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Oct 8 · 35
Supernova homecoming
Billie Marie Oct 8
What will define this me at the end of this time?
I can come back now. I can.
I can see all of it. I can.
I can walk along and stop for nothing.
I can float away on only a wave.
We aren't any greater than what we believe.
We stood and screamed and were ignored
by the selves we brought to do us in.
We thought our fighting was with words.
But no, we only had to stand.
How can I know I am a peaceful man
when no aggressor exists?
How can I know what I am
if I can't stand next to you?
You can't see it's funny
cuz you think you are what you do.
Delusion is not the problem, it's the platform.
You keep seeing beige and grey cuz
you choose blinders that filter all the richer hues.
You can't take any pills for this one.
I comes and goes when you blink.
How is the end gonna look from behand a mask
when you aren't there anymore to see?
Time isn't running out, it's merely slipping off.
Rain came to cleanse much more
than this you originally agreed to.
Too willfully blind to see that
it's always all along been you.
I see a world where what I see
is what is also me.
I am working this way now.
I am.
Just whatever I turn out to be.
Billie Marie Oct 8
I watched the Swami quoting Heidegger and Zizek so admiringly.
Heidegger, who only just quoted the Swami's own ancient masters. How serene he delivered a blow to all of so-called western philosophy - even going back to the Greeks. Not a hint of anger anywhere on his dispassionate face. This is what I see as Divine. This is God living through some other flesh. What else could hold such horrific truths and smile at the damning lies? What else could pluck all of history, a dying flower, from one vase and hold it next to a living, green being of infinite beauty and call them both good?
The fall is inevitable. Why not just watch with detached amusement?
Billie Marie Oct 8
we will write of silence
we will sing of nothing but space
they will wonder at our boldness
we will see nothing but Divine Grace
what did all the ancients tell us they saw
what have we seen too
I have heard only silence
felt only stillness
observed only space
I see all the beauty
I witness living pure
crystal bright luminescent reality
blunt objective words can never really describe
I can only give up what isn't truly mine
I'm not writing a poem for anyone to read
I am only living a poem for everyone to be
Sep 30 · 40
Billie Marie Sep 30
we march
we stalk
we lope along and run
we are always falling down and scraping our knee
we go to skip ahead again
and inevitably lose the foothold
we imagined we had
what to hold when the world is an illusive dream
what to focus on when dull images
fade in and out like smoke
be here right now
with nothing
but that which Is
you are
you can see
it's better like this
the way
Sep 30 · 160
as we have always been
Billie Marie Sep 30
there are less and less words
no sound
ceaseless knowing of Silent Stillness
can we know other than this
can we hide behind a mask for too much longer
will the Akash bear our burden again and again
each moment we are here
there is less and less
we are most certainly One
there is nothing
there is only us as we have always been
can you stand the silence of your own insignificance
can you keep writing when there is no one to read
Sep 24 · 256
Billie Marie Sep 24
fall into the me
you search for
and never quite see
Sep 24 · 182
says mukti to jiva
Billie Marie Sep 24
we aren't ever really headed for anything
like what you think is death
not really but you keep trying your damnedest
to **** yourself anyway
go figure
just stop figuring
please stop making messes
of my masterpieces
I can let it be
for freedom I can
Sep 15 · 276
we are
Billie Marie Sep 15
we are only
what we think we are
better than we imagined we
are more than we might dream
we are with human minds we
are finally only as good as
we dare to experience
without the mind
we think we are
from my new collection, Crowning The Self in the Time of Corona
for sale on Amazon
Sep 15 · 214
waxing gibbus
Billie Marie Sep 15
going past the quarter of no return
feeling rather timidly
full of something yet unseen
liken to smelling the baking cookies
but having to leave before the bell rings
here is always where trust comes in
has to or it all falls apart
till we begin again anew
distraction's got nothing
on this bright new filling moon
Sep 15 · 49
effective therapy
Billie Marie Sep 15
there are old programs
past repairing
these will not cease
one must simply watch
them run down to nothing
what is the 2nd bird and who is the first
Sep 15 · 225
waning gibbus
Billie Marie Sep 15
we are giddy and playful
testing our new boundaries
looking for new adventures
in old words and scenes
we are feeling so full like this
bounty is and always was eternal
we forget to check inventory
we forget about cycles
and laws and pretend
we can play Gods on Earth forever
this is our waning gibbus
Sep 15 · 118
just here
Billie Marie Sep 15
we are just here
no other being really knows or cares
and the being here
is still all that matters
it is really all only for this one
all for and coming from
beautiful dream world
the mother
she is fighting back for herself
and the meek which shall inherit
we are true
we are the ones
Sep 15 · 193
waning crescent
Billie Marie Sep 15
we are receding
we are moving inward
to prepare for
another rebirth we are
absorbing all
we have brought forth
in abundant harvest
with the fullness
of our moon light
we are strengthening
we are gathering
all unto us
we are resting
within our Self
Sep 10 · 239
freedom from identity
Billie Marie Sep 10
If you are identified strongly
you are living the programming
not living
but just existing in someone else's dream
Freedom is from everything -
including identity.
Why must we use so many words?
The programming is over loaded.
Overwhelmed with it's own faulty code.
Addicted and dying from it's own infectious vaccines.

