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War is a complete mayhem
The holistic session of war is mayhem
No victory emerges in war
A party defeated today
Would retaliate tomorrow
Therefore, no victory emerges during and after a war
War is a complete mayhem
No conflict between parties is harmonious
Orphants, widowers, fill the society after a war
Depression, hunger, fill the society after a war
Taste, hatred, fill the hearts of men after a war
The elimination of fathers and kinsmen
Lack of hope begins the hope of mayhem
Nevertheless, no form of hope during the mayhem
You killed your enemies doesn't mean ending their generation
I won't tolerate you
You won't tolerate me
The beginning of the conflict
Tolerance doesn't mean weakness and lack of hurt
Tolerance means the everlasting accommodation of challenges
Don't begin War because it's not the answer your people want
Your children need a future
Your nation needs a future
Your wife needs you and the world you can build together
Don't start what can't be completed
Love, tolerance, deliberation and conformity is the answer
Distraction is war and likewise
  Jun 2015 Abubakari Yushawu
It's summer
whenever I close my eyes
and you and I
are together
drinking tea
looking at
each other

Because we're together
it's hard to believe we can actually...
and even kiss each other
after all this time

We're quiet
smiling and crying
because we're trying to comprehend
this miracle
of you and me
face to face
I met you first in the light
on that very night
I look into your bright
eyes and I felt great
so I fell in love from that sight
and went to bed that night

I had an option to tell you the truth
but decided to shut my mouth
because I feel it was still at youth
to speak such unusual truth

which could be so disgraceful to my personality

short awhile I fell to sleep
In my sleep, I bleed the pain
of unsaid feeling
thinking of seeing her again
so I can pasture her like a sheep
following the awe to ascertain
and satisfy its feeling

she was a passer-by
so not certain I will meet her again
but the feeling I can't say to anybody in vain
because it's her I feel this for
cowardliness is an awkwardness
I never knew
how I grew
to be a man like myself

but it is strange
I feel something strange
which is very strong
for me to keep alone

I want to tell her
what I am feeling
so she can listen
to my feeling for her

sometimes I feel I should please another
person in front of her
to prove I can be good to her
so that she can stand smile on her
face to give me the opportunity
to say the feeling I have for her

She doesn't seem to give me the chance
to express  my responses
in the form of dance
to my strange feeling which is not just a chance
but certain to enhance

no reason for my feeling
she isn't so beautiful or magnificent
neither is she so good nor excellent
in character or abandonment
of treason

but my feelings get stronger when I think of her this way

when I close my eyes to resist her
I think about her more
When I think I should tell her
my feeling -  the more
I get anxious to face her

what is this feeling that tells me
my existent is meaningless
without her?
What is this feeling that tells me
to sacrifice my life for her?
What is this feeling that tells me
to protect her all my life?
What is this feeling that tells me
to be with her all my life?

I think I am going crazy
My name is not romantic
neither is it fantastic
I am in the midst of men
commanding all human

I caused  man a lot
Many suffer because of me
Others die because of me
Nothing Can be done without me
Everything is done by me

I break the chain of unity
Mean couples divorce because of my absence
When my voice speaks
it shuts all the mouths of truth

Those who have me in abundance
Turns to command respect and prestige
from those who search for me with courage
without knowing I disappoint the trust of a man

My searchers are my manufacturers
my lovers are those I lynched silently
I pray people don't recognize my inner self
because I am toxic and made from that
which I am

Am I not like the light?
makes the path clear in the dark
for all human to follow
I can't forget myself that
All that glitters not gold

It would have been better for man
to search for love and wisdom
than wasting precious time
killing and dying for me

I am only a deceiver of souls
making them believe my absence is a curse
so they can hurt and hate to purify  their souls
but it is difficult to wake up the person not sleeping

How I hate those who handle me with their conscience
Helping others to recognize they can be happy without me
How I hate those who think I am not all about the world
Making others not to value me

I am the only voice of the world and
I am the only killer of the body and soul
you will keep on waiting for 24 hours
thinking of coming tomorrow
but remember almost doesn't count
expectations are driven for tomorrow
does it really means to count
seconds, minute or hours
to see tomorrow?

Is this tomorrow a day?
or is just a time being?
maybe today is tomorrow
for the first person
who lived life yesterday

could this tomorrow be an era
coming or just a moment approaching
human and nature
that brings about strange hour

tomorrow never comes
because tomorrow is not moving
rather it is at stationary like a spoiled bus
parked at the station
waiting for travelers to join.

don't move towards tomorrow
because it has arrows
which portrays the eyebrow
sticking above the eye
like the sky above the earth

the sky is our limit
the destiny of a man cannot go beyond it
tomorrow is the limit of your lives
hours count for lives but doesn't count for tomorrow

Worker count on their wages and salaries
because the month is at the tail end
thinking of the amount to be wealth by
forgetting the approached tomorrow
which spelled the destiny of man and nature

your tomorrow is waiting for you
don't hesitate to approached it
because it is your destiny
and not your enemy

your tomorrow is waiting for you
don't be proud to approached it
because it is your troubles
and not your friend

prepared your luggage today
and move towards tomorrow
because the time tomorrow
is waiting for you

your today
determines your tomorrow
that never comes
tomorrow is an illusion and never existed
I seem to think of nothing
I don't understand anything
without you letting
me, to pursue it

meeting you has completely
changed the way I see issues
that confronts my life
you are my last resort
solution of the issues
that borders my life

I seem to think of nothing
only you I can imagine
when I am seated focusing
how to approach events of life

meeting you is a blessing
when nature calls or sings
I hear your name in the air
Birds are not exempted
from singing
your beautiful personality
to the natural air

I seem to feel nothing
only what you told me
guides my feeling
and actions to the right step

though we've not met in person
you are  always
in me as a person
who gives me alternative ways
of becoming a good person

I thank God for what I feel within me
and appreciate your effort for me
helping me to reason like a human
not just childish I use to have in me
like a pet living as a human

You are a great person I can ever
think to have in my life
jump I jump
smile I smile
frown I console you
because I owe you
happiness and consolations
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