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Arianna Jan 24
When the masquerade has run its course,
And the spirit disrobes from its garment of flesh,
Whither shall it wander?
What awaits?
Will it join in the dances of dreams
Oft admired, enthralling in slow moments of rest,
Eyelids growing heavier by the day
As the Goddess of the Shades
Encloses upon the heart,
Confounding equally in darkness?

I am led blind
From the Sanctuary of Veils,
Traversing flashes of light
Into the writhing touch of innumerable hands
Tossing violets in greeting at my passing-by:

          Soft as snow, they swoop from the air,
          Purple kisses raining welcome
          Over the nakedness of the Self

          Light as feathers, they hiss through the air,
          Purple arrows volleying death
          Into the remembrance of the "I"

          Led blind to the borders of Shadow,
          Subdued, shimmering away into darkness;
          Borne thither, immolated,  in the petals of innumerable hands,
          Thousand-armed graveyard of a lotus among ashes
          Carried in the swirling blood of a dream;

          Washed up in the still waters of Mnemosyne,
          No "known" sans "unknown"
          In the Garden of Tranquility,
          But for the charade of ghosts
          False-faced and false-hearted,

          The truly departed
          Under the curse
          Of perpetual Incohesiveness.
Alex Smith Jan 17
A mind full of patterns
In every which way.
And cycling
On my walls.
Waves of colors burst
And I forget myself.
Fly into my spiritual dimension
And ascend.
Then it ends.
And I feel some clarity
And comfort
Wash over me.
Thom Jamieson Oct 2018
It’s a Perfect Day to Die
Can’t tell ground from sky.
A mist of cold cruelty breathes
Foul and unforgiving in my face.
And I feel peace,
Sad. Peace. Surrender
Sad for what could have been
Sad for gifts carelessly squandered
Like a child with too many toys
Sad for the legacy that should have been.
For the casualties I have left
In my wake of selfish insanity.
Sad to be stuck in this skin I can’t shake,
But perhaps I can break,
In a million pieces, so it is unrecognizable
From the whole it was
And a new whole becomes
With new gifts and opportunities
To appreciate, and cherish
And hold tightly this time
Surrounded by souls
That surrounded me here
In a circle of love and forgiveness
And second chance
It’s a Perfect Day to Die.
Drifting beneath the waves,
The water lifts me like a stone.
Holds me in a soft embrace
As if to carry me home.

Just a piece of sand, ride the tide.
Find a beach in which to hide.
Cast ashore, let the foam
bury my past and wash away my bones.

Closing my eyes, I lose myself
To the rushing in my ears.
Leaving behind my earthly shell,
Let the world fade and disappear.

Just a piece of sand, ride the tide.
Find a beach in which to hide.
Cast ashore, let the foam
bury my past and wash away my bones.
Leo Jun 2017
Self obession will be the death of Me.
Nico Allentine Oct 2016
That appears to be part and parcel with this human incarnation
My ego cuts ME off with no oxygen
I? Flail and wail like a child whose lost his mother
A fish in a world meant for another species entirely
I dissolve, evolve and transcend my shape to embrace
Not only you but the I in you and the you in me and the never-ending connectivity of human consciousness.
Awaken and its as if I've fallen into a nightmare, a terror so vivid
More real than reality.
Alas it is reality and I am awake and dead
And so are you.
Though still alive, ironically in loss of a body
I feel my connection, my mother, my father, my familia in the plants.
With the animals.
With the humans and their complex struggle
Divided always , but entirely one within themselves
The world at large
When disengaged from ego, re-engaged with the World Soul
The loving awareness that you really are
Always was and will always be
Forever and ever
Completely not reliant on any outside forces.
In the sense of the verb as well as the noun.
When disengaged from ego, re-engaged with the World Soul.
It changed me
  The way I see the world
A saw the sacred scrolls
The woven numbers
Layered beneath reality
It Left me a touch of strange
a hint of madness
But greater understanding
Duke Thompson Sep 2014
Not real today or tomorrow
Fake plays pretending to be people
What's this reflection
This doesn't feel like me
Who is this shadow person
All dead eyes see thru soul sickness
Black blotting out the sun
No eclipse only vast black holes
Mang Jul 2014
Walls are broken down
Dissolved all around
Who are you
I sound like a fool
Who do you want to be
Do you want to be free
I've never seen this way
True beauty in every face
There's beauty all around
Even on the dirt covered ground
I know myself now
I would never let anyone bow
I don't want power
I'd rather lay in a field of flowers
Why go to class
Just to sit on your ***
Explore the world and be happy
Instead of what society wants you to be

— The End —