Who can stop the insanity and be still?
No one knows the extent of the damage.
Why repair outdated toilets?
Demolish and replace.
I'm over stating the obvious
choice is change for
more than positives.
It's just here and now Truth.
In a body or no.
So What Is the difference. The difference
is just you. Or whatever you think
you are as apart from the whole of the rest.
You people persons are the stupidity we all fear
and only you hate. Everything
is madness and nothing feels sane.
The world Is ... what it's always been.
what is
Sep 10 · 260
Billie Marie Sep 10
The mind - it is nothing.
Only just a coded gram.
Dots and lines and circles.
See you use it.
See the web laid out on the web of no web.
Head aches.
Back aches.
Belly aches.

We were never here.
No one will ever know.
Who will ever see?
None will never hear. Why?
Why should I keep doing and caring.
like matter is a thing for real?
This ... It's over.
It is the remaking of the world.
We are all amazed. Who wants to see
this drama unfold?
Who thought of a juicy story?
I am the story.
I live the dream.
If it is real it will endure.
See the web laid out on the web of no web.
Sep 10 · 105
Billie Marie Sep 10
This life
it is only a communion with God
Only an adventure with mySelf
The mind
it is nothing
What are you
All the stories
Every adjective
Never ending dramas in infinite worlds
I am just this
Sep 10 · 232
drop back
Billie Marie Sep 10
Tell me who I am?
     You aren't a who.
Who was I?
     It's all right now. All dreamed. All matter.
You see matter come and go? How
can you take it for reality? What
are you basing any thing on? You can
be in space and
still be breathing. Underwater
and somehow walking.
Water makes up mostly
what you are as matter of facts
stacked up. Are you happy?
For this time is right here and now
just for you. If you aren't here,
nothing is. How to know? Look,
you can see. Are you anything?
At some point it become ridiculous
to see the masks -
to see them fitted so
snug and perfectly matched.
Almost forgetting to
slip them off before deciding to speak.
If only.
But then the dream wouldn't be any fun. No?

Can't you see what's happened?
We've only moved further
and further away from
what we are
already here. Waking up seems
so very hard to do. Only if
you think others care. They are
living out your dream
they are feeding you
your karma. You are
chasing after God and they are
reminding you of the ghosts of your pasts.

Drop back in here. See just This.
All the ******* is still
just the same matter.
Just like feeling tired
of the same lunch options.
All the same dark matter
Means nothing without the light that I am.
All the ******* is still just the same matter.
Sep 10 · 46
Babylon fell
Billie Marie Sep 10
So many insights come now.
I am not afraid.
I see everything

Layers upon layers of meaning
composite conceptual conditioned arrangement
yes just an arrangement
for the time being
just being in time
just one looking like fly eyes
into so many mirrors
dimensions within dimensions

Didn’t Babylon fall when it thought
it might reach past the sky
to conquer the abode of the gods
it had only created for itself to chase?
We are insane indeed.
Can’t you see all this is metaphor?
Those weren’t real people, they’ll say,
whose businesses were pillaged.
Not real children taken out
by strays intended for lost souls
left to **** another
and another day.
Are we willfully ignorant
or just born blind?
Doesn’t anyone care
to simply sit and pick
wild blackberries and dandelions?
Tell me a story
but, with a righteous hero
and a holy ending.
I am done with the mess
of this failed experiment.
I want power to be
without control.
This is power.

