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He stares at me
Yet he avoids me
I wonder if he's toying with me

He hides himself from me
I think he's afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve
I want to break down the walls he built  

He tells me that I'm changing
And that he doesn't like it

He doesn't know that when he says things like that he makes my skin jump from my bones

I think I love him
But the way my body rejects him
I'm unsure

I think I want to love him
But he won't let me
so I'm stuck in a perpetual state of longing

its like when I finally move on from him
he slithers his way into my conscious
and makes himself at home
the worst part is I can't make him leave
I want him to stay because he feels like home

With him my heart dies
and my body shuts down

He says he loves me
And I go back every **** time.
I'm learning
That life isn't simple
It's complex

I'm learning
That smiling can cure a wounded heart

I'm learning
That it's okay for people to touch you
It's okay to need a hug
It's okay to not cry alone

I'm learning
That it's normal to take a day to relax
It's easier to focus when you have a clear mind

I'm learning
That sometimes the person you love
Can't love you back

I'm learning
That it's okay to let go
its okay to say goodbye

Im learning
How to be patient
Good things will come
Glass tears cut open my cheeks
When he kissed my forehead and told me goodbye

I was lost in a moment of hesitation
When He pressed his face against my back
and exhaled
In that moment
I felt the warmth of his soul
Encroach on my back like a slow mist enveloping me

He spoke softly
But his words were loud enough to resonate within my chest and trigger my tear ducts in a way that made them explode from the pressure of loving him too much

He said it wasn't over
But the way the moon spread it's silver light over us made me feel like I was being laid to rest

The low humming of love
Ceased to exist
And my chest went hollow
In the silence
In the absence of love
In the void of empty promises
My head was filled with thoughts of love, lust, and anger

You tore me apart like fabric and expected me to sew myself together
Well I don't know how to sew
And I've ran out of thread and patience to keep trying
Luis Valencia Sep 15
I realized
That when the sun sets
My heart beats a little louder

The air flowing through my chest becomes compressed
And the blood running through my veins comes to a halt

The night cues my brain to start thinking
And my heart to stand still
And my feet to stay planted

Trees grow from the ground
And bind me
The words written in their roots
Reflect the inaudible truth of my life

The truth

The truth is I'm tired of living life alone
I'm tired of ruining a moment with my tongue
I'm tired of breathing in stale air
I'm tired of watching life pass me by

I'm tired of not knowing who I am

I'm too tired to figure it out

The truth is
Everything beautiful ceases to exist
When you're too **** tired to see it
Luis Valencia Aug 15
Here I am again
Alone in the stillness of night
A group of Fluorescent bulbs light the pavement below me
I feel the clawing urge to run in my bones

The dimly lit town seems to be a reflection of my existence
And perhaps maybe not even a reflection
But a bad omen foreshadowing what’s to come

I stand there alone
Watching as the darkness wisps around me
Latching onto my body with cold hands
Whispering promises of release from a cold and cruel world that knows all of my weaknesses

I'm ready to die
Death is ready to take me
I stand in the belly of the beast
Luis Valencia Jul 23
The universe kisses my palms
And lays it's stars inside of me
The universe saves me by
Planting orbs of warm light
In my chest

In the night
gentle beams of hope
Radiate through my skin
Like Fireflies
And lure the darkness away from my lover

The light guides him
Into my arms
Where he is safe
And will never fear the dark again
For when he touches me
The universe will bless him
With the warm light inside of me

He will find his way home
And guide others
How I have guided him
The universe nurtures us
And feeds us the hope we lost
By giving us a light
When the world is dark
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