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you are in violation

if i was you i'd let me go
you touch me i will have to use force
up to and including fatal force
i am a sovereign citizen
who's laughing now
who's laughing

do it then big girl!

do it right now!
i am a sovereign citizen
what jurisdiction is this then
not a person or individual
i'm a man!
i am a sovereign citizen
who's laughing now
who's laughing
i need your name and badge number right now
this is an assault this here is an assault
aaaaahhhhh help me help me help me!!!!
a sovereign citizen!
five million dollars!
i do not consent!
i do not consent!

i need to see your badge
i need to see your badge now
are you assaulting me?
are you assaulting me?

you are assaulting me!

so, you are detaining me?
sir? are you detaining me?
so, you are detaining me!
help me help me help me!
i am a sovereign citizen

that is not my food stamp card!
i am a sovereign citizen!

as a man
what right do you have
to stop another man??
name and badge number
name and badge number
name and badge number!
i am a sovereign citizen!

i am not driving i'm traveling
i am telling you to stand down!

i am a sovereign citizen

roman catholic church

    a supreme ruler, especially a monarch.

noun: citizen; plural noun: citizens
    a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized.
I think all americans can agree to hate these fools. It makes my cheeks hurt to watch these on youtube. Their exact words are used here, and there's plenty more funny. These dum dums think they can harass cops, and then say they aren't american citizens, but a leader of a nation. It is now considered terrorism, and they still do it.
Antino Art Aug 2020
I greet you like a new shore with a wave that says hi and bye together.

Somewhere in between, I entertained the idea that we might have met on a train in Seattle once. We sat sideways on the edge of a deep conversation, staring out the window as the rain did the talking.

My mantra is an old Samurai teaching: defeat who you were yesterday. I told myself that I'll have something to say to you by tomorrow.

I write stuff down for inner peace. The pen is my sword.

I got it. When the pandemic is over, let's order clam chowder in lidded to-go cups and meet at the edge of a pier where ships leave. After a while, the sight of departure takes on a charm of its own.

I can talk to you more freely on higher ground, like a rooftop. Or a train platform overlooking uptown Chicago. It will feel like we've risen above the noise.

I make a pretty good penpal. I also have anime hair. And an enviable Samurai sword collection.

Do abs still count?

My brain is in great shape. Don't mind if the thoughts floating out of it are going over your head. It's better than going over heels. That would be hopelessly romantic.

Dating apps remind me of a formula in astronomy that says the odds of intelligent life beyond Earth are a statistical impossibility. Still, you can't help but look up on dark nights asking if you're alone.

I want to say I met a girl who I began writing about, the kind that doesn't just smile at you to be polite. Consider this an invitation to write back.

You'll get my name then,
-Annonymously Yours
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Second Sight
by Michael R. Burch

I never touched you—
that was my mistake.

Deep within,
I still feel the ache.

Can an unformed thing
eternally break?


Now, from a great distance,
I see you again

not as you are now,
but as you were then—

eternally present
and Sovereign.

Keywords/Tags: distance, separation, hesitancy, unsureness, vacillation, unsurety, heartache, heartbreak, presence, sovereign
Badshah Khan Feb 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 34

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

My Divine birth and moral death, in-between this two puzzle,
My dear soul, is dangling, my dear soul is sovereign’
I naturally born, before my noble birth.,
And died instantly before my noble death.
My Birth naturally obtains divine mercy of my Creator!
And peaceful death is inevitable.
In between my noble Divine birth and moral death,
My dear soul, is dangling precariously.

My dear soul, heartily enjoy a unique way of dear life.
and to voluntarily undergo the confirmed death.
My divine birth and death cant be compared equally,
In between my gentle birth and moral death,
My dear soul, is dangling precariously.

In my divine birth my active life
Dearly want to perform optimally a several journey.
And it will merely rest with my moral death.
In my moral death, my dear soul
Willingly experience the solitary journey to hereafter,
And it will merely start on the rare day of moral judgement!
In between my divine birth and moral death
My dear soul, is dangling precariously.

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
forestfaith Feb 2019
expectations crowded my mind in the days when my desperation was sorta high.
it felt like i fitted in with the rest, fitted into their league of rash lovers and surface swimmers.

it started with a "had enough."
which led to me having to rush and led to my second decision and then it hit me ******* me but yet so soft and subtle--it seemed to be.  

bothering and confusing, assumptions were made.
And they tormented me yesterday and the day before, and the day nearly got me today.

i saw _ again and i chose to shut my eyes, just not completely, i chose to slip by but not ignoring the fact that i knew _ saw me at the corners of _ eye.
i didn't even wave goodbye or smiled a "hi".