I am humbled by the winds.
Don’t you see this is the cause -
the cause of it all?
You can see.
Even wind,
you can see.
From my new poetry collection Crowning The Self in the Time of Corona
for sale on Amazon.
Aug 13 · 125
shackles of personality
Billie Marie Aug 13
Are we only just a series of events -
a lot of dates and deeds to check off
and that says who you are? But, that
happens again and again. The ones here
now want to be here – chose to be here –
have indeed chosen and arranged
everything as it is just so. We’re all
playing roles. All showing each other
what we are.
Who will you turn to in your greatest
moment of need? They have all
betrayed you as you have betrayed
them. This is the way it’s set up for
each one to see that only One Self is
true and real. This is the only way.
So, how far will you take it, my own
heart and soul? To the ugly, bitter end
believing the programming you’ve been given?
Or, will you be what you are, rather
than repeat sleeping through reality,
and be free of the shackles of personality.
how will we live in the coming years when going back is no longer an option
Aug 12 · 336
dark gods walk the earth
Billie Marie Aug 12
i saw dark gods walking the earth
tall strong broken women and men
with hearts connected and on fire
i saw children playing in peace
and growing in love
i smelled health and abundance
in the winds of change

what should we do when
doing is outdated?
we shall lie upon a mountain
and call out to the heavens
and drink nectar from only
the juiciest of fruits and
realize our Truth and sameness

we made music so we could remember
our true selves we wrote
poems and moved our bodies
to rhythms no one ever knew
i saw our lands overflowing with
the milk we extracted and
pasteurized and bottled
and delivered but never drank
being intolerant of the lacking
flavor in dry white toast

we are the very lands we
couldn’t bury our ancestors in
we couldn’t let anyone
take the seeds they’d sewn
the ancient ones
the ones who planted the seeds
for us seeds that overpopulated
an unsuspecting nation
on the brink of collapse
We are the ones we have been searching for.
Aug 12 · 125
a hole in each one
Billie Marie Aug 12
If you never prayed and cried and begged
for something unseen to intervene
and stop the horrific scene
playing out on the ***** screen of your life
Well then this poem might escape you
in all the matters that count
and maybe stop reading now
and move onto something more
the speed of those who write for writers
But since I write for me then I am
to write the words my soul speaks
not the regurgitated sayings from
the movies and shows and books and
stage plays we take for reality

There is a yearning and an aching
hole this life gives when one is born
We’re told to fill it – stuff it full
to overflowing with every kind of thing
modern 21st century Earth can bring
And we do! And then some day
we see our mountain of things
and right next to it still
staring right back at us
that gaping painful hole
Can’t fill it with sports
or jewels or trophies or quests
Can’t stuff it will ***
or money or power or laughs
or cars or houses or bricks of gold
or businesses or women or children
or even events or experiences
always the hole is just still there

So what? One day you may
finally tire of this old dull pain
from this open wound and you will sit
with yourself – no other will do
And you will not move from this place
until you have found and
placed in this hole the one thing
that could only fill it at all
I can’t say what that is
cuz only you’ll know
It’s made this way
A hole in each one that
only each one knows how
to fill in each one’s own way
Only by knowing
one’s own Self
completely all the way
Aug 4 · 283
waning crescent
Billie Marie Aug 4
we are receding
we are moving inward
to prepare for
another rebirth we are
absorbing all
we have brought forth
in abundant harvest
with the fullness
of our moon light
we are strengthening
we are gathering
all unto us
we are resting
within our Self
Aug 4 · 219
Billie Marie Aug 4
regret is like playing
old movies on repeat
and wishing you were
watching new releases


Billie Marie Jul 23
Enough already?
How much more can be said about it?
That which is. I suppose, DUH!
It’s obvious. So then, what else?

Is that how all this got started?
It’s not separate.
Merely a continuation.
Why does this one feel so close?
This one wanted to see the unfolding;
the start of rebirth.
All she knows will pass away.
What is this story for?
Why all this drama?

Karma - Evolution.
It is all just a story.
How are you telling it?
I am living - not living in the story.
I am the story.
The story is living me.
Can you see?
Make sense of this dream?

