Nina Nguyen Dec 5
Please don’t leave me
My heartstrings crave for your presence
Theyve latched on and won’t let go
And if you go they might break
They might rip from my heart
They might unravel into shreds
And tie me up by the neck
Please don’t leave me
Because I know my heart will follow
And if it’s gets lost
It can’t come back
Then I’ll still be here
In the dark, broken, empty, and alone
And no matter how furious my water falls flow
They will never fill the deep hole
Please don’t leave me
I need you
You are the air in my lungs in and out
But if you leave
You’ll take my breath away
And I’ll be speechless
I can’t even scream your name
Please don’t leave me
Don’t leave me all alone again
Nina Nguyen Nov 29
44 ways that you have lied
44 reasons why I cry
44 ways of suicide
44 reasons I wanna die

44 months full of hate
44 tears falling down my face
44 apologies way too late
44 times you cursed my fate

44 calls never received
44 times I told you to leave
44 occasions you said you loved me
44 chances I couldn’t see

44 ways I’m messed up in the brain
44 moments I went insane
44 times you tried in vain
44 ways I caused my own pain
Nina Nguyen Nov 15
I don’t care if I’m in second place
I just want to see your face everyday
I don’t care if I’m your lover
As long as we care about each other
I’ll be okay
I don’t need you to kiss me
I just want you to miss me
In some way
I  want to be in your life
Even if it means I’m not your wife
It’s okay if we’re just friends
I just don’t want our kinship to end
Nina Nguyen Nov 15
I thought I was dark and brooding
But it turns out I was just an angsty student
Now I’m cute and innocent
They say I’m just like a saint

Thought I was the devil
But it turns out I’m the angel
Because I help and heal
Instead of hurt and strangle

I thought I needed help
I guess I’m not who I used to think
Thought I needed to fix myself
But it turns out I’m the shrink
Nina Nguyen Nov 14
At dawn the sun rises
It cascades it’s bright warmth upon the earth
It lights up the land
And shines a bright glow
Over the crystal mountain peaks
At dawn life starts
Nightmares end
Eyes open to the wonders of the world
New beginnings and potential take place
At dusk
It sets
What’s been done today stays
It can’t change anymore
Hopes and dreams fall with the sun
Lives have ended today
Thousands of minds have dimmed down and darkened
At dusk my eyes awaken
And I’m the only one left to see the horrors of the night
Nina Nguyen Nov 11
In a sea of red roses
I see one that is dark
Covered in thorns
Yet I feel a spark

It’s been struck down by lightning
But it still stands tall
No matter what it goes against
I don’t think it’ll ever fall

I see this dark rose
A little isolated
I start reaching for the petals
But I know my heartbreak is fated

Because as I reach closer
Preparing for the thorns
I never reach the flower
And I know I’ve been scorned
Nina Nguyen Nov 7
I can't wait until tomorrow
Tomorrow my troubles go away
Tomorrow I'll have fun and play
Tomorrow my happiness will stay

I can't wait until tomorrow
Tomorrow it won't rain
Tomorrow there's no pain
Tomorrow I'll be sane

I can't wait until tomorrow
But I have to
Because tomorrow will never come through
The present is chasing me
And tomorrow must run too
I CAN'T wait until tomorrow
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