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Dec 2016
You arent afraid of the darkness because of demons and monsters out there.
More likely you are afraid of your own demons you have to face.
Cause in the end of the day you are all by your own. Darkness kicks in.
People disappear.
Objects disappear.
Your eyes get blind. Things get hardly to find. The vision you have in the morning gets blurry. The only thing that stays is you.
You and your own mind. After a long day with many attempts to escape, the darkness overtakes you.
Your problems and thoughts get clear cause there is nothing other left to focus on.
There is nothing other left for your senses to be seen or heared.
Cause in the night when youre laying all by yourself in your bed. You are confronted with your own inner demons.
Just yourself.
And somehow you manage to escape this demons night by night by falling in sleep. But inΒ Β very few nights your mind finally interrupts your sleep..
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