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julianna Feb 22
déjà vu
a fleeting feeling
that goes away
but the emotions stay
and for that second,
you’re alone.
you may be be surrounded
by loved ones
by friends
by laughter,
but if you’ve been here before,
what’s the point?
am I even real?
IncholPoem Jan 11
For  big  sky
what can  you

Why  a  beautiful  partner
of   forgiveness.

For  a   big  bamboo  tree
what  can   you can spread  out
the  message.

    An  Asian  VILLAGE
DJ  sounds  or
An  artist's  imaginal  wave
creating  a  palace
  with   bamboo  art.
Tekan Jan 2
Being able to race through the maze
that makes up the human mind
Getting deeply entwined
slowly getting ****** in by the itnrest we find
The constant turnover
of topics you bring to our mind.

Helping me lose grip of reality
I start to feed the power of immortality
As the idea of time vanishes from my mind.

Creating some sort of cosmic vibration
that send shivers down my spine

I'm so lucky to call you mine.

You the definition of fine
Meaning, "of very high quality"
As stated in the dictionary of our time.

But, not everything can be defined
Somethings are simply indiscribable,
like the beauty you help people find
In all the cracks of their broken minds.
Helping us understand
The perfectness of imperfections.

You bring the sunshine in the day
and refelt on the moon at night
Forever spreading your light.

An inspiration to humanity
that you bring so naturally
Showing, some kind of meaning to life
Proving, that even a nihilist
can give meaning to life.

Leading by example
You break through the boundaries
of the impossiblities
That we so easily create in our heads.
Slowly giving life to a new generation.

So trust me when I say this
-because it's not just me-
That can forse
The legacy
You were born to be
Written for my lover
A peice inspired by his translation through his music
LylexRose Jul 2018
At the start of it all, with nothing to record, cos my stories were out there being made, these themes of family and faces, being replaced by torture and feeling faceless, with such insignificant lil things remind me of updates of disgrace, born being honest and ended up wasted, refrain..

Tired of chasing these feelings of pain...
Broken legs won't take this strain...
Hills so far from the house of insane...
Street lights are home again...

I gotta thank everyone who pushed me through, my mind was stuck to you, and through you I forgot all this pain, never again, almost lost myself too rope, no hope, too close, lost as a ghost in this home all alone, her anger invoked, her anger in the walls, anger in the floor, but I won't feel no more, gift from God, delivered so raw, the ice did thaw for we now men... and did all for you lord...  

To those I can rely on...
Blakbuttafly89 May 2018
**** I swear I wish I never met him tall and dark skin I feel in love with him without a single kiss but his heart is what i wanted to win. I have never felt so low and misplaced. the words beautiful means nothing if it’s not coming from him. i keep asking myself if I had made love to u would we still be connected.... I wish I did cause maybe I could stop dreaming about u well at least that’s what I keep telling myself. u asked me if I would tell the person that I fall in love with that I love them truth is my heart was connected to you that very day! it was the longest phone conversation i entertained in a long time 8hrs I mean since high school days..... I knew i wasn’t gonna be able to easily erase ya memory from my mind..... it’s so bad that I had to drop to my knees to begging god to let me forget about you cause it hurts so bad ... I tried to keep dating, I even finally gave myself away smh! made love to some lame to try to erase ya memory and  all I could see was ya face. the ****** won’t stop calling but.... sorry my heart is already taken by a heart less man who probably wouldn’t care if I got hit by a Dart Bus smh! but still every morning I wake up in tears again and again because I can’t stop dreaming that same dream of him.. I asked my therapist the one I started seeing again cause this situation with u has pushed my heart over the edge , I asked her am I crazy or delusional she said no suga u love him,  How??? why??? this can’t be possible! all I know is this has to be the last time I open up to anyone.... It hurts 2 bad to miss someone who thinks so little of you
Desmond the poet May 2018
I'm a DJ, a Disk jockey.
My fingers are like a jockey stick.
I breathe and live House music.
The first descendant of Disco music.

I'm the descendant of Frankie Knuckles.
My tunes ease listener's glooms.
I'm a predator, music beats are my prey.
House music is the only language I understand.
I busk locally and internationally.

I'm a beast, not just any beast.
Beast that play 4/4 repetitive beats.
I play tunes that move with heart beats.
My tunes aren't restricted to race or religion.
Behind the deck, I'm thee "House beast"
Dedicated to my boy Thendo Davhana aka "House beast". One of the upcoming and potential DJ of the future.
Clyde Mar 2018
The day has arrived
Much heavily awaited
For their sounds have been baited
Though our friends, Facebook, YouTube
Till we're forced to move
Simply from the good vibes
That the night somewhat promises to us

The night has arrived
Slow, people start to come
individually at first
Then, the crowd gathers
Eagerly waiting for the doors to open
The doors of heaven or ****
Two extremes that society has though us
"The songs of Satan", that's
what I was thought techno was
And that these
'songs of Satan'
Are for druggies, junkies
And those lost souls
Whom have given up on life

They were so wrong.
So juvenile
So conservative
There aren't lost souls
How can the be?
They hunger for life, to live
A chance to chase the rabbit,
not to hunt it,
But for the fun of the hunt
That rush, that excitement
How can they be lost to life?
Granted though,
Shady deals are made
With those who can provide the escape
And what did you expect?
For you see, where we're going,
Only a select few among us
Not gifted or special, but
Simply daring to
travel down that path to the unconscious,
to bring these demons to consciousness.

