I start the day happy
My head in the clouds
But then I realize
My feet still touch the ground

I float in the ocean
Looking for my missing link
But my empty heavy heart
Slowly makes me sink

Now I’m here at the core
Where I’m caught in a storm
Wondering why I have to be
In this distraught form

I make it to the other side
Admiring the stars
I've burnt out and exploded
You can tell by my scars

No matter how much light I devour
Darkness takes over in a matter of hours
Then I end up feeling empty
Cause there’s a black hole inside me
If my depression hits
The darkest depth
Then I’ll be in the Mariana Trench
If my happiness gets to the top
Then I have climbed Mount Everest
And there’s no sign of stop
If you spark my fire, there’s nowhere to go
I’m at the boiling point
I’ll  erupt like a volcano
My personality’s never what it seems
I’m sad and I’m  happy
And everything between
I’m hit by emotion
No matter what road I take
I’ve got too many feelings and there is no escape
Nina Nguyen Oct 2
My fair lady
I hope you won’t hate me
But something about you
Has caught my eye lately

Even if I am broken
I’ll travel for miles
And will not have spoken
Til I see your sweet smile

My fair lady
It’s my heart that you keep
Beating quite loudly
So you’ll hear from the streets

Your eyes like sunshine
Your honey lips
I must save my money
For your golden kiss

My fair lady
I hope you feel the same
If I don’t have your warmth
I’d drown in my rain
Nina Nguyen Oct 2
My masked dark knight
How you make my heart flutter
Your piercing blue eyes
Cut through me like butter

Even though we are separated
Through the unfair hierarchy
My love calls out for you
Though always  silently

My masked dark knight
Everyone loves your light
But your friends are like shadows
Who leave you at night

I’ll be your light
To save you from the dark
But I can only shine
If you give me a spark

I’ve seen your oceans
Your thoughts so deep
I dare not share my feelings
So this burden I keep

My masked dark knight
I will leave you alone
I think you won’t like me
So I wrote you a poem
Nina Nguyen Sep 30
Some days I am invisible
Some days I am seen
Some days my friends don’t notice me
And some days they are mean

Some days people look at me
When I say something weird
Some days they don’t listen
And some days they don’t hear

Some days people judge me
On everything I wear
Some days they don’t look
Because they don’t even care

Some days people say
That I need mental help
But I bet that they won’t stress
After I’ve killed myself
So if you’ve noticed that I’ve been writing a lot of suicidal poems lately, don’t worry. They are not about me and I don’t personally feel those things. But I have many friends that do so I write these poems to try and understand what their thought process is. I am completely fine.
Nina Nguyen Sep 27
You say your heart is numb
Because there’s no desire
But mine is not the same
It is filled with fire

I feel every little spark
When you poke and **** my heart
When I am faced with hate
My mind is set ablaze

Your rivers are frozen and dry
But mine are flowing through my windows
It doesn’t mean you don’t cry
But I have soaked my pillows

Your empty desert eyes
Are different from this ocean of mine
But neither one matters
Because we both wave bye from inside
Nina Nguyen Sep 14
Goodnight lover
Goodnight mother
Goodnight father
Goodnight brother
Goodnight goodnight
Goodnight friends
This may be the end
Goodnight it’s time to sever
All of our ties
Goodnight maybe forever
And Goodbye
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