float by, and I think that would make you feel sick.
Delia Darling Dec 2018
Up and on my feet
Falling, thrill of the initial fall
To catch the ride
Colliding currents crash waves
Into mental deadlock days
Winter swells come at shore break
Building momentum and grind
Like breaks at homesick Pipeline
Ride, curl and slide
Sweep the sides
Don’t choke this good vibe
Stay on this wave
Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2018
He came like a tidal wave,
And engulfed me in his ocean depth.
My joy crossed all boundaries,
Happiness seared through my very being,
I found the lyrics of my love life in his arms,
We were one large heartbeat.
And when it was over,
He threw me with the surf that rolled and crashed on the shore.
It left many ripples of grief,
With me, abandoned,  a forlorn  seaweed,
Overwhelmed with bitterness and regret.
Aa Harvey May 2018

All I can write about at the moment is love;
So I am going to ride the crest of a wave,
Until the time my surf board breaks.

When you see me crawling up onto the beach in my wet suit;
Only then will you see that I am done
And other poetry will appear again.
This is my truth.  Love is my pain.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
chloe Mar 2018
when did i leave the ocean last night.
i was thinking.
engrossed in my on thought flowing with the tide in my head.
i thought i left the sea, at 1:03 am.
i was there all evening. chatting with the waves.
gliding through the barrel, the greenroom.
with my feet on the deck of the surfboard.
covered in wax.
when did i leave the ocean.
i didn't
i'm still here.
i love the ocean more than you love your snapchat streaks.
thats a lot.
insta- @snap_chloe21
thinkinghertz May 2018
Walking along the beach,
a lone surfer prepares for
his battle with the Atlantic ocean.
Waves, thick and heavy from
bitter cold and climate change.

A rush of momentary fear and oxygen
courses densely through his veins as he
paddles out to the 9 foot walls swelling
with tremendous energy and power and
crashing overhead, the surfer searches for
solace in the silence beneath the wave.

Blasts of slushy water numb his face,
rejoicing at the crispness of outside air
reminding him how it feels to be alive
in the moment, patiently positioning himself  
to catch that one, perfect wave.

His body numb from freezing salt water
seeping into his wetsuit sends shivers
forcing every ounce of energy to the forefront
as the zenith of his performance comes with
thick, frothy wave charging behind him.

He drops in to the face of the mountain of water
chasing him through the thumping tube,
pumping through the barrel, gaining speed for his exit,
he shoots through the gap and coasts to shore.

Never looking back, always forward with smile wide,
heart full, body drained and temporary enlightenment, he ponders
"it was another successful surf session,"
as he drives off toward the
setting summer sun.
dedicated to the brave surfers shredding blizzard conditions in the middle of winter
if surf this morning is seldom slack
when a garter holds up its string

this chuff is fishing that spoonful glimmers
while bait require quinine indelibly
by the sea

where squalk among clouds patrol crowd
that hasten to ***** the sound

newly afoot a dock seemingly hottie taut darken wheel has line aboard and always say peekaboo  
by the sea
a man has a boat near the sea that  a  dock hasten surf
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