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ConnectHook Sep 2017
Kyoto rock garden:
mist rises among the pines...
where is that remote?

Bashō-san help me !
That big frog on lily pad
scared me with Haiku.

Shinto temple dawn...
monks ringing the temple gongs:
what a hangover.

Island of robots
poetic soul of *****
and those weird soft drinks

From bowlegged troops
invading the entire East
to bland consumers.

weakness of the western mind
grass no greener

noun: a style in art reflecting Japanese qualities or motifs;
Anthony McMullin Oct 2016
Pages sit atop
Shelves that bear their weight with fear.
A lone ***** looks on.
Anthony McMullin Oct 2016
A brown leaf lingers
At the mercy of the wind --
Hanging, like the stars.

— The End —