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Though we both came from the same place, perhaps it’s our desires & reality in mismatching that got us changing places, who’s to say I’m right or wrong, through hard times got my heart turn hard & my anxiety got my character stupor. Real friends make effort to be apart & make us feel good. It’s been a while since a flashed a smile. I hope it won’t stay until the end of time. I am able to let go, another poem out, it’s less than what I’m about, there is more, but the only thing I’ve done good is writing poetry. Now I’m peeked behind the curtain & willing be selling my soul. Now I’m in forever.
Arke Aug 26
sand and soot in oysters whirl
creating iridescent pearls
the lotus roots through dirt and mud
to blossom from the smallest bud

out of darkness, beauty grows
though the process, arduous and slow
without pain nothing is created
and so my growth is long awaited
Arke Aug 22
you asked me to write a poem
about joy
a difficult request for someone
who has forgotten what it means
and at times
forgotten where to find it
I started thinking of life's tiny joys
warm coffee
soft cheese
mountain views
hot tub kisses
long hikes, hand in hand
running into a warm ocean
and I wondered if that was enough
if I could string together all
the tiny moments, end to end
if they would create something
quantifiable enough to be described
as joy?
or if my joy
like the wings of a raven or
jagged blocks of ice or
fields of succulents
would always be better viewed
at a safe distance and never touched but
you allowed me to see your joy and
for a moment I felt like it was tangible
you let me hold it with care
I will always be grateful
that you have shown me
what it looks like
I keep it near my heart now
by my closest memories
because your joy is my gift and
my joy
will always remain with you
James Lloyd Jul 24
Riveting thoughts underneath my skin race to show up
As soon it's started it will requiem and scatter
When that time comes I knew I'm fucked up
So, I tried my very best to do it later

The think I cried and my sniffs are sob
That I can't help it and longs for tender
But I'm sure I'm fine and don't need love
'Cause in this world I've seen it never

But I thank those feet that keeps me up
I know it didn't help but they tried it harder
To show I'm glad need to say "Whaddup"
But lies in my eyes will be it's devourer

Riveting thoughts underneath my skin do race to show up
I wish to the sun to make me sunder
The nature state of trees will never ever slap
I will never felt heavy that day, I guess sooner
so hard to keep your feelings to the people around you and you just wished to be outcast
Arke Jul 16
in amphibians, the process
is called ecdysis
shedding, casting off, transforming
birds will moult several times a year
flourishing new plumage
orchids will regrow fallen blooms
the process is natural
but not any easier
especially when we grow apart
but everything changes
and everyone changes
there is no true sort by same
go through a metamorphosis
transmogrify and evolve
leave yourself behind and
recreate who you are
above all, never fear
the change of becoming
Deemz Jul 4
You said that
you attempted to kill yourself 9 times
and you were so close to,
what if I told you I died
25 times when those words had escaped your mouth?
Blaze a blunt, because they’re all in, finally made it, feeling good, like I wanted. Out to pour honey over the silk, be back before lunch time and call a pusherman. Making ends at the last straw. The wind will now your thoughts, as soon as they leave the tongue.
Voracious mass spreaded in poetry. Produced thyself, for myself, crystallized in memory. Like my emotions had been froze, harsh times in hardships had my heart still and muted. For every word written in hope to explode profound sensations. Burn. Smile at awareness. Heaviness in wisdom, whirlwind of poetic allures.
Infusing in the veins of others. Images of me printed on your memory. Invictus enigma. I stayed closed up, poetry is a selling tool. It’s been a long time. I open up for those who toil in their efforts. Eyes tightly sealed. Staggering in my absurdity. Plucked from obscurity. Where you lived once in the void of life, where they all in strange ways placed value in the most mundane actions, in a place now where reality had collided with mythological events. Turning out folklore.
My entire life has not been in protest of human principles.
Just saw the worth in innovating originality, to go out make something of thyself. Because the life lived without confront it’s destiny and conquering my own personalized fate, was not worth one simple-basic moment.
As for those I’m not apart of. Do not weep now or never. It’s such a waste.  I left to cross over. Rumors spark chatter of death.
(knowledge variable)
Alaina Moore May 11
Skills we don't teach:
How to articulate
to someone you love,
at their weakest state.
In an empowering way;
Negating the overwhelming
you feel inside.
I know you might think life is unfair.
I know you might be frustrated and angry.
I know you feel like you can't get ahead sometimes.
I know you want fancy things.
I know you want to excel in life.
I know you may get lonely sometimes.
I know you miss your friends, all the people you once thought had your back that are now gone.
I know you may think, maybe you've had your happiness, with a man you once loved.. your first love, who took you for granted and took all your love.
I know you think there's nobody out there who could ever possibly love you.
I know there are days you doubt yourself. You think maybe this is all you'll become.
This is all I'll ever be.
Living pay check to pay check where nothing in life is free.
Thinking I'll never amount to anything.

Dear future self listen carefully,

If I could I'd shake you silly.
I know life gets extremely hard, and there's nothing you can do about it....

Certain things, situations in our lives will be out of our control.

Except one thing.


We can control how we choose to look at our lives. We control how we choose to react to certain situations, and the people in our lives.

So future self, when you find yourself... mind body heart and soul laying in the gutter with not even a glimmer of hope for better days, remember this if nothing else.

You are not your past, or what has happened to you there. Just because you went through it does not mean it defines who you are.

You can choose your own destiny if you never allow yourself to loose hope.

You are beautiful.
Worthy, and worthy of being loved by the right person.
You're not the shitty situation you may be in.
You can rise above any circumstance that has brought you to your knees because you are more than any obstacle or fear that has hindered your path temporarily.

You fucking got this, and I believe in you.

I love you,

Sincerely, future self
Just needed to write this
Maria Apr 17
There are times when I don't feel sad but I feel bad
bad enough that I question the things I have done.
As my day go on, I wish this thing could be gone.
I laugh, smile and have fun for a little while
but then I still go back to that same feeling.
Feelings that I don't know how to express, neither what to call it,
Or is it stress?
It's like somebody punch me on my chest
but the hand got stuck there and took a rest.
I wanna share this feeling but I'm afraid that no one is willing.
Same time last year when I had the same feeling
I though I was done. I moved on and worked hard on it.
But I guess it will always come back once you had it.
how sad I don't even know what to call "it".
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