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Terry Sep 2022
Three simple words yet can be very complex.

Words that can make you feel safe and scare you to death.

Words that can provide new beginnings but are said in the end.

Words that make you the happiest you have ever been but totally destroy your life.

Words that can last forever or end in the blink of an eye.

Words that mean everything to some and nothing to others.

Words that are easily said yet we don’t say them enough.

Words that I should of told her but I never did.
Terry Sep 2022
Her memory is the most painful thing I willingly endure because the thought of forgetting is even worse.
Terry Sep 2022
She was amazing and so much fun to be around. I will tell her tomorrow.

She made my day better and saved me from myself. I will thank her tomorrow.

She is the light of my life and keeps me going. I will share with her tomorrow.

She looked amazing tonight and was the star of the evening. I will compliment her tomorrow.

I love her dearly and she is my world. I will let her know tomorrow.

Life got hard and took a turn for the worst. I took it out on her. I will apologize to her tomorrow.

As my life took a dark turn I continued to push her away. I will show her how I really feel tomorrow.

I let my demons take over and I was really nasty to her. I will make it up to her tomorrow.

She is beginning to become cold and distant. She means everything to me and I can’t loose her. I will let her know tomorrow.

She is finally gone. Maybe if I beg for forgiveness and try and change I can win her back. I will work on that tomorrow.

I miss her so bad. I constantly look at my phone hoping for a message. Maybe I will get one tomorrow.
Terry Aug 2022
I love pretty little things.

And she was a beauty.

Her smile could light my darkness and  Her love drove my demons away.

I promised her the world even though I had none of it to give.

I took and took from her and in return I gave her all the love I had which wasn’t enough.

Her love was devoured by my appetite and my demons began to returned. Eventually her smile grew dim.

In time the darkness returned and she no longer had the strength to stay. I had no strength to keep her.

Now I am haunted by her memory and alone. My demons keep me company as they gleefully dance with my misery.  

I keep watch of her from afar. She has met another and began to blossom as her beauty and smile has returned. She is happy now.

As I watch her it torments me now as she is a beautiful star dazzling in the sky so close yet so far from my reach.

I love pretty little things……
Terry Mar 2021
She was an angel that came to me despite  my demons.......
Her presence mended my loneliness
Her beauty masked my ugliness
Her light shined through my darkness
Her passion thawed my cold heart
Her touch cured my pain
Her happiness removed my misery
Her love soothed my hate
Our moment was fleeting, now she is gone
Her absence is my death..........
Terry Oct 2020
Life is a dark cold misery with fleeting moments of beautiful passion........
Terry Oct 2020
Your love is a beautiful chaos that has driven me to the depths of insanity.
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