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Lazarus Bertsch Jan 2023
Wake up in bed, am I dead or alive
Every second of the minute my life flashes by
Seeing things that are reminiscent as a kid
I wish things ended up different than it is
But time can't stop I just live it as it is
But it's cruel to be a kid and see your friends life wiped
Rip to Nic Rip to Blake Rip to Zach
I miss you because I was 15 tuning on 16 when we saw each other last
Now i'm 17 turning on 18 and its hurts to see our past
I can't believe I'm crying while writing this in class.
But it's only my way of closure so I wanna make this poem last.
Like they way we laughed and made these moments last.
This poem is about my friends Nico, Zach, and Blake..
Nico was 16 died in a car crash and Zach was 17 commited suicide and Blake was 18 overdoesed... this all happend in a span of 2 years.. and it impacted my life greatly... and a postive way when they showed me who they were and showing there love for me as I showed my love for them...
Lazarus Bertsch Nov 2022
Love is unexplainable in terms
You’ll do anything in your power to make sure they don’t hurt
You’ll treat them like everything and the world even if they don’t know your worth

But that’s ok because you think they won’t make you hurt
You think they won’t make you cry; you think that they know your worth

You think that they’ll see a diamond in the rough and not a dead lies in the grave under dirt

But just thinking about that in your head makes your stomach turn
Makes your heart fade and then makes your brain want to burst
Hope that they will stay, and you won’t talk through the ****

But then they’ll stay and then make your day
Wake up every day to see that smiling embrace
It might drive you crazy but its worth it in a way
Love is unexplainable by words but more explainable by actions
Don’t try to investigate into what they say just look at all their passion
Lazarus Bertsch Sep 2022
Love you left be broken on the floor
Left me dead heart was ripped out
How many times have a said
I'm done please let me out
Had me chained from the neck
On the floor to the waist down
Your love held me down

I can't tell if your love was supposed to send me to heaven
Or if it was supposed to put me thru hell
But in the end it doesn't matter
Because even though I'm in heaven my hearts in hell
My hearts been broken but you can't tell

You can never tell that I'm going thru hell
You can never tell that I'm well
You can never tell a no one that there some one
Cuz look at me
I thought I was a someone even though I was a no one
Then they took my heart then I turned so far beyond numb
Now I feel less than no one even though I'm someone
But it doesn't matter even though we all matter
Yea were all made of matter
But it doesn't mean we feel that we all matter.
Lazarus Bertsch Sep 2022
Babe tell what's wrong with me
Voices pierce my skull
I pray to god that hell help me
I guess I'm wrong
They say gods actually helping me
What's going on
Seems like the devils on my shoulder while gods in my mental
Used to be a opioid adduct used **** with Norco
Hearing voices at night telling me wrong not right
But its right to be wrong but wrong to be right But that's all too political right
Whites killing blacks than  blacks killing whites
School shootings Got parents paranoid when they say
Mom i promise I'll be fine

Were all god's children why do we got to fight
Another topic why do women not have rights
School taught us from a early age
My body my rights
So why are politics
Saying abortions' are just no right
When a parent isn't ready they are not ready
Save the child abuse, emotion abuse
The therapy and pills that consume
Otherwise there be more caskets
Than baby shower baskets
In our life

I'm sorry for every one struggling with abuse/racism/sexisms'/and to all the parents that lost their children in the school shootings. My condolences go to you… I'm sorry
...get this trending.. these are real problems in the world and people need to come to the realizations that these things are not right.
Lazarus Bertsch Mar 2022
Flying off drugs in my system
I know they be hating **** the system
I know im not right in my head
but when did u notice that’
I take drugs for smiles
When my appearance cracks
They say they hate me ****
What the ***** with that
I only hurt myself
See the halo snap
I only love myself
Had some heart attacks
I love everyone
But who loves me
Lazarus Bertsch Jan 2022
Dont how to feel
Or how to address her
Shes ******* me up
Making my heart beat faster
I want her love
But its not the answer
Last love i had
It was a total disaster
Now she's broke *****
And ima bachelor
Love Depression
Lazarus Bertsch Jan 2022
i miss ur touch..
can we repeat?..
i miss ur smile..
it made my heart beat..
i wish i told u everything that we could be...
but instead u left me at 12:00 on new years eve,,,
you burned down the bridges
that kept ahold
the very bridges that helped my soul
only for to here that u hate me..
i miss ur touch..
can we repeat?..
i miss ur smile..
it made my heart beat..
i wish i told u everything that we could be...
but instead u left me at 12:00 on new years eve,,,
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