And face them in the dark
A darkness that's never silent

The light! It's on!
The rust to get in, to escape
This is by far not an addiction
But a drive for one's satisfaction
As the thumping, rhythmic treble
And the bone-shaking baseline
Get louder and stronger the nearer you get
Till you're inside,
Only by the comfort of the collective dark
And the sound slowly shakes your senses lose
And, with drugs to booth
You dive

Your body slowly
Repeats it's rhythmic steps
Through the vibrating rhythm
Faces start to blur
As you drop deeper and deeper
As that satisfaction for your vices
Slowly gets satisfied
Whether it's MJ, Coke, Mandy, Pills, Nicotine, Alcohol, Anything! or Sobriety
You slowly move your centre
Ether further in or out
Of focus  

And then, you're in; in that moment
You feel
Detached in your own world, yet connected with those around you
The DJ
Becomes the worlds safest puppet master
Your friends
The good vibes you vibrate off
The drugs
Simple tools to feel what life has numbed you from feeling
The darkness
The safe space where your true nature can come out
The baseline
Your guide of your oscillating frequency
And the melody
To which your mind latches onto as it sways in and out of focus
When everything's aliened
That little spot within yourself vibrates, buzzes
And, through blur, tear-filled eyes
the crowd moves in one unified frequency.

All at peace.
All calm.

All willing to feel,
And never go numb

The stress leaves
Worries, pain, problems
Slowly melt away
Along with your spinal fluid
as quickly as it starts

It stops.

The night passes in a blur
The lights are on
The darkness abolished
And you feel your insides
Slowly being demolished
From the exhaustion and the strain
Of hours of non-stop movement

And yet, what is this I feel?
it goes on
As if someones' hit that switch
and it's stuck, always on
Until once again, that itch
To return to the darkness , not for fun
But for peace,
For giving up that control

And trusting that tonight
The DJ will send you on their own unique journey
And all you and your friends have to do
Is hang on.

"You come inside one way, but I can guarantee you'll come out different"
A deep and sincere thanks to one of the greatest clubs in the Maltese islands, it's deep and heavily connected social network and to all those who, like me, have come to know the place as their 2nd home.
To this acquaintance,
A rendezvous with midnight.
A gentle Déjà vu and in some sense
I wonder if an unspoken invite
Has played a part or two.
Does the past ever ensue?

Words do become an addiction.
Layer upon layer of repeated satisfaction
Interjected, felt and spewed.
Silken sheet’s confessions are
Best made in the ****.
These words, why are they so bizarre?

Oh let me write it right
Let me dream tonight
Upon this unarmored stage.
Let me free the fight
All through the night
Releasing it from its cage.

With a candlelit smile upon a face
The sheets do gently part.
What fills my heart
Is the gentle art
Of a finger painting slowly traced.
It has not been done by the ones
Lessening love absent of these notions.

What lies beneath must lie beside
As the past becomes renewed.
A gentle kiss a midst a torrents tide
The ***** beach subdued.
Wet sand shaping dry demands

Déjà vu be wooed.
Have you ever had that feeling that you had been somewhere before but you knew you hadn’t? Or met someone that you somehow knew yet had never met? Well this piece tries to deal with just such a feeling.
Grace Aug 2017
You’ve got your disks ready, your tracks loaded
Your club full, your drugs in
Laptop in front of your fingers
Fiddle with the house rig, call the sound guy back
One more time
Check the setup, recheck the setup,
Check your charge
Battle record on deck, you’re set
How’s your cues?
Run through the tracks and the channels
You’re sprinting
It’s all set, all set, all set, all set, all set
Drink your water, throw it back
Thumbs up the light guy
Toss the bottle under
Your gear under your fingers, worn
And won
Breathe. For a second.

Feel the crowd quiver, feel the house shiver
There’s magic in the air.



Nightmare Nov 2016
The loud music, the smiles of people
Getting lost in the night
The lights holding everyone in place
The neon lights where I call home

I am not able to hear my self
But my voice is heard by others
What a unusual home, you can say
Feeling like I belong

With all the happy people

Feeling the beat in my heart
The song, the mix, and the neon lights
Hold me close to my home
The home where I'm looked after

No one's alone here
Everyone's in this together
No one's voice isn't heard
The neon lights keeping us together

So called 'home'; neon lights

Don't be afraid to show your self
Come out of the darkness
We're here for you
No matter where you are
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