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Peanut May 2022
How I wish I could be that very same guy.
Lying beside with my one true love.
Holding each other's hand.
While sleeping under the blissful night sky.
As we sat on this very same tree.
The stars fall down oh so gently.
Giving us a sense of fulfillment and content.
When we realized.
She and I is all we need.
glad my account is still here. i'll visit this site from time to time :)
Peanut Mar 2021
I ride tonight in a dreamland express
A new world awaits as I lay motionless
Rejoice myself!, because the road is painless
If I smile while I sleep, my face would be priceless
I miss writing poems
Peanut Jun 2019
a Memory of the love you lost
sAd yet hopeful
Because maybe one day
you will gain It back
her nickname is MAI, gosh I wish we can meet again someday
Peanut Mar 2019
Every night, we sat
Beneath this tree
Chatting, giggling, admiring what we see
And then, you stopped and whisper

"Do you hear it?" you said
"The sounds of our doubts being chased away"
"Which is why I love to stare at them"
"Those pesky fireflies, you used to hate"

I was dumbfounded, confused at first
But then you moved closer, and raised your hand
You pointed at something, it sparkles here and there

"Do you see them" you said
"The stars, it talks to me"
"They tell me stories, the ones you used hate"
"Soon I'll join them, so find me there okay?"

I clenched my fist,
my eyes are blurry
Our promise was broken,
but do you need to hurry?

You smiled at me,
                                     With those puppy dog eyes
I wanted to swear,
                                     As they rob us of our time

Slowly you faded,
                             Vanishing through the mist
                                                            ­             I wanted to say something
But it was already ending

So every night, I sat
Beneath this tree
Looking upwards, with head held high
Hoping to find you
Under this lustful sky
Sorry, it took me so long, but here I am, will still try to write something from time to time :)
Peanut Sep 2016
Don't stray afar.
like a far away star.
But don't come too close.
Or my heart shall froze.

I need you by my side.
O'blessed entity in the sky.
We're Yin and Yang, you and I.
We work so well, I really don't know why.

I scratch yours, You scratch mine,
Its basically Nature by design.

Is it fine?
To make you mine?
Surely we'll shine.
Such heavenly divine.

Oh what a pleasure!
This Symbiotic behavior!
Two beings love one another
Peanut Jul 2016
Your Scent Reminds Me Of Someone I Used To Hate
Out of the blue I remember that scent.
  Jun 2016 Peanut
Javier Garza
Has lost its way
Forgotten what it meant to live
Greed rules the lands
Hate divides
And ignorance shackles

Has began to die
Corruption reigns with an iron fist
Can't seem to find the light amongst the fog of evil
To give power to those that would lead to healing

It means we'll all rot
To be herded by the lies of the media
Beauty is the only way
Thin is beauty
Shallow is beauty
Fraud is beauty
To be separated by outdated prejudice
Gays are sinners
White is the true superior race
Money can buy anything,
Even love
To be set on a road of self destruction
Poverty is for the lower class
Intelligence is for the weak
Individuality is for the outcasts

Has forgotten what it means to be human
To find the balance
Love without fear
Fight the injustice for freedom of thought,
Freedom to be unique,
Freedom to live,
To live with a purpose

A purpose
That's what Humanity has lost
Humanity just keeps worsening and soon, it'll cease to even know what it means to be human.
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