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dont call me,
i aint pickin up,
i dont care,
i dont wanna get up,
i dont wanna get up ,
and deal with ur ****,
im done ,
its ****** over,
u were just a cover,
i dont,
give a flying ****,
if your,
sad that we broke up,
it was,
over when it it had just begun,
when u said,
i was the only one,
i felt like,
that u were holding a gun,
to my head,
now ur gone,
when u had what u wanted,
u left me broke,
u lent me hatetred,
u left me so ****** up,
that i dont know,
who i was anymore,
so ******* go get a life,
im done,
come back,
and youll get the blade of my knife.
I don't wanna feel nothin,
I don't want to hear anymore assumptions,
Only thing I wanna do is smoke my pain away,
The only thing I wanna do is fade away,
Then your life will go a lot better without me,
The only thing that is good about this life is your company,
But that isn't enough for the pain I keep,
The only thing that I ask is that you set me free,
He saved my life,
but he couldn't save his own,
He risked his life,
To be where he was goin,
5 pills took his life away,
5 pills and bein drunk won,
Now I stand at his grave,
Here lies my cousin,
Who was only 17.
rip to my cousin i will not say his name.  2003-2020
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
I cross my T's and dilate my eyes,
I live with her in mind,
They say, "Livin life is free," I'll have to deny,
'Cause everyday I pay the price,
I wake up feelin’ like last night was a wild car ride,
Welcome to the fast life,
I pop these, watch how the time flies,
Outer-space, black skies lookin' like sci-fi,
But that's only half of me,
That's only half of me, that's one side,
But don't be sad with me,
And don't feel bad for me,
It's alright.
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
Hey, who ever reads this announcement can you plz comment some ideas for poems cause I'm brain dead and haven't been able to think for 4 days. I appreciate it.
Even tho nobody will prolly comment still thx.
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
The saddest thing about being betrayed,
Is that it never comes from your enemies,
It comes from those you trust the most.
Quote of the night #3
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