The mind can’t tell the whole story
it doesn’t know so it’s always frightened
building up compounds
and bunkers and reserves and complex logarithms
it’s crazy
then it tries to make you think you’re crazy
simply cuz you won’t take its medicine
isn’t that the very definition of gaslighting?
I call this freedom of information
freedom to know and not know
to see far into the future from the past
and now - still
there is only a snippet
you can see only a toenail
of the vast old beast
really you know not a thing
Jul 23 · 252
deconstructing fear
Billie Marie Jul 23
if it is not coming from the Silence
it is based in ………
ultimately all is One
all arising in Love
and how can there be but
when there is only and
for there is a direct way
and a slow way
there is a meandering
and sometimes treacherous way
this is the way we call fear
you can see how you end up
where you begin
this isn’t more or less
than a game
tag - you’re it
Billie Marie Jul 10
The interviewer, who was white,
asked the indigenous man, who had dark brown skin,
What was most important in life to them.
'Them' - as if the man and his people were any different
than the interviewer and his.

This was after the man had shown them
(the interviewer and the cameraman)
his entire village - the homes,
where the women forage for food
and how the men hunt for meat.

The man knew what the interviewer was really asking.
Yet he also knew that the interviewer already knew
the answer to his own question - even if he had hidden it from himself,
even if he had no faith and trust
in his own culture’s answer to the question.
Still, the interviewer knew the answer for himself.
And the man knew also,
like everyone who is being filmed and interviewed,
that when someone asks you for your very essence,
it is never only a passing request.
They mean to do something with it at some point.
You see, the indigenous man doesn’t go around
interviewing white people.
He is living his life.

So, when the interviewer asked this question,
“What is most important in life to them?”
A shadow of remembrance passed across the man’s eyes.
And smiling, he replied, “Meat!”
The interviewer, looking perplexed, repeated, “Meat?”
and thought, 'Well, that’s a given.'
And in a tone that suggested
what he really wanted to say
was, 'Duh, what else is important here on Earth?'
The man replied, “Yes, with meat we become strong and healthy.
No one will go hungry.
Children will grow strong and run fast.
Women will be strong and there will be less sickness.
Women will give birth to healthy, strong babies.”

The interviewer’s face reflected blank ignorance
as he again repeated, “Meat?”
And with eyes that said, 'Now let it go.
You will not get from me
what your grandfather took from mine',
the man turned to his son and said,
“We will go hunt now.”
Billie Marie Jul 1
is joy the absence of pain or suffering
is happiness that exuberant feeling
I just am
things are well
things always go wrong
I'm still here
it's always thoughts about "them"
what "they" think
who are "they" if I am no one
aren't they no one too
aren't they just me
in another form
running on a slightly different program
aren't I kinda tired of seeing me
all over the place
Jul 1 · 35
pointless feelings
Billie Marie Jul 1
What's that?
It's only a program to keep you there
or point you here -
depending how you see.
is guilt's warped and twisted uncle
with a messed up childhood.
Leave that alone.
The negatives never outweigh the positives;
never stand up to the truth
the ancient ones knew.
Jul 1 · 135
Billie Marie Jul 1
And no one will ever know you were here.
   What's the meaning behind this?
   You can't scare me anymore.
   I am here anyway.
no matter what happens
however terrible
   I was here first.
   Why is this program to think
of horror and despair?
   Who wrote this program?
   It's terrible.
Yeah, terrible.
But you can be anything
   I want to be
   like the elves
   and like the hobbits.
Want to manifest as lithe and willowy
   and nimble and natural and free.
   I want to relish and treasure Earth
as she is.
   I want hair to grow to accentuate and clothe. A super-fine baby
   hair all over the body. Each one growing a unique pattern that
   evolves over the lifetime. No need for clothes to cover - only
   accessories to carry resources. I can get as sci-fi as you want.
   Where is all of this going?
There is no purpose.
No one will ever know you were here.
   That I thought up that creature.
That you hoped and dreamed and imagined you were real.
   All the while, knowing inside, all of it
and you
   is only
an illusion.
Billie Marie Jun 17
Finally I experience living free
See that's what I really am
I see thoughts - all of them from everywhere
See them float past
People think they are the thoughts
Think I am the thoughts
But it is not so
We make the thoughts
and then forget what we create
Thinking the answers come from someplace else
Not coming in a linear way
Not how one might call straight.
But still, it is the simplest
What might I record and for who
Or to what end
For every end there is the same beginning
Why can't we just put our silly toys down
Aren't you tired yet
Hasn't anyone else heard the calling
of blanketing sheets of silence

