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Tsammy-D Sep 2013
On  a good day
When my heart smiles
I'll look out the window
I see the sun so bright
And birds in mid-flight
Whilst bonny flowers bloom
I can't help but feel
All in the world is right

On a bad day
As I hold back tears
I'll look out the window
I see rain falling fast
Fading light I know won't last
Till each autumn leaf falls
I can't help but feel
All happiness has passed

But some days as I pull myself up
I'll look out the window
And see a place beyond the hills
Where the world sits calm and still
Somewhere by the sun
And the twinkling night stars
And I can't help but wonder
If there's space for me there
Far away from what I see-
- here
Beyond the glass which divides
My room from unending sky
I sometimes which that I could fly
To what the horizon reveals
I can't help but feel
That place I see is real

Somewhere beyond the window
Tsammy-D Aug 2013
Some call it a talent
I think it a curse
It plagues me as
I write each verse

As each poem's completed
I'm still longing for more
Maybe perfection
Is What I long for

They don't know exactly
How or why
But writing is how
I've learnt to get by

I'm writing and working
Till my criteria is met
And with each word I write
I learn to forget
Tsammy-D Aug 2013
Hope is the sunshine
After the rain
The eventual possibility
Of smiling again

It's knowing that after
Pain, hurt and sorrow
You'll get a change
To fix it tomorrow

Hope is the sentences
Circling your mind
Believing one day you'll get back
What you left behind

And in the midst of the night
When you're sure you can't cope
Each twinkling star
Seems to scream HOPE

'Cause Hope Is
Tsammy-D May 2013
So this poems a little different from my others
It's less about the world and more about me
So can I borrow the spotlight
Just for a moment

I love everything cold
from ice cream to icicles
And heart chilling winters
Summer mainly makes me ill

I've never liked crowds
I feel as though I fade away in them
I suddenly lose my individuality
As I try my hardest to 'fit in'

Poetry is more than an escape from life
It does something better
To my surprise no matter how much I smash my life  up
Poetry puts it all back together

And so that's it from me
I hope that maybe you've realised
That me and you aren't really all that different
As strange as we both may seem x
Tsammy-D Apr 2013
I'm tired of being sad
I'm tired of pessimistic views clouding my mind
Of dreams imploding
Of hopes simply fading
And wishes falling with their stars

I'm tired of being weighed down
Always heavy hearted
Of fake smiles
And empty echoing laughs
And tears falling in the darkness

I'm so tired of wasting life
And frittering my hours away
As though tomorrow is promised
As though I have forever
as though life is infinite

I  tired of letting people go
Of endless goodbyes
Of unwelcoming hellos
And the tell tale marks beneath my eyes

I think it's time for a change
Tsammy-D Apr 2013
I look up and see them
Your two big brown eyes looking down at me
Why do I feel like they are searching me
As you ask that cliched question
'How are you'

You're reaching a hand down
I want to grab it
But I know too much
If you pull me up
I'll only fall back down

I trust you
But I can't
Take your hand
You'll drop me
I'm scared

Please just hold me
Can't you hear me
Please console me
Please just stay

Don't believe me
I don't mean it
Please don't leave me
'Im ok'
Tsammy-D Jan 2013
I can only afford glances
Swift and riskless
You can't see me
And you can't know

Each detail of you
Means more to me
Than you will ever understand
But I won't tell you

Am I a coward, for
Knowing my limits
Knowing we would never work
Knowing you'll never love me

I try to turn away
But I can't
You're too close
You're too far away

With a turn of your head
You catch me
I'm frozen as you smile
A confused smile

Do you think me psychopathic
Your smile is dramatic
And slightly empathetic
Do you already know

I'll promise myself to keep away
But you're magnetic
If only you loved me
If only you loved me
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