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Not sure how I'm feeling
Coping and dealing
Roping and reeling
In need of serious healing
I know you care for me
And i care for you too

Even in hard times and
The good times we’ve been through

You’ve always been there
And I’ll be there too

Will never leave your side
Till the last day I’ll bide
Word farer Jun 26
I did wait
I am waiting
And I will for you till ages
W -watered eys
A- a second is like...years
I-I hope you will surely come back
T-tired heart
Alex Jun 24
Sometimes you're dread in the night,
Visible weaknesses,
Wounds from inside,
A hole in your heart,
A knot in your mind....
Some days is just like,
A heavy cup of coffee,
Soak yourself on a bathtub,
Hurt by the reality,
Blind by twisted fate...
You might see yourself unworthy...
Inconsiderate person you ever thought you were,
But that's how people grow...
You might be just tiny sprouts,
Waiting to be a tree...
But tonight you can't just be fastforward through time,
Breaking the rules that have to follow,
In order for you to be okay,
Henk De Wet Jun 24
I woke up
loving myself

Is what I say
when I don't

even the ground
is disappointed
by the footsteps
of my mind

When there is
that one cloud
that is
too fond of me
to let me see the sun

When the stormy seas
of my mind
over the cliffs
of rational thoughts

I went for a swim today

The sea was rough

I made it
to the cliffs

It's sunny here
Soumya Sharma Jun 12
You try to escape,
You want it all to fade,
But it has always stayed.
At times you feel it has all gone,
And all those thoughts have finally decayed.
But it's not true,
Because now it is a part of you.

It has always been there in some corner of your mind,
Making you believe that you've left it behind.
But all it needs, is a moment to rise.
When you're a bit low, when you're in disguise,
Once again it will greet you with surprise.
But it's just a matter of time,
Depends on how well you let these thoughts sublime?
Because now it is a part of you,
And your past will always latch on to you.

But it was YOUR past,
Bright or dark,
Now it is your part.
So what matters is, are you that smart?
Have you decided to be its slave?
Ready to get brushed away by those terrible thoughts' wave?
And allow it to weaken all your faith?
It all depends on your call.
Rise above those horrors or let yourself fall?
And let it control you like a Voodoo doll?

Yeah, no!
That's not who you are!
Because deep down you know you have that power to control.
After all, it was YOUR past,
And there's no such thing that you can't surpass.
You just have to focus on the bright instead of dark.
I know it leaves a mark,
But you can always embark.
You don't need to be a prisoner of your past.
Let go of the rest,
Just keep those lessons it taught.
It may come back as it is a part of you,
But it is all on you,
As it all depends on what part you choose, to hold on to.
Ivyanna Jun 2
There were times
her heart ached so
she thought
she's crumbling to pieces
like a broken glass
made of pain and despair

Falling through the darkness

She wanted to cry
but no tears ever came
Should one even try
to play a lost game?

She wanted to scream
but only whisper echoed
Worse than a bad dream
a pilgrim on a ******* road
Dez Mar 25
I weep for a friend
But I cannot mend
The feelings of hurt
Their tears on my shirt
But all this pain could not break them only bend

You poor thing
I wish I could stop the sting
But I am only a man
And will help as much as I can
So on me all your burdens do fling

When you are weak
And it is shelter you seek
Find a place in me
And I hope to be
A place you may rest throughout the week

So in times of need
When others hurt you with many a deed
You can come and cry
And never will you have to say goodbye
For it is I, who for you, would bleed

Come now
And please allow
For me to help
For this is heartfelt
For my desire is to help some how...

Just give me a way
And I will stay all day
Don’t worry about others
They have their mothers
In the end it will be okay

I’ll hold you so close
You’re stronger then most
I’ll be here for you
As long as you want me to
Through it all I’ll be as stable as a post

All for a friend
That I hope to mend
All for their sake
Would I put all at stake
For I know what it is like to be at your wits' end.
alexa Mar 15
been through too much,

dealt with too little.
i cant cope with much anymore. i’m almost numb; desensitized, if you will.
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