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Jim Davis May 9
I’m gonna
Get me a Blue house
on BACKBACK Street
Hopkins Village
If it ain’t Blue
when I get it
I’mma gonna
turn it Blue
It’s called
Me… and my house…

“I got the Blues”
Rolling Stones (see lyrics)

©  2022 Jim Davis
Jim Davis Oct 2021
Falling in
A wondrous thing
Tied in a knot
Unforeseen occurs
In time’s passing
A strand breaks…
Then another…
The twist
comes undone
The knot slips
Held by nothing
Except gossamer thread
A miserable thing
Falling out

©  2021 Jim Davis
Jim Davis May 2021
How did I finally become
this hideous terrible beast
In the mirror’s reflection I see!  
It’s happened gradually I suppose
Without my realization of change
****** to forever live as a beast
Now it may be too late for me
Howling at the moon’s cool light
Lonely for another’s breath of love

©  2021 Jim Davis
  Mar 2021 Jim Davis
j a connor
At the end of the pier
She's looking at me
A smile on her face
Shall I stay
Shall I leave
  Mar 2021 Jim Davis
Autumn Coleman
The person of your dreams
turned out to be a sad reminder
that nightmares are still just that
It’s time to wake up
Jim Davis Dec 2020 dear...

© 2016 Jim Davis
Best three word movie line there ever has been... so far...!   Arnold’s “I’ll be back...” runs for a close second place!
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