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Awake on that morning not dressed in costume but with the words of evil.
Take your wildest fantasy and throw it in the flame of dark,
Flying out of control like the soul of a raven and crow.
Guard the gate with your boiled nose and cheeks and your poison tipped fangs,
Show them that you are worthy and belong.

Live through that day not decorating but hiding away from the light and natural.
Burrow your soul under spells or wooden floors and allow him to borrow it,
Let the smoke inhale you for a change.
When you feel the melted wax seep into your skin,
Prepare for the hardened struggle and clench Death when you can.

Flourish through that night with the bristled fur flowing down your spine,
With those wretched wings stretching out of your mutated bones and mangled skin.
Collecting candy through the sugared blood in your victims,
You find your own Heaven before you descend to Hell.
Dig the dirt beneath you with your curled claws and let your inner Demon howl for all the times you made Them feel pain.
Your mind was small, innocent,
And you rested your head against a mothers red breast
During the dark and cold Winter nights.
The pure feeling of protection was all you could ever feel,
Oh, how you would change.

You slightly knew what "love" was and had the unhealthy desire
For a red rose to bring your grey and soul-less eyes to tears.
You were wrong and failed to see the good things you already had
And decided to push them away, because you were never taught
How to notice.

Memories lurk, especially those of his forbidden silver lust for you
That would result in your red blushing cheeks.
You both have a deep hatred for that.
He lied, forced, and sickened you, so much to the point
That he stole your happiness.

And, today, you have learnt to constantly be aware of things
Which is now called, your friend, Paranoia.
Learn to live with him, though,
For he is just a reminder that all this time
All you wanted was a warm red hand
To perfectly hold your to-be flourishing, only presently sooty lifeless ashes.
Brianne Rose Jun 17
"Stay with me, please. You don't need to go!"
"You know I can't - "
" - Can't? or won't?"
"...fine,then leave. It's what you're best at after all."
A car door slams, an engine sputters to life, tires crunch over gravel, and red tail lights light up a lone man standing on his porch.
" - Please just - "
"I said no! You know I can't stay! Why?! Why do you always have to ask?!"
"Look at you! scars, fresh bruises, you flinch every time I raise my hand."
"Please, just - "
"Just. Stop. I can't"
"Can't? or..."
Again a car door slams, again an engine starts, and again tires crunch over gravel, and once more red tail lights shine upon a man standing on a porch.
"Please, please, stay with me! please! nonononono, don't close your eyes! STAY WITH ME"
"no, please! please don't go...."
A pulse stops, a last breath has been breathed, lungs no longer struggling to keep functioning. A hand falls limp, gray eyes staring at a man on his porch, as red and blue lights bathe him and the still body laying there in his lap. He hears the sound of the sirens, ambulance and police vehicles alike as they pull up the drive.
It's too late
A car door shuts, tires crunch over gravel, and red tail lights shine upon a man dressed in all black standing at the gates of a graveyard.
He enters.
He pays his respects but before he leaves he swears he hears her voice,
"Please....stay - "
" - with me", he finishes softly, he turns to a headstone - marble per the request - and looks at the name carved on it.
"I can't, you know I can't", he then turns and walks away leaving the stone behind.
A figure appears in front of it and watches him leave,
There is no response.
Lilly Lunaeras
DOB: 1/1/96
DOD: 1/1/2018
"This star may have fallen, but it forever remains up in the heavens above.shining with all the other fallen stars"
random write i did a while back, figured i should get to posting my works again.
Brianne Rose Mar 13
Across Hyrule he shall roam,
After Navi finds him and gives him his cue,
He shall visit Ranches, Castles, Villages, even a Tomb,
While wandering new garb he'll find - Wearin Green, Red, and even Blue.

This man - too old, too pure - rages at almost every turn,
Throwing controllers and yelling loud,
Cursing as he watches his stream crash and burn,
Not caring yet always aware if he's doing so in front of a crowd.

A streamer true,
A rager pure,
Old Man Skip is a runner for you,
Plays it once, plays it twice, but he'll play it for sure.

