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110.8k · Mar 2015
Thoughtskeeper Mar 2015
Imagine your eyes speaking.
Are you one of those blind followers?
One of those who just let their eyes see good to feel good? Avoiding injustice, poverty, sadness, racism. Imagine what your eyes would tell you.
12.6k · Jan 2015
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
Thought I could trust you.
Cause you always said
I will never hurt you.
6.2k · Feb 2015
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
I was lying
to you baby

When I said
Love is all
we need.

I need is

It's not that
as I thought.

I want is
your attention..
5.1k · Jan 2015
Nights like this
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
On nights like this
I think of you.
Only of you.
Nothing else.

On nights like this
I imagine of you and me.
Being together.

On nights like this
I try to get you in my dreams.
Where we lay together at the beach.
Alone, just you and me.

But even in my dreams
are you trying to flee.
You are running away.
Not because you don't love me.

On nights like this
I wanna catch up with you.
Only you.
But however.
You are afraid to show love.
Too afraid to commit to only me..
5.0k · Jan 2015
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
All the promises you made.
Baby tell me was it worth it?
Worth it, to make this promises
And break them all in a second.
4.4k · Jan 2015
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
Let us be fearless.
Like a child
who makes its first steps
again and again
knowing he'll fall down.
2.2k · Feb 2015
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
I wanna go camping with you.
Wanna run away
and make love.

Make love tenderly with you
while we are lying under the moonlight..
2.0k · Jan 2015
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
8 letters, 1 word.
The answer.
Answer to our end.
Why it ended.
Why we will never be.
Never be together..
1.8k · Sep 2015
Thoughtskeeper Sep 2015
I think the night is made to think. It's the time where you can walk down memorylane. Walk through all the moments, the memories, the pain and the happiness. It's the time where you can find peace. Actually a place to escape from this mostly cruel world..
942 · Sep 2015
Thoughtskeeper Sep 2015
We are lost humans, with lost  minds, lost souls, lost hearts. We are the generation lost. Lost in anyway. Lost in the world, with perfectly running brains we don't use. Lost love, lost lovers.The product: lost children.
917 · Dec 2016
Thoughtskeeper Dec 2016
You arent afraid of the darkness because of demons and monsters out there.
More likely you are afraid of your own demons you have to face.
Cause in the end of the day you are all by your own. Darkness kicks in.
People disappear.
Objects disappear.
Your eyes get blind. Things get hardly to find. The vision you have in the morning gets blurry. The only thing that stays is you.
You and your own mind. After a long day with many attempts to escape, the darkness overtakes you.
Your problems and thoughts get clear cause there is nothing other left to focus on.
There is nothing other left for your senses to be seen or heared.
Cause in the night when youre laying all by yourself in your bed. You are confronted with your own inner demons.
Just yourself.
And somehow you manage to escape this demons night by night by falling in sleep. But in  very few nights your mind finally interrupts your sleep..
902 · Aug 2016
Thoughtskeeper Aug 2016
The darkness opens our souls. When there is no clearity left in our eyes and when we can't see with our eyes anymore. That's the time we start seeing things with our mind. That's the time we can set our emotions free.
900 · Feb 2015
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
Tell me baby
When will I see
you again ?

When will I see
us again..
482 · Feb 2015
Whats in my head
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
And once again I'm here
lying in my bed
and thinking about you.

Drowning in memories
which we made together
which will stay forever.

Don't wanna sleep.
Wanna stay awake til
the sunrise.

Wanna think of memories
which we could create now.

6 weeks passed since than.

Since than you only exist
in my memories.
In which I get lost everyday
a little bit more.

Thinking about you.
Only you.

Maybe timewasting
maybe stupidity.
maybe a sign for my love.

Who knows.
Who cares, right?
474 · May 2015
Thoughtskeeper May 2015
But why would you think of forever if there could be a clear end?
why would you think of living forever if everything around you is wilting?
471 · Feb 2015
Miles away
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
And now you're living
your little life miles away from me
with a girl you just met a few
weeks ago.

Living a whole new love
which isn't comparable
to what we had.

Not comparable to any love.
And you know that.

And I know that someday
you will come back.
Telling me that we were perfect
and that you're sorry.

But than I will be living
my little life miles away from you.
With a boy I just met after all those
years, in which you weren't
by my side.
458 · Feb 2015
Chaotic thoughts II
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
But now it's too late.
And now I'm asking you

Asking you questions..
But you don't know what to answer.

Don't know what to say
After all that you've done.

Days, Weeks, Months
Without texting me.

Cause you don't know what to say.
Don't know how to feel.
Don't know how to love.
457 · Feb 2015
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
I ******* can't get you out of my mind.
436 · Jan 2015
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
we were too
be real.
414 · Feb 2015
Johnny Rain
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
(No poem)
Johnny Rain - Ten
This song is so perfect.
The text is so lovely.
Describes my emotions right now..
407 · Jan 2015
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
Love destroys us all.
And if not, it's not love.
402 · Mar 2015
Thoughtskeeper Mar 2015
So many things in my head.
Have no place left for school.
So many ideas in my head.
Have no possibility to start doing something.
So many wishes in my head.
Have no one telling me you can do this.

So many things I wanna say.
Have no one to talk to..
392 · Jan 2015
Chaotic thoughts
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
No I don't hate you.I'm just tired
of all your lies. I mean you got me by
saying" I want to explore life with you, with only you. " But it was just poetic **** right? To impress me. And I have to say. You did it. And now it's to late to unlove you. It's impossible.
362 · Feb 2015
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
I will never hate you.
I can't hate you.
I wish I could.
Erase all our memories.
So I could forget you.
To get over it.
To move on.
But I can't.
I just can't..
325 · Jan 2015
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
Maybe we never meant to be together.
Never meant to stay together.
To live life to it fullest together.
To die together.
324 · Feb 2015
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
Mostly I think about the world.

Religion and culture.
Freedom and peace.
Equality and Racism.
The world system.
School system.
The ****** system.
People who **** eachother.
Heartless people.

Heartless people like you.

Sometimes I still think of you.
Think about what we could be
in this mostly cruel world..
276 · Jan 2015
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
Love is more than holding hands. But to whom am I trying to tell this. To a person who don't even know how to spell love right.
245 · Jan 2015
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
225 · Jan 2015
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
Love means more than spending time together. But to whom I am telling this? To a person who confuses *** with love.
210 · Jan 2015
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
You had this kind of look.
Something between Paradise and Hell.
Paradise: When we were together and you told me all the things you would never tell anyone.
Hell: When you broke up with me. Telling me you just found a new girl.
185 · Jan 2015
We were
Thoughtskeeper Jan 2015
Sad fact: We were perfect together.
178 · Feb 2015
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
will never
love someone else,
even if I would
try to.

— The End —