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Alienpoet May 11
Her heart and soul filled with fire
all she yearns for is desire
never caged in a wire
Her wisdom hidden
from prying eyes
The patterns she has given us
a sequence
Her love touches our lives with frequency
yet we haven’t seen her for what she is
her love hisses and fizzes
like a chemical reaction
Yet her divine spark lights the dark in an interaction.
Paul NP Dec 2021
In the group that I come from, where philosophers comprise. Virtue, ethics and values they wrestle or oblige. One thing is missing and thats the truth in definition. From where philia itself is all about friendship.
Friends in wisdom, might just be empathy. Compassion hey, its truly a victory.

Whether Sophia or Nikea, it shouldn't really matter. Put them together and the robes will never tatter. Lest apart, were back to the start where this cute mythology loses its heart.

Yo, The Gods and Goddesses are just virtues. Principles of importance marked as divine. Personified and glorified to keep the spirit alive, thats just how they emphasized. Thats just how they empathized.
Alienpoet Mar 2021
When we look to the future
let’s remind ourselves that the sun
shines all the time for everyone
and in making dreams
with possibilities
we distill hope
and our faith carries us on
even if like a candles it flickers
we will relight the flame
because we know love is the Holy Spirit’s
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
My light is slowly fading,
I don't know what to do,
Everybody hates me ,
But its ok cause I hate everything,
Except for you.
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
I found my home,
Away from strife,
I found my place,
That is pure light,
I found my angel,
That fell from above,
But I might have found,
That you are my love.
I don't care if I'm bein cheesy IDGAF

for Sophia
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Signed and dated that pink vacation form
Slipped under that dark locked door
Standing in the hall watching
Shouted “You know she doesn’t work here anymore?”
Searched for someone with the key
Solution found and paper retrieved
Stated “Me standing there was fated.
Should you miss with not a soul knowing
Spells trouble, it could of been ugly
Saved you I did. I tell you its fate.”
Staring me down those blue eyes glimmered
“Sophia is my name.” left your lips.
Stammered back “My guardian angel, thank you.”
“See you around.” you said disappearing through the door
Softly whispering “If it's up to fate.”

Sloshing around in my head that lovey name
****** on the memory of your features
Scribbled down these intoxicated words
Stuck on that whisper “If it's fated.”
Stimulated I have never felt at this place
Searching always for that lovely face
Stars aligned on a late office night
Smile so lustrous so euphoric
Struck my ears with a voice so fine
“Seems as if fate has us in her grasp once again.”
She did, that beautiful fate, I will never forget
Sharing our stories
Swapping our laughs
Sobbing about ennui

Springing up with newfound courage
Stuttered “Do you want to go get lunch tomorrow?”
Started a new chapter in this book
Showing up to work now a new joy
Sitting in the office chair, usually in despair
Swiveling around, thinking of your name
Syllables echoing
Sweet Sophia.
Gaye Jan 2018
I don't remember when I first read Sophie's World, today I sit and write about Sophie's world hoping someday someone is gonna read it too.

We live alongside her, well, I live in the third world and we hardly know anything about it. However its a reality, and I see myself like the Italian grandmother who appeared on my computer screen this morning trying to make a conversation with 'goo-goo'. I am just being another 'cucumber with anxiety'.

Hey goo-goo, okay goo-goo, play Mary did you know!
"..this child that you delivered, will soon deliver you"
Alienpoet Jul 2016
I nestle in the room of your heart
I will rise again and again
You are my protector
My swollen eyes create many tears
My mind forms many fears
You coax them out of my soul
and burn them to dust
You have wise eyes open for me
A smile that grasps my heart
Beauty that flowers and blossoms
In your garden I take in all you have shown me
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