my whole life
I've only ever been
someone's bad habit. 

like stealing drags
behind the library,
or biting broken nails
I became their drug in choosing.

pretty lips,
and a dirty secret;
a harrowing existence,
meets feverish addiction.

their idea of killing time
was killing me
and this is what I called love.

I guess I have a thing


Hands tainted
by Crimson Stain

Even the Great Flood
can't wash this sin

Hell itself
cannot contain

Demons burn me
from within

Culled my brother
like I'm Cain.

07 August 2015

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.






A story about a man in debt getting murdered by the shark loan in his tiny apartment.

The words go in, the words come out
it's then, I turn about

The blade goes in, the blade goes out
as I scream and shout

The ambulance comes, the ambulance goes
a morgue delivery

The cops take statements, and give their cards
evidence discovery

The mourners come, the mourners go
flowers, that they throw

The widow consoled by Steve and Joe
the things I didn't know

Haha, Steve and Joe obviously had alibis :D

but i,
should have killed 4, 500 of 'em
and it would have made me feel better,
if ya slap me in the face,
what do u think i would do next,
should have,
if u want to kill,
killing you, then kill me
smoke ya blood choke grip,
mask and i am punchy,
punch me
benefit sexually,
mental demise blood-oil eyes of the halls of Amenti,
tiles a'slick'd,
and ethereal,
where have i seen this before,
in a dream, could it be, this inanimate,
what am i to do with,
this man inside the cage,
i am another suicide,
constellation suicide,
lost sensory distortion
struck the key-match,
movin thru spirals,
never angles,
thru spirals, into you
i know you,
i like your style kid,
locked on ur mind linked up jacked in,
thats not me, im not on,
pill for ,
criminal patsy assassins,
dont ask me,
i fake sleep at night.

Jim Marchel Sep 2016

Here I am far away from home
With a hole in my head and two in my chest.
No thoughts in my mind, I'm void and alone,
And the clock that made my body tick on has finally come to rest.
An entire lifetime of pleasures and pains runs red on the sidewalk near what used to be a somebody to nobody.

Suicide or homicide? You judge.
Knit Personality Aug 2016

    Come drink with me
    Some hemlock tea,—
Some hemlock tea for two.
    Or, better yet:
    Get extra wet:
I'll pour both cups for you.


Jack Jenkins Apr 2016

Cold rain falls from sky
Homicidal man below
Woman walks alone

One day the world shall end;
My love
One day the world shall end;
My love

One day..
The ground shall crumble under out feet;
My love

One day
the sky shall fall in on our heads;
My love

One day
One day
My love

One day the world shall end;
My love

One day YOUR world shall end…
My love…

One day;
My love

So today;
Pick your poison.
because YOU wont be seeing tomorrow
My Love

Another poem i tried to write with writers block; might revise <3
Elizabeth Jan 2016

I've been watching you from the nightstand,
Eyes closed,
But hearing, feeling
Each rat tremor on top of cheap carpet
Covered in cat piss and booze stains.

You have been sleeping too long,
Eyelids turning to flakes of skin,
Feeding your floorboard friends.
I have seen your fingers curl into messy knots of
Purple thumbprints and veins reaching
For the ceiling and roof.

You left me plugged into the wall,
And I have inched closer to my own death
With each misses phone call and text,
My predisposed convulsions.

I just wanted you to know
Your mother called today
To ask for the new street address,
The landlord says the rent is 8 days late,
But your boyfriend is ill concerned with your state of health,
In fact,
He left the state
And bought a new haircut and identity.

Written from the perspective of a forgotten phone.
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