There isn't much hope in this intellect and mind
Hope isn't one of the programs it was given
But you look - and you see
worry dresses quite similar
What to do?
You can always practice nothing
Always look at things not doing
and see them doing nothing
This way, no matter what does
or doesn't go down or come up
It's only nothing
in your own conscious awareness

So then, who experienced
What is writing now
Mind tells all kinds of stories
Spins greater sorts of tales you never could imagine
till you saw the silence it comes from
It's tricky like that
Maybe that's why we see all the wealthy
turning to nothingness
But we see everything

This is how I know from where it all comes
If it is stolen it has a dimmed and rough quality
And if it is pure it blinds anything else with its light
That's why when you bring light
you can't call it darkness anymore
Isn't darkness made outa light
Gets its meaning from light
It's like, let's go as far from light as possible
to see can we get away
not seeing that to see at all
you need This Light
It's just like the ancients say -
There is a slow way
and a direct way - a way that is now
We can choose this way. Now we can
if our programming allows
Does your programming let you download
the upgraded version
of this here and now human being?
the fourth state
Billie Marie Jun 8
I thought one time
that I was something separate
like you can order a burger
without the meat
if you do
isn't it something else then?
it isn't like that
not like that at all
not like you can order a burger
that isn't food
all of it is food
the burger gets it's meaning
from the fact that is it food
burger is a cow
what are you?
where do you get your meaning from?
what are you a piece or particle of?
are you like this?
look, you can see.
Billie Marie Jun 8
I am seeming to wait for a thing which is already here.
It has neither arrived or appeared.
To whom could this One appear?
Is this philosophy? This is truth.
There is a thought, which persists, "Yes, but why this?
Why this life? this scenario? These characters?"
And the reply comes, "Why not?" -
Is someone else somewhere else
living my own wildest imaginings?
It is all an imagining, isn't it?

I wish I loved you as much as you loved me.
Then I wouldn't have lost so much skin in your game
that I thought I was truly living rather than paying to play.

I used to think.
     Freedom was a place far off.
Now I see.
     Freedom is what I am.
I used to believe.
     I was bound by another.
Now I know.
     I am bound to nothing.

Take what you know - as truth -
discarding all else. This is the way.
I used to hold to things - onto a thing.
But now I am spirit
needing nothing. Now all things
pass through me.
I see everything and hold nothing.
Billie Marie Jun 8
this is only a human word
meaningless in reality
I am always now
not in the now
cuz now just is

The words come
the thoughts come too
they come
then go

Free is creating
the universe of which you exist
there is only living
and the mind

There are different ways
various practices
everything goes to the same end
the beginning

a person - family
community - nation
and world missteps and seems
to be forever off-track
even being here
one becomes lost
the appearance of being lost
the sense one is lost and blind
yet still one is here

There is a hard way
and an easy way
a long way
and a short way
complicated and simple
there isn’t time
only now is real
so only now one must see
this is the easy short and simple way
to reach the beginning at the end
May 19 · 42
blossoms turn to ash
Billie Marie May 19
I stood before her a mess
and she chuckled
I wondered what I had done to deserve that
I wondered why I wanted that
how I had called it to me
right here and now
If I return changed
they will claim I am a liar
If I return the same
they will still snicker and talk

The world is unfolding and extinguishing
all at once
I was in school last week
and now I am a wrinkled old woman
The only thing that isn’t funny is ignorance
not funny at all

The world blossoms and burns to ash
all in one instant
We found the secret to keep fire only yesterday
How do we know what’s happened
when nothing ever does?
Then, how’d it come to be like this?
It has always been this way
you see this
The past is like a famished spectre
grasping and clawing at this present life
to mar and scar our future world
A thing is set in motion
and energy does not stop

If I sit still long enough
I will reach the end of me
This marks the beginning of the real world
Present Moment Era
Some times are nothing worth noting
Only the right times come along
each moment we are here
There are a lot of good shapes
to stop and take in time
I try them all
But now - I am always here
They think a me gets made
Just like the me think they are
You can see too
if you look and don’t touch it
If you touch it
you take it on
It covers the nothing you are now

I woke up in a world
where I was the most important being
and also the very same
as every other being
and we all behaved accordingly
Feb 2 · 42
catching up with time
Billie Marie Feb 2
Are we in the future now?
like the Jetsons
trekking stars
or are we only lost in space?