sigh, how could i forget, the making of a moon?
a laughter that made me cringe and sin,
a memory that never seems to fade away, a lasting portrait still swings in my mind today.
only when i see _

if i don't know i have let _ down already, when _ expected a nicely wrapped gift from me.
my heart and my chest was tied tightly together, and i seem to be unable to breathe, and i seem to pause           only to know that i am sinking in, bre e e eeeeeeeee a t hing in.

i place them into
                               your hands,
                                                      i do not know what will happen, but i am rest assured in your plans.
i pray and hope that you dont have a lot of stress and for your safety!! And happy chinese new year to my fellow friends!! God has been faithful!! PRAISE THE LORD!! God has plans for me, and he knows them through and through.
Dylan McFadden Mar 2018
I pray that you will daily see
The God who fashioned you and me
Who formed the stars and gave us breath
Who’s sovereign over life and death

He is supreme and He is Love
Fulfills His purpose from Above
A Grand Design! A Perfect Plan!
Holding all things in His hand

His care is deep; His pleasures, sweet
Into which I pray you’ll sink
Deep and deep…and deeper still
Adore Him always; seek His will

He calls you “child” – loves you much
And so much so He loved you such:
When you were yet a rebel to
The heart of God, Christ died for you

A chosen soul, a chosen Bride
“Born that man no more may die!”
He gave His life for all His Sheep
He sowed it all that we might reap

Might reap new life and strength to run
To glorify God’s Only Son
To speak of Truth and sing with joy:
“In death, death has been destroyed!”

So, see the riches of His grace
By which you have beheld His face
He opened your blind eyes to see
Now daily look, and with Him, be

He’ll hold you safe until the end
No one can ****** you from His hand
He runs to meet you – draws you near
And daily whispers, “Do not fear”

Broken Arpeggio Jul 2017
Sleepless nights all dark and gray
No end in sight as I become prey
To the creeping abyss that coincides
With the restless struggle behind my eyes

Don't give in I want to scream
My strength is more than just a dream
While faith eludes me and hope dwindles to a spark
My cries for freedom still ring clear through the dark

Clarity is found with every step taken
Towards healing a mind the darkness has shaken
I rise from a Hell of disdain and despair
To find the glowing light of sovereignty
And know my salvation lies there
Randi Williams Mar 2015
There is a blue bird sitting on
a fence post, faded,
staring at a fatherly-made
Entry is refused as the belongings
(or leftover garbage)
from the previous occupants is still obtained.
This must be what it is like
to lose your virginity!
I have been trying to find
the sense of home
drowning in our separated garage.
It's never as strong as I hope
or believe it will be
and that's fine.
This is acceptance.
Nothing is bullet-proof,
but predator-resistant.
Spoonfuls of courage must have been
fed to me
in my sleep
for today I am no victim.
On this day, I am no longer chained
to the inferiority
pressed upon me.
I am free.
25 March 2015
The day I was able to be proud of myself, appreciate myself, and begin to overcome the damage.
I have learned so much in the past few weeks about myself and how I want to live my life.
It is amazing that such a horrible event was able to bring out the best of me and help me find courage in many areas of my life.
Zead Aug 2014
You can’t deny what is justified
Neither the wrists that were crucified
And at the peak of His sovereign grace
And the crown that pierced the top of His face
And we destroyed in our eyes a chunk of mud
And yet; He saved the souls of Adams blood
He forgave our ignorance and tall some grew
And many today through Him become new
We were granted a gift you see
One so unnatural it shouldn’t be
We know it so well it’s like we don’t care
But truth is you look at what else He’ll spare
You glance at the list and we’re bottom to top
And everything else is washed with a mop
So may it never be! As Paul would say
To belittle such a privileged way
I can’t save you from your delay
But sovereign is the Lord through Him you may
The invitation is written in us now
And it’s your choice where you’ll be when our knees will bow
Maybe I’m saying this a little too lightly
Understand when you’re given a rope, you should hold on tightly
For crying out loud do you still not comprehend
That others given a soul aren’t lent a hand
as a being in God’s creation alone
and made to accept a debtless loan
Through a process foreign to things known
And here we lie guilty and not blown
In all evil is God given wrath
No escape from a hopeless death
So as not so mind-opening as I wanted to be
Think to yourself about this significance and see
What we live in this life is passionately hated and despised
But yet it’s still your choice to either be loved or denied
For our helpless minds were those wrists crucified
You can’t deny what is justified
Hell was meant for satan and his demons. The second they turn away…BAMMMM WRATH! ! ! and same with all evil should I mention. That’s where we come in. I know that God wanted us to give grace and gifts and mercy and forgiveness to. It wasn’t just anything, not just any random concept. He decided that we were going to exist for this meaning. It’s His sovereign side too. Because Jesus’ blood was shed for all man with the blood of Adam. Not spirits. Can you still think insignificantly of yourself? Not that you are what you are acknowledged to be in relativity, but that in all bondages of life and nothingness, you can feel the ones you seek for when in logical terms you should never have been able to.
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