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May 2021 · 882
Lazarus Bertsch May 2021
War zone in my brain,
Nothins really the same,
Exepct my heart that’s same,
But my brains not the same,
Sufferin depresseion that I cannot tame,
Losing my mind it feels like everyday,
Drowing in thoughts and my hate,
Gonna have to break the gate ,
The gate of gratification and grace ,

Leave my devil to the grave,
But my devils immortal hes lurkin,
Every corner every crack ready to break out,
Sick of bein called a disappointment and a clown,
Bout to rain havic on this little ******  town,
But calmdown and open ur 3rd eye and face the light,
But the lights is mine,
But im not mine,
Im my devils,
Forced to do his transactions and his deals,

But its hard to open grace when ur a disgrace,
A outcast from myself and life,
Used to be a angel but now im fallin from  grace,
Fallin from grace from this race of pain and change,
Hasn’t been the same since 6th grade,
Alawys bullied pushed and pulled,
But there so much u can pull a anchor by a rope,
Before the rope breaks and the anchor stops,
Like that anchor and my gratification stopped,
And lost my grace,

Open ur 3rd eye and face the light,
But the lights is mine,
But im not mine,
I will never escape this race of anxiety and change…
Apr 2021 · 528
Lazarus Bertsch Apr 2021
Humanity balances in the grasp of a belief of a higher order a belief that handicaps and restrains us from our true self and what we desire to become just for the fact to be in a nirvana that nobody has proof that it is real
For we could know we all could be going to hell for the corrupted society and government we live in

They wanna lock me outa of sight for not recieving any contacts
That the lord and savior had givin out to me
Then i beheaded a ******* for his contacts
i hide the body where nobody could see

See the devil in my eyes with his contacts
Now my eyes are blacker than the bottom of the sea
Everybody knows that were going to hell
Everybody knows that we will never be free
Lazarus Bertsch Mar 2021
dont call me,
i aint pickin up,
i dont care,
i dont wanna get up,
i dont wanna get up ,
and deal with ur ****,
im done ,
its ****** over,
u were just a cover,
i dont,
give a flying ****,
if your,
sad that we broke up,
it was,
over when it it had just begun,
when u said,
i was the only one,
i felt like,
that u were holding a gun,
to my head,
now ur gone,
when u had what u wanted,
u left me broke,
u lent me hatetred,
u left me so ****** up,
that i dont know,
who i was anymore,
so ******* go get a life,
im done,
come back,
and youll get the blade of my knife.
Jan 2021 · 171
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Jan 2021 · 160
Set me free
Lazarus Bertsch Jan 2021
I don't wanna feel nothin,
I don't want to hear anymore assumptions,
Only thing I wanna do is smoke my pain away,
The only thing I wanna do is fade away,
Then your life will go a lot better without me,
The only thing that is good about this life is your company,
But that isn't enough for the pain I keep,
The only thing that I ask is that you set me free,
Jan 2021 · 1.3k
5 Pills
Lazarus Bertsch Jan 2021
He saved my life,
but he couldn't save his own,
He risked his life,
To be where he was goin,
5 pills took his life away,
5 pills and bein drunk won,
Now I stand at his grave,
Here lies my cousin,
Who was only 17.
rip to my cousin i will not say his name.  2003-2020
Dec 2020 · 248
What I'm Feelin
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
I cross my T's and dilate my eyes,
I live with her in mind,
They say, "Livin life is free," I'll have to deny,
'Cause everyday I pay the price,
I wake up feelin’ like last night was a wild car ride,
Welcome to the fast life,
I pop these, watch how the time flies,
Outer-space, black skies lookin' like sci-fi,
But that's only half of me,
That's only half of me, that's one side,
But don't be sad with me,
And don't feel bad for me,
It's alright.
Dec 2020 · 145
Ideas for Poems
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
Hey, who ever reads this announcement can you plz comment some ideas for poems cause I'm brain dead and haven't been able to think for 4 days. I appreciate it.
Even tho nobody will prolly comment still thx.
Dec 2020 · 197
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
The saddest thing about being betrayed,
Is that it never comes from your enemies,
It comes from those you trust the most.
Quote of the night #3
Dec 2020 · 244
Fading light.
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
My light is slowly fading,
I don't know what to do,
Everybody hates me ,
But its ok cause I hate everything,
Except for you.
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
Nobody on this earth is perfect.
Everybody has their flaws.
Everybody has their dark secrets and vices.
Quote of the night #2
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
Suicide if you try to take my drugs
Homicide, go on and hold my gun
Specify, all the lies you’ve told
Look at me, what kind of drugs am I on?
Quote of the night
Dec 2020 · 175
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
I found my home,
Away from strife,
I found my place,
That is pure light,
I found my angel,
That fell from above,
But I might have found,
That you are my love.
I don't care if I'm bein cheesy IDGAF