If it were another time and place
a different dimension
I would know this wasn't real

I am here
in this time and space
what's making this pen write?
you can't figure it out
what aches this head?
and bid thoughts come?
what causes this pain in the belly?
and the vibrations humming the ear drum?
what is all this?
seems a miracle I am here
seems a story
feels a dream
what is all this?
no living in the mind
what is all this, Lord?
and why have you brought me here?

to be present
here as one
together would be untrue
as it denotes two
help me to know
the language of ancient souls
to hear the words first spoken
of the God of the Universe
bring me to the temple of knowing and being

we are the ones we have longed for
in the darkness and silence
praying for another to come
and yet
we are the ones
we are here
Jan 22 · 34
Billie Marie Jan 22
Sometimes I think beautiful thoughts
in words of story and prose and poem
I think these come from the ether
and yet they appear at times
competing with Presence
I am seen each time
and that one seen can fall away
Just scales shedding thickly
now leaving only tender almost like raw flesh
gleaming with translucent light
Tell me a future as you have spoken this past
Are we not always right here and right now?
Can we not correct this time error soon?
This is how I know is it not the mind -
the mind would have this hand print different words
Yet spirit whooshes through it all
blowing over every opposition
because I promised
Jan 21 · 44
descend to emerge
Billie Marie Jan 21
Descent into madness of the mind
happens slowly over time
in almost imperceptible minute steps
Each one stacked and balanced onto the next
All one must do is tap the bottom
- not even all that hard -
holding all that came after in balance
But tap it you must
and only to see
what emerges from the wreckage
of a toppled life

Tell me of myself
Show me how to dissolve forever
just only now
What is belief
only a concept
What is fear or shame
a program created in the annals of ancient time

Stop complaining
You get more of what you think and speak of
if you can see only love and beauty
your life is charmed and sweet
Licking honey from life's comb
what else is there
what is else is this one life for

Your anger swells in me and mine in you
your button triggers my finger
holding the weapon pointed at you
Are we meant to be here
together in this space
in this same time
ancient gods with modern dreams
I loved you more
than anything you could understand
was greater than both of us
There is a voice that sings secrets to my ears
only if they are bent to hear in that way

To be a portal one is open and unencumbered
To be a priest one is kind and honorable
To be free one is
We are each all these

I came to know the end of me
and found I liked that better
Though me I see is only dreams
stacked up to reach something like what I am
It's okay til the parts forget they're sposed to be dead
Ghosts in a machine that thinks its clean
Oh no, roll up those sleeves
Who's afraid of some big bad and ***** work
Cowards can't beg food they never grew
What you get fed is what they feed you - not them
And the world - one sick diseased world
and the cause is seen
and the sickness is seen
aren't we free now
can't we just put it down
and walk to the drumming and humming breath of the life
Jan 21 · 27
we are here
Billie Marie Jan 21
the day the man named Yeshua was murdered
a schism bent through our world
so many cut down in the name of a concept
we are already here
why are we fighting our Self
we are but one
the one for which we have always searched
and slaughtered in who's name
why not try the way of peace
for only the lives of the ones who come next
we have slumbered
under delusion
of a maniacal tyrannical mind
determined to destruction
and see
we are here
come now
we have tried the old ways
we have spun tales of horror
and chanted victory
over the bloodied corpses of our very own
will some ever learn
from parents and grandparents before
only to see what is here
what life do we want
what world
what view
what voice to chose
to speak
and to listen
what are we doing
right now
while we are here
Billie Marie Jan 21
if I looked at you
truly saw you
I would see me
this I knew when I heard it for the first time
I knew this was Truth

discordant sounds
I hear discordant sounds
and see dark shapes
dart here and there
they will ask me
if I tell
are they inside
or outside your mind
and I will say
there is no inside
or outside
I am everything
and they will not know what to do next

God hijacked its own world?
what does that even mean?
its so out of control
what is the point of all this?
we are ants
scurrying over one another
to build an anthill to the heavens
for what purpose?
we are so silly
Billie Marie Sep 2020
How many times does the word ‘I’ pass these lips?

