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Tear stained pages
Tear stained pillows
The legacy of my love for you.
13 words
  Feb 3 Jim Davis
I'm going to quit,
so that you can win
Jim Davis Dec 2018
Take a slow look round
See what you can see
See all is a lie
Truth lies with your heart
Trust your heart to know
You must live the life
You are meant to live
And die much too soon
With the thought of me
As your best sweet hope

©  2018  Jim Davis
Just found this in my old notes!  Don’t remember writing it, but I am getting old!  Not meant as an ego trip but as a celebration of love!
you are
totally right.
I'm as dry as
a desert, I'm a dead
empty land. I used to be
a  jungle  when  the  clouds
where by my side, and now that
they are gone, my trees, my dreams
they dried and died. Because of this,
nothing grows inside of me, there is
only silence and despair. I can't feel
what  I  write,  I  barely  feel alive
I want to feel human again
Oh god, I really miss
the rain
Es frustrante tener  las palabras pero no el tiempo y luego tener el tiempo y no recordar las palabras
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