for Sophia
Dec 2020 · 116
Happy pills
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
Don't know what to feel,
Don't know what to say,
**** this life,
I don't wanna stay,
Every things alright,
Every things ok,
Until you stop,
Taking that pill per day.
Dec 2020 · 159
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
I hate my life
I want to die,
I tried before,
A million times,
But something keeps me,
From leaving this life,
I think it is you,
Cause your my light.

But I'm your darkness,
I'm your pain,
I'm the devil,
That makes you insane,
I'm the cancer in your brain,
But its ok,
Everybody treats me the same.
Dec 2020 · 329
Stupid love
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
Stupid us
Thinking we
Were in love

Stupid me
Thinking I
Was good enough.
I had some help from Sophia "which was 80 percent" with this poem.

Check out her profile:
Dec 2020 · 153
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
I try to make you happy,
I try to make you laugh,
I try to make you feel like you're in heaven,
Even though you put me through hell.
Dec 2020 · 114
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
Everyday I wonder why god has sent me,
Just to die,
Just to suffer,
Your my devil,
Your my pain,
If I would've chose to stay,
I would've gave my life away.
Dec 2020 · 252
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
You play the game,
And fill me with pain,
You drive me insane everyday,
You say you love me me,
But I know that isn't true,
You just use me to try to get through,
This sad little life you choose.
Dec 2020 · 126
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
You think your so pretty,
You think u can rock with me,
You say "I love you." your a liar,
Even a blind man could see that,
But I really don't give a ****.
Dec 2020 · 76
Count my sheep
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
I might as well count my sheep,
And fall to sleep,
I will hold my breath, I will not peep,
As I am laid down 6ft deep,
I hope my family will not weep,
As they realized I am just asleep.
Dec 2020 · 257
She Picked Him
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
She picked him over me,
She chose a person who cheated,
She picked him over me,
She knows I love her and could beat him,
She did this to hurt me,
But do you really think I care,
She loves to keep her ***** little secrets,
But she don't know,
he's having another affair.
for sophia
Dec 2020 · 344
R.I.P Juice WRLD 999
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
That's all I wanna know
You're lookin' like a joke, dry humor at the most
Steady chokin' on your shade, like a **** in your throat
Well, if you're gonna throw shade my way
Maybe you should throw with a little more aim
It's a cold day in hell when they ***** up your name
They don't got no business talkin' in the first place, I'm freezin'

R.i.p Juice Wrld
Happy Late Birthday
Lengends Never Die 999
Dec 2020 · 202
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
Why you lie,
Why you lie,
Why you always ****** lie,
Why you lie,
Why you lie,
Don't you know I can read between the lines,
Why you lie,
Why you lie,
Why you always ****** lie,
Why you lie,
Why you lie,
Don't you know your the reason,
Why I want to leave my life.
Dec 2020 · 218
Why you mad
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
Why you mad,
Why you mad,
Why you mad,
Why you mad,
Why do you always throw me away,
Why are you always the main source of my pain,
Why cant you just look and see,
He's just fake and make believe,
But there's will always be love for you and me,
But the only thing u do is throw my love away,
Your the main Source of my pain,
You make my heart ****** hurt so much,
I just want to throw my life away.

— The End —