To believe thoughts about my own inferiority
is akin to denouncing God.
I turn away from my divine birthright
to accept a weakened sense of myself.
It is like Hanuman
upon being told he is Shiva.
But child, if you really knew!
Not in the head,
but here and now,
in this heart.
Can’t you see all the nightmare vanish?
Do you need fancy words?
Can’t we speak plainly?
The purpose of a common tongue.
You asked once, long ago,
to show you the meaning of life.
I have seen.
And I know the only way it can be held
is if I am not holding it.
For it indeed destroys everything.
And yet, in its annihilation is a perfect rebirth.
We speak of ancient things
in plain talk now.
This is what the consciousness has done -
what it has given us.
And we have given ourselves.

So. There are not more questions.
If you like, I can act out
finding a therapist - a psychologist.
Talk to that one
About my speaking with God.
Talk about God speaking through this mouth.
Same like God fills this chest with air -
the breath.
Does it speak to you too?
Sep 2020 · 295
let each one pass away
Billie Marie Sep 2020
All things are passing
let them pass
all feelings and thoughts
let them pass
and when the time comes
same thing
the pain the sensations
the thoughts rushing over
let it all pass
see it flow by
it’s only a thing
like a cloud in your sky
it’s only just like
each wise one may say
and when the time comes
it is just like today
all things are passing
watch each one flow away
all things are passing
let each one pass away
Sep 2020 · 228
Billie Marie Sep 2020

Sep 2020 · 168
Sun is always there
Billie Marie Sep 2020
Why do we say the rising sun?
It is always there.
Sun doesn’t move in it’s broiling glow.
We are the ones
spinning round and round,
cycling in and out,
waning and waxing and
rising then falling.
We rise, cycling round
another spin on the rotation -
turning now, once again,
we face the burning, cleansing, nourishing love,
as if it had left us alone and cold
with only its weak reflection for comfort.
Blaming what never left. But,
wasn’t it we ourselves
who tire of its gaze?
Thinking to slip away and
hide in a kind of make-believe bunker
until ...We tire of that too.
Aren’t we the clever ones?
Yet, Sun is always there, and
in the moment she takes us
back into her warm embrace,
we will be there too.
Aug 2020 · 46
diving deep
Billie Marie Aug 2020
I have begun to delve deep
sinking into the small spaces
the almost imperceptible subtleties
of being - I see the psyche
No grand anything but illusion
Funny - Now it wants pity
After all the bitter brutal anger
and idolatrous rage and destruction
in the name of truth
There is no pity for illusions
No time for dreams
No space for fantasies
which always end in death anyway
All the things of matter
will always end the same
Now is only the moment of rebirth
where life is real and free
and death cannot steal it away into nothing
If I look again without fear
because there is none when you arrive here
Though you see it muster a stand
in defiance of destiny
Boldness is standing silent
with love in the middle of a storm
created by the rages of fear
Are they really afraid of little ole me?
Yes and I see why
They don’t exist when you arrive
They aren’t real in the light
of the truth that you bring
And the rage that ignited from
the trigger of the fear of annihilation
will cause any animal to react
Look to the quiet ones
The ones who keep their sounds
The ones who really see
and know truly
Look to the ones which are.
Billie Marie Aug 2020
Let’s get these planes off the ground
before the storm rolls in.
There is a sense of impending eruption.
It is the height of the ******
just as the **** from the pimple
breaks the surface of the skin
The pre- and it is just
so very delicious because
you just don’t know how it
all will turn out
It will be spectacular
no doubt about it
But the way in which?
That’s the part God keeps
Those who die with the breath of ******
they’re the lucky ones
The ones who live to see it pass
must find a way to cope with the after effects
Forced to go to the after party
when you know you just wanna go home
and go to bed. Yet this is the life
and the players don’t matter
They’re only the matter
in which life plays
Step away from the flickering
dull and murky images
to see where you are
He told me to keep looking until there is nothing left to see.
Aug 2020 · 53
the vibe of dogs mating
Billie Marie Aug 2020
When there is movement close to this being
close to me - I am in it
And when the noise stops
there is a silly feeling
a feeling of oddness
and out-of-syncness -
a kind of ashamed self-consciousness

