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Nina Nguyen May 22
The North Star
In the darkest place
She’s the brightest light
She’ll forever lead you right
Always a beautiful diamond in the night

The North Star
Forever inspiring the greatest minds
Though fierce through rule
She’s kind and cool
You say one insult, I say “LETS DUEL!”

The North Star
You could say
She’s the center of the universe
But she some how seems to put us first
And if she’s gone my heart will burst

The North Star
If she disappears
This universe of poetry will die
Many hearts you’ll hear will cry
With the pain of saying goodbye

The North Star
What can I say I want her to stay
But there so much that she’s taught me
She must teach others to use their wings
Well miss you, Miss C the straight up G
She’s definitely my favorite star
This poem is a tribute to my favorite teacher in the entire world who taught me this amazing world of poetry. She’s leaving us to teach others and I’m really glad I got to know and be taught by her. Thank you Miss C, I’ll miss you.
Nina Nguyen May 8
Inspiration is fluid
It’s water at the bottom Of a well
Waiting to be lifted up
And be used

Inspiration is magma
Flowing slowly
Building up inside a volcano
Ready to erupt

Inspiration is a book
Thousands of words waiting
To be opened

Inspiration is the snow
You stand to watch it come down
You watch it fall and melt away
It only stays in the dead cold of winter

Inspiration is the flowers
Blooming brightly
Sweet scents spreading
And dying in the frost

Inspiration is the fruit
The perfect apple on a tree
Somehow growing atop a mountain
And unreachable to thee

Inspiration is my head
Speeding 100 miles and hour
So fast my hands can keep up and those words zoom by
It’s seems inspiration isn’t my friend
But inspiration is me
Nina Nguyen Apr 17
This little pencil in my pocket
Can write up a whole world
I can create a little rocket
And across the galaxy it twirls

It has many emotions
Though it’s a little bit compact
But from heart to lead to paper
These emotions flow out fast

From this four inch little tool
Comes out an infinite amount of words
They can be warm they can be cool
But each one should be heard
Nina Nguyen Apr 3
Hands, toes, and feet
All covered in dirt
The dirt you pile on and on
I can’t breathe

I feel cold
No more life in my bones
No more depth in my soul
No more spring I’m too old

I’m tired and heavy
Too weak to carry my weight
I falter and fall
My heart is too weak to wait

And you don’t help
You’re the one
Who hands me the stones
Of which I build my own grave

But you don’t hand them
You never gave me a helping hand
Instead you threw the stones
Piling them on and on
So painful I don’t want to breathe

My head pounds
With all the sounds
And all the shouts
That you pelt me with
The weight of your words are piled on and on

You bury me in hate
In depression
Dirt, stone, and word
You pile them on and on
Until I’m gone
Nina Nguyen Apr 3
I’m a gardener
But I don’t grow things
I fix them
All the weeping willows that come to me

I glue back together
All the roses that have been ripped
I water all the sunflower that are wilting
With praise and kindness

I fertilize all of the bluebells
With my own rotten experience
I feed all the flytraps
With my soaring sprit

Or with what was my soaring spirit
For what I didn’t know
Was that I was sparing all my sunlight
All my praise and love

My soaring spirit ripped to shreds and given out as rations
All of my rotten experience and infected wounds
Torn open to sting again

Everyone else came first
Because I labeled myself as last place
I had wrung myself dry to water others
No more strength to process the sunlight everyone gave me
The fake sunlight everyone gave me

But still I gave away the last parts of me
And when I asked if they could spare a little              A little of what they made from what I gave them
I realized that I was surrounded by weeds
Nina Nguyen Mar 9
Stuck to the sand
Can’t lift my feet
Lost on this land
Can’t ever leave

I can’t escape
I’m tied and tethered

The wild ocean tide
It’s taunting me
It goes on for miles
Just wild and free

Like waves of people
The ocean says hi
Then crashes down on me
And leaves with no goodbye

I’m stuck to the sand
I’m trapped on the beach
The rest of the world
Is too out of reach
Nina Nguyen Mar 9
I’m inside this little barricade
Protecting me from all of hate
My image a little distorted
Inside I’m a little contorted

The fragile shield that I put up
Can only hold back so much
Sharp tongues and sharp knives
Could expose what’s  inside
All the insecurities I try to hide
The things over which I have cried

They could come out any second
And those on the outside would see the wreckage
Their claws ready to tear me to shreds
My damaged mind from things they’ve said

Their icy hearts so hard and cold
My shattered bubble no longer holds
What’s the point of all this trouble
When icy hearts will pop your bubble
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