His highs and lows are far yet few,
Good days, bad days every day in-between,
He still greets everyone with smile weather old or new,
Stick around a while tell what you've seen.

Wave a hello, say a good-bye,
But always know:
Heroes are forever remembered - but Legends?
Legends Never Die
Made this for a good friend of mine :D feel free to comment
  May 2018 Brianne Rose
Sally A Bayan
Nothing...had enchanted me more,
than that big yellow rose...
bright, stunning at the tip of its tall stem,
soft petals.....yet to fully unfurl,
its inner part...a soothing light shaded swirl...
i sniffed a bit of its fragrance,
and felt its softness...but,
i got pricked by a hidden thorn,
just a tiny puncture...yet,
my finger bled so much...
i walked on through the garden,
...with my pricked finger inside my mouth,
i was amazed by other flowers, more colorful ones,
but, the yellow, pink, red roses outshone them all...
with care this time, i touched a  big pink,
slowly.........and, again, i didn't see,
another thorn was in the way
it was more painful
it bled even more...
i stood thinking, while bleeding...
its beauty, its silky feel...its
fragrance that lingers in the mind
would all be difficult to resist,
the pain from the thorns...harder to forget,
but, i'd still want to walk through this vast this life...and seek those roses
feel inspired...over and over
never mind the spikes!
never mind the pain!
love is beautiful like a rose
a rose is beautiful like genuine love,
there are thorns...hindrances and
hurdles, that come with its beauty....yet,
that wonderful feeling of loving,
and being loved, in return,
the wanting, the longing for it,
never dies...the fear of bleeding,
is ignored,
for, what is life without love?
and what is love without pain?
isn't love lovelier...more hopeful
the next time around?
a rose could never be a rose
without its many thorns...


©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
April 11, 2018
Brianne Rose Apr 2018
"Under a Mountain of green and a Sky of blue,
Lived a race trapped behind a Barrier forgotten after so many years,
Slowly their hatred over their predicament only grew,
Lost and Forgotten, Hurt but not Broken, some wept their last tears,

They heard them say, 'It's been four years since an Angel fell',
But the wary Traveler knew not what that meant,
It was up to the race to explain to the Traveler and tell,
Of a Tale long ago Dreamt,

Tale of a sun, and of a world Beyond,
Where two races once lived in Peace,
A world where both races could bond,
Where fighting could stop, where hatred would cease,

The Traveler knew then what to do,
To free these people of their Fear and Hate,
Some wished to help the Traveler, others where hesitant to,
This Traveler - however much they faced - promised there wouldn't be anyone they'd berate,

The Barrier was a force none had broken thus far,
But this Traveler - too kind, too determined - couldn't give up,
This Barrier they broke - an obstacle they hurdled like a highset bar,
The Race rejoiced for now all where free - even Jerry and that Annoying Pup,

This Traveler - who called themselves Frisk - was no more than a child,
Yet a new Ambassador had been set,
They told any and all that the journey had not been hard but mild,
This child was greeted with a smile by whomever they met,

'A new family born,
A past left to rot,
A new treaty sworn,
A kind present this lot!'

This child thought with a smile upon their lips,
As they moved forward with their friends,
A skeleton too smiles as out of sight he blips,
'there will be time later - he thought - for the kiddo and me to make amends'."

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Finally finished it today, phone took longer than I thought to charge so I left it overnight, and again sorry for the dry spell! I honestly dunno when my next will be so just keep those eyes peeled. Enjoy!
Brianne Rose Jun 2017
You'd know him if you saw him,
When he appears out of the air,

He could make you jump without even trying,
With his grin ever there,

If you ever meet him - You'll find him in a tree,
Smiling at everything - He never seems to care,

His body seems to come and go,
His head and smile still seen,

When he vanishes completely it's never for long,
His coat always soft, with a smooth and silky sheen,

That Cheshire cat - A crafty one he is,
He may talk in riddles - And always does he preen,

The cat that can best even the greatest Magicians each and every time,
Helps as he pleases and watches without a care for never a nickel or dime.
Third in the Wonderland Themed Poems.  Had these three sitting for a short while so I decided to type them up finally.
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