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Sophia Feb 8
The only romance in my life is My Chemical Romance.
And even they broke up.
Sophia Dec 2020
Roses are red
Violets are gay
MCR broke up
Im Not Okay
(I Promise)
Shellyku Oct 2020
Hello, again.
For a "hello" that never have the answer.
How's your day this monday?
I hope you are good.

Monday, Oct 2020
I was wondering everyday
why i have this feeling?
am i feel lost my way?
am i just feel empty so that's why i feel you around me?
do you know?
It's not my first,second or even third times for me,
trying to moving on.
I almost there..
But it's always end up getting back to you.
When i feel there's something wrong with a people who trying to closer to me, i feel like i dont need them.
There's a voice always remind me to "waiting you"
That's why i promise myself i only keep my feeling for you, even i don't know what the answer.
let's falling in love one more time?
i keep telling myself.

every single **** day of my life since 3 years ago.
i really i want to let you go..
honestly, i really want
but why when i start to letting you go.
i failed, i failed, failed again.
it's keep repeating almost 3 years now.
can you imagine how the **** i keep my feeling on you for the whole 3 years?
can you imagine how i crying for 3 years?
can you imagine how i always tell myself that you are no longer mine?

let's comeback, let's falling in love again.
please don't hurt me more.
can you say "Hey" one day?
Shellyku Oct 2020
someone told me
if we remember someone and we feel sad
they really loving you

so, i remember you
everysingle day of my life
and i feel freaking sad,
it's hurting me.

do you still love me?
Cherish Dec 2019
Can’t believe it but I’m moving on, forcing myself to move on.

So it won’t pain me to see you.
Hoping the next time I see you, I will be going home smiling and not turning my music loud to block everyone around me.
RoseW Nov 2019
The fight
        fainted us.
    haven't chat for a long time,

      Happy Birthday!"
All the words are taken from my text messages; when you put random phrases together and when they are making senses. It's pretty cool!
Cherish Nov 2019
Bring me back to the good old days
Laughing happily
Crying for comfort
Bittersweet talks

I will be here,
Call me if you need me
No matter what time, what am i doing

If it's you, I'll stop everything i'm doing for you.

Even if i can look at you just for a few seconds i would travel down just for that

You're my cure to my overthinkimg
Even though i know its already over.
nd Sep 2019
it was a pretty long journey
i was happy
i was sad
i was desperated
i was scared
i was struggling

but it came to an end
we broke up that night

but i am happier now
breaking up never feels this good
broken Nov 2018
I said
we were amazing
while putting bandages on my cuts
I said
I really loved him
while covering up my bruises
I said
I'm glad he’s happy now
while wiping away my tears
TheWitheredSoul Oct 2018
There might have been a million different ways in which we could have ended up peacefully
we chose...
we chose to suffer
we chose to inflict pain
we chose to grind our hearts till it
girth ed a pinnacle
we chose to let our souls rip itself apart
just because we couldn't
accept the truth that we loved each other more than  
everything and everyone that has ever come
into our life
we chose to ruin each other darling
we chose that
and here we are brooding over
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