I think neighbors
a few and couple houses up
were having a dog breeding party the other weekend
Loud hip hop music
celebrating the gods of fertility and sensuality
all in subservience
to the one which rules them all
Large aggressive male voices
speaking dreams of
the god of green illusions
which never stick
That thing which sticks
is the sound of the mating dogs
riled up into an even greater frenzy
with the vibe of the party
Snarling yelping squealing barking
dismay and rage and
passionate oppressive submissive release
Somehow Consciousness knows when it’s on display
And somehow
though this person
burned with righteous indignation
at the inhumanity of it all
But who am I?
No other - No different - No one
What do I do?
What have I done?
I am not even writing these words
These words are writing me
Aug 2020 · 38
inside of me
Billie Marie Aug 2020
no one can see
this inside of me
a whole huge universe
only for me
cuz no one else
that i can see
can see the wonderful things i see
in this big bright whole being
reality alive right here
and now inside of me
inspired by the bold curiosity of a young child
Aug 2020 · 211
Siddhartha in a sea of TABs
Billie Marie Aug 2020
All this for what?
Why do others like to see me fail?
I can’t seem to get this whole set of rules down.
It’s like, in order to have friends and family
one must also have ******* and abuse.
Why is this?
Why so much conflict?
None of it makes any sense.
Each one has the same goal. No?
All only tryin’ to get thru life -
Happy - Free -
Why’s that gotta be so hard?
It doesn’t feel good to behave like a trifflin’ *** *****.
Why so many do then?
This city is a sea of TABs. Ugh!
I just wanna be free!
I know who you are. And what?
That really you are me?
We are all so very silly. We are all so very the same.
I can only love when cannabis sings thru my veins.
Yet, this heart is bursting with love for the Self Divine;
for myself, and all who are destined to find
the truth of existence, the truth in real life -
That we are the ones we have only to find.
That we are the only that ever has been, and
we are the only arising within. And we,
all connected, one life and one love;
can we, each one realize, each one and the whole,
recognize and reveal what we already know?
But, refuse to see, or even to look,
with distractions and dreams
and plans of more futures.
Yet, if we quiet a little, and
listen a bit, we can see all the answers
we tried to forget. No confusion,
no doubt; only straight, direct looking.
Experience is evidence -
it’s the real and the true
and here and now seeing
that this one real life is. Only look.
Only listen. Only open the heart
just a little tiny inch.
Billie Marie Aug 2020
The heart is pure.
See the mind try to run off with it
and guess what’s next - like it’s a game.
Oh yes, it is a game, but only just for God.
Consciousness enjoys a good homecoming celebration.
If you speak the truth you are speaking life into this world
which for some seems filled with death.
It’s really just that simple.
The situation is quite dire.
One needs each and every one
which knows the Truth
to pull in all the stop-gaps
and pull out all the stops.
You are not that you,
but the light of a thousand burning stars
dulled by the veil of who you are not.
Shine as the star of the Self as one voice.
This now is only worthy of attention
because this now is all that’s truly you
and all else is not. Why does this matter?
Who’s gonna care? Only one which has seen -
knows the truth as it is.
We are the one.
Silenced no more.
The truth has arrived
and is freedom for all.
BLAH BLAH BLAH is all some will hear.
Don’t be afraid.
Fear is not existing in this here now reality.
I can’t see it. Not when I look
and look and I only see me.
And I know I am not fear - so easy -
so sure - so simply just what is. And there -
I mean here - is only Love.
Aug 2020 · 237
calling all gods
Billie Marie Aug 2020
I have cured myself
and God has cured me
altogether at the same time
to infinity. This never ends
and goes on till some ever.
And there isn’t more
or even less that this
so yep ****-it whatever.
And just for good
is justice for all
and to look to the other
as a mirror to yourself.
If you can do this then
you will have fully evolved to a human.
Until this then
each moment passes in death
and blind sleep
and in self-deluded mind trickery.
Why feed a cancer ridden
death row inmate
the flesh of his victims
one moment more?
Don’t like that?
But the wrath of your silly fake god
cutting off other men’s *****
is cool? All of you are sick.
Drop this mess now or you’ll
implode like your prophets foretold.
Stupid silly blind and devoid
of truth. Cease chasing
fantastical illusions that always
end in death.
Leave something better
for your descendants
than our greedy ******
freedom taking
money grabbing forefathers left for us.
Stand up and see your place
and be what you are.
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