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Tizzop Nov 2019
tizzop is the lover of
a single mother  

years ago tizzop
knocked at our door
nighttime the remains of
day splattered across the floor

when you think of tizzop:

think of your last
déjà vu and what you
think of early immigration:
the german belt

tizzop: a combination of
people lovin/people hatin'
pride of a nation yet
last letter standing in a
poem without ending

long time ago tizzop
knocked at our door
nighttime the remains of
day splattered across the floor

tizzop hungry; he asked for
food while slowly taking his hat off
to my mom; she delighted since she
saw into the eyes of a warrior acting
quite politely

then tizzop fainted and fell on
the floor obviously he was starving
mom fried some chicken

later at the table tizzop gobbled
the more i looked at tizzop's
traits the way he moved his
cheeks and chewed his food
i sensed that we were  

nobody talked: familiar
silence filled the room

the more i looked at tizzop's
bossy smile and his
black teeth i was
reminded of something

like the déjà vu of a  
déjà vu

strong connection between
tizzop and me: he
stayed at our place and soon became

my brother
little by little mom turned him
into her lover

wanted to **** him but
**** it this poem gotz to be
a tizzopish report
ok okay Oct 2019
I messaged her 'hi'
She didn't reply
I guess to her
I'm just another guy
Dj Khaled is cute
Em MacKenzie Oct 2019
I’ll bring you the moon
and the stars will come down for you tonight.
I hope that you will show up soon,
but I don’t see one trace of light.
I’m at dead end ruin,
I guess I should’ve made a right.
Bound to pop just like a balloon,
no need to apply strength or might.

So don’t try to stray
it will never be through,
you can’t run away,
she’s not done with you.

Climb out from the dark,
but take a break before you tire.
I thought that I did feel a spark
but realized that I’m on fire.
I’m ash; my body is an urn,
I beg to be spread and to be set free.
So blindingly bright you burn
but there’s no complaints from me.

So don’t try to stray,
it’s something you can’t do,
you can’t run away,
she’s not done with you.
Every night and day,
one thing rings true,
sidelined and kept at bay,
it’s just déjà vu.

You know I have nothing left to lose
but I’d still give all of my nothing over to you.
Out of options but there’s only one thing that I’d choose,
the only thing I know, but still a mystery lacking a clue.

Think of how beautiful life could be
and all of the colours that could come from grey.
Just take a single step towards me
and I’ll carry us both the rest of the way.

I won’t try to stray,
you know I’m stuck like glue,
I’ll never run away,
I’ll follow it through.
There’s nothing else to say,
one divided by two,
and come what may,
it’s all déjà vu.

I’ll keep my distance
but dream of you nightly.
But in this instance
you just shine so brightly.
Brayden Allen Aug 2019
The world’s light filters through my eyes
as the pitter-patter of rain draws on my window.
Looking to view the world I know well,
I find a river tracing over the edges
of something I once knew
filling me with Déjà vu.
Nostalgia becomes the only energy
worthy to have flowing through my body.
Thinking of the days I didn’t need
an endless river to free my time
because I was seven or eleven
and the world seemed so free.
Now I’m an eighteen year old me
and I miss the days that would now
feel like a sweet sweet release.
Jon Thenes Aug 2019
10:45 p.m.

Music Mage Floats The Room

Accounts Balance Of Patrons

Grooms The Crowd Pattern
Reimers Jul 2019
Feelings that were once lost
Knocking again at my door
Indeed a risk I crossed
But missing an opportunity, I abhor

Felt like I was in cloud nine
Not caring about anything
But the moment I blinked appeared a vine
That pulled me away from everything

Darkness everywhere nothing I see
The place reeks of despair and pain
The farther I was pulled the more it desecrates me
It never stopped, my sanity slain
julianna Feb 2019
déjà vu
a fleeting feeling
that goes away
but the emotions stay
and for that second,
you’re alone.
you may be be surrounded
by loved ones
by friends
by laughter,
but if you’ve been here before,
what’s the point?
am I even real?
IncholPoem Jan 2019
For  big  sky
what can  you

Why  a  beautiful  partner
of   forgiveness.

For  a   big  bamboo  tree
what  can   you can spread  out
the  message.

    An  Asian  VILLAGE
DJ  sounds  or
An  artist's  imaginal  wave
creating  a  palace
  with   bamboo  art.
Tekan Jan 2019
Being able to race through the maze
that makes up the human mind
Getting deeply entwined
slowly getting ****** in by the itnrest we find
The constant turnover
of topics you bring to our mind.

Helping me lose grip of reality
I start to feed the power of immortality
As the idea of time vanishes from my mind.

Creating some sort of cosmic vibration
that send shivers down my spine

I'm so lucky to call you mine.

You the definition of fine
Meaning, "of very high quality"
As stated in the dictionary of our time.

But, not everything can be defined
Somethings are simply indiscribable,
like the beauty you help people find
In all the cracks of their broken minds.
Helping us understand
The perfectness of imperfections.

You bring the sunshine in the day
and refelt on the moon at night
Forever spreading your light.

An inspiration to humanity
that you bring so naturally
Showing, some kind of meaning to life
Proving, that even a nihilist
can give meaning to life.

Leading by example
You break through the boundaries
of the impossiblities
That we so easily create in our heads.
Slowly giving life to a new generation.

So trust me when I say this
-because it's not just me-
That can forse
The legacy
You were born to be
Written for my lover
A peice inspired by his translation through his music
LylexRose Jul 2018
At the start of it all, with nothing to record, cos my stories were out there being made, these themes of family and faces, being replaced by torture and feeling faceless, with such insignificant lil things remind me of updates of disgrace, born being honest and ended up wasted, refrain..

Tired of chasing these feelings of pain...
Broken legs won't take this strain...
Hills so far from the house of insane...
Street lights are home again...

I gotta thank everyone who pushed me through, my mind was stuck to you, and through you I forgot all this pain, never again, almost lost myself too rope, no hope, too close, lost as a ghost in this home all alone, her anger invoked, her anger in the walls, anger in the floor, but I won't feel no more, gift from God, delivered so raw, the ice did thaw for we now men... and did all for you lord...  

To those I can rely on...
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