Try Dec 2018
we got it one way or another and we all got our own way of dealing with it,
yeah everyone has their way of
everyone has their way of
dealin, dealin, dealing
with the stress.
some freak out, some take deep deep breaths,
hobbies, crafts, some cut and self mutilate,
it doesnt make you weak, you got strength, lots of strength, hard times come hard times go, yet everyone has their way of
yeah everyone has their way of
dealin, dealin, dealin
with the stress.

© Try
دema Dec 2018
My thoughts tremble
in the empty space my sanity used to occupy,

My hands search for the warmth you gave that they lost,

My lungs beat my heart up everytime they gasp for air,

My cheeks start dribbling down my face with my tears,

My mind tries to convince me to love myself when I’ve become the vacuum of breathing, kept cold by the sanity that left along my thoughts.
Arke Oct 2018
I can see where the forked road leads:

one path smooth and easy
it never leads to happiness
but maybe I could fool myself
into thinking your heart never made me
feel anything at all and
if I squeeze my eyes shut
and wish very hard
while I count the songs
of origami swans
or the rings of tree branches
like a boreal ribcage around the path
I'll wonder if the trees were happier rooted

the other road is treacherous
my heart shatters and breaks
in a million new ways
crossing shaky bridges
with hundred foot drops
and I don't come out unscathed
because there's no way to perform
heart surgery on yourself
some weeks I'm so scared
I'll bleed out entirely
others, I'll spend growing alone
finding strength in myself
wondering why I didn't pick
the smooth road--
though it was never
a difficult decision to begin with
Arke Oct 2018
the vines began to creep up
we didn’t know when they first started growing
little green buds buried deep below
I tamped them down with my feet
like weeds, they'd regrow stronger
they tied themselves around my ankles
robust enough to immobilize
converting my legs into a mess of thorns and trunks
my body paralyzed at the centre
the branches took the longest to grow
when the first one shot through
I thought I'd be upset, but felt only relief
the black flecks of my eyes became the dead of winter
not a single leaf could ever grow on these limbs
but as the roots thickened, I began to forget
what it felt like to ever walk or speak or love
I knew thirst and hunger, the need to grow
taking no comfort in feeling rooted
but not remembering how to move, either
drowned in my own thicket
I needed to be felled to bud anew
Sparkyxox Oct 2018
Be strong, my dear.
The dangers of the world.
Words sting sharp and accurate.
Wolves bite, tigers growl.
Ice breaks like the crystals of a heart.
Shattered pieces, scattered around.
Pick them up, my dear,
one by one.
Mend them together,
with the power of love,
be strong.
a poem dedicated to a friend who's going through hard times. i love you x
Arke Sep 2018
I'm subtle like an atomic bomb
keep my words laid back and calm
my heart is a glass grenade
feel it ***** when my love fades
but still, I stayed
but still, I stayed in this charade
and built around a barricade

you know I'd rather talk this out
spent a decade to you devout
by your side through the drought
so quiet we would never shout
but still, I doubt
but still, I doubt the chosen route
and if I'd prefer to go without

(your tongue a jacketed hollow point
we've never gone to bed angry...
but regret, guilt, and empty sadness
is a fragile yet different parallel)

(I suspect my veins course with
plutonium and uranium...
I leak radioactive decay,
my half-life disintegrating)

there's a stillness when I explode
for a moment, time is slowed
you're in disbelief that I'd reload
the same feelings, the same road
but still, I bowed
but still, I bowed to your code
and stayed despite what you showed

my atoms begin anew to divide
no longer stable, can I abide
I feel a part of me has died
when to leave, I must decide
but still, I cried
but still, I cried by your side
until the day I walked out in stride

(your love is a weapon
I've been held at gunpoint for so long...
I never wanted to hurt you
but I can't keep hurting myself, either)
Though we both came from the same place, perhaps it’s our desires & reality in mismatching that got us changing places, who’s to say I’m right or wrong, through hard times got my heart turn hard & my anxiety got my character stupor. Real friends make effort to be apart & make us feel good. It’s been a while since a flashed a smile. I hope it won’t stay until the end of time. I am able to let go, another poem out, it’s less than what I’m about, there is more, but the only thing I’ve done good is writing poetry. Now I’m peeked behind the curtain & willing be selling my soul. Now I’m in forever.
Alaina Moore Dec 2018
I seek out the riptide
to carry me to oblivion,
assuming I can breathe underwater.
Arke Aug 2018
sand and soot in oysters whirl
creating iridescent pearls
the lotus roots through dirt and mud
to blossom from the smallest bud

out of darkness, beauty grows
though the process, arduous and slow
without pain nothing is created
and so my growth is long awaited
James Lloyd Jul 2018
Riveting thoughts underneath my skin race to show up
As soon it's started it will requiem and scatter
When that time comes I knew I'm ****** up
So, I tried my very best to do it later

The think I cried and my sniffs are sob
That I can't help it and longs for tender
But I'm sure I'm fine and don't need love
'Cause in this world I've seen it never

But I thank those feet that keeps me up
I know it didn't help but they tried it harder
To show I'm glad need to say "Whaddup"
But lies in my eyes will be it's devourer

Riveting thoughts underneath my skin do race to show up
I wish to the sun to make me sunder
The nature state of trees will never ever slap
I will never felt heavy that day, I guess sooner
so hard to keep your feelings to the people around you and you just wished to be outcast
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