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Zaraeea Mar 2021
The first time it is said it's with cold acceptance as she walks away,
The second with unrivaled hate as she makes his blood flood the room,
The third and final time is with a mournful cry by an enemy as she takes her final breaths,
You could have been so much better
Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
Straight from the ashes that burned bright and cold
I’ve risen to the chaos that spawned that day,
My wish upon the stars rising bright and be folds
For the future I've seen will never fade away.
Monsters and enemies swarmed us like black fireflies
As we were stuck within the blazing sun,
Hearing the siren that came from upon the bright sky
We proceed to escape, watching soldiers run.
What yet lies beyond the naked eye’s truth
Will be swift, merciless and sharp,
All the friends I've made within my youth
Has betrayed me, leaving me in the dark.
Heed my request young warrior of the night
Don't be scared or stunned for even a second,
Draw your blade and face against the blight
And rise to the top with soldiers beckoned.
For a fraction of a heartbeat I come to my faith
As the eight maidens sing in unison within the cold,
Reaching out from the darkness of the void, I hesitate
As my lost story begins to shift and unfold.
And as the tainted leaves start to descend and be rotten
Deep within me, an energy comes out untold,
I am the protector of the withered and fallen
I am the true commander of my soul.
StormriderIX Apr 2020
A river of lies
Cast aside my past
Cast aside my fears
Roll the dice

Hide my own self
Drown all her dreams
Drown all her hopes
Shatter the ice

Become her again
When fires dance lively
When frost walks free
Remember their price
Annie Oct 2019
None by all and all by none
I tripped into a cage
That held me back and hidden
From the world unclosing gate
I raged against it’s iron walls
I wedged against it’s *****
I tried to break, to faint, to brawl
But ended on it’s *****

Until a hundred years of seconds
Had flashed past before my eyes
When silently, an echo halled
Down from the other side
It pierced my shell and yanked me
It dragged me through the dark
And nearly teared completely
My endmost hope apart

But after all and none
I breached a new surface
That left me breathe and choking
In a long forgotten space
I catched a glimpse of fire scars
And touched a new domain
That fetched and mesmerized my heart
Into a another kind of chains
Anne B Sep 2018
You look like a wolf
in sheep’s clothing

And yet, you say you
are the dragon

Yet, you make us believe
in your story

You breathe no fire

You only wanted the
castle walls
to protect you
from our glances

If you had opened up
Put away your wolf hide

All could see
how lonely you are

And how wrong our story is

Ann­e H. Bakke  |  02:09  @   29.05.2016
The narrative is all wrong. You are doomed.
meri May 2018
he sits in that diner and he is
two point five decades' worth of emotion
compressed into a single, nervous point:
the relentless tapping
of keratin kissing linoleum.

he hears everything:
fingers curled round coffee cups
money whispering out of wallets
his thoughts clattering around like ice cubes
in the lemonade he asked for.

(his glass sweats, and so does he.)

one down. there's ice on his tongue, melting, and
he's feeling the weight of it
like the boxes crammed into his rattle-trap car,
like a pin pressed into a corkboard map,
like his signature at the bottom of a new lease.

(like a warning, and a hand on his wrist:
"you ain't gonna like it there, anto.")

last sour, pulpy sip as he decides
to pay it no mind and to play it
by ear. even now the distant city bustles
and he'll do ninety on the highway to catch it,
metamorphic in his fragile metal chrysalis.
version 2.0.
Brianne Rose Nov 2015
"Hey Arya, want to go see that new movie that JUST came out? Ya know the one about the *******?"
"Maybe tomorrow Melodric. I'm kinda tired right now, kay?", Arya replies
"oh...okay, Tomorrow then, i'll hold you to that you know!", Melodric replies teasingly
Arya laughs, "Yeah, Yeah, anyway, I'm headed home, night Mel"
"Night Arya, uh, hey, want me to walk you home? i heard that the crime rate has gone up in town recently, Ya never know their next target."
"I'll be fine Mel, go home dufus!"
"ok,ok...See ya Tomorrow"
"yeah, tomorrow"
"That the girl we after?"
"Sure is"
"like the rest?"
"hehehehe...Lets get'r"

"Rain, Rain, go away, plaese don't come back another day!", Arya giggles then freezes as a black van suddnely pulls up beside her and she watches two men quickly hop out and start towards her.
Arya ran
She didn't get far...
The two men grab her as she tries to scream, but one places their hand over her mouth.
She feels the ***** of a needle in her neck.
Her last thought was, 'Mel..Help...Me.'

Melodric checked his watch, "it's 7:00, where is she?"
He had been waiting at the school courtyard for half an hour now for her.
"It's not like her to be late...maybe her alarm never went off?"
A fellow student noticed him sitting on the school steps and says, "Hey Melodric, class is about to start, why aren't you heading in?"
Melodric replies, " I'm waiting for Arya, she hasn't showed up yet...though that's the odd thing, she's never late, ya know anything about that?"
"you mean no one has told you yet?"
"told me what?"
"Arya was found dead laying in a pool of her own blood at 1:00 this morning."
"A...Arya's dead?"
" never knew?"
"n-no...i...we where supposed to watch a movie today. The Newest release. he told me yesterday that Tomorrow was when she'd go with me...and i said...i said that i'd hold her to that."
"She always used to say, 'There's always Tomorrow'...but now...there wont BE a tomorrow..not for her...not anymore..."
"Melodric, hey...i'm...I'm sorry man. Sorry you found out like this, and about Arya, i knew you where close with her."
" 'There's always Tomorrow' I can go mourn tomorrow..right?"
"yeah, tomorrow."

"There's always Tomorrow Melodric!", Arya laughingly said in Melodrics mind
'But sometimes...There's not always a Tomorrow', Melodric replied, 'There'll never be a Tomorrow...Not anymore'
"Dude did you hear the news last night? that kid, uh, melo...dic? no Melodric! He apparently shot himself after leaving a note saying, 'I don't want to spend another Tomorrow without Arya.' how Pathetic is that?"
"C'mon man, chill out. Those two where always hanging around one another, doesn't surprise me he wanted ta be with her. who wouldn't?"
"ya, you're right, hey wanna go see that new movie that came out?"
"Maybe Tomorrow. I'm kinda tired."
"Ok, Tomorrow then. Don't forget!"
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impale olympic skies! their pacific
avarice, turbulence, mai-tai-dyed
oxycontin contradictions pull out
deep convictions to rift meteoric
and fall apart.
happiness apart.
Steve Jong Un Apr 2015
xeroxed, RT'd and plagiarized
so many times on so many blogs
tween blogs to republican blogs
to blogs in Russia and
blogs no one ever scrolls though...
original content is prey
but I have a warning for they:

overrated, over-shared
content aggregators beware
the lines you swap can
rot and ware
the World Wide Web
does not care.

original content
original contests
original continent
original controversy
original coordination between strangers
original calvary riding their connection into the battlefield of internet memes; creating nothing and sharing everything

original nothing, nowhere, nobody except facebook "Funny Vidoes!" & "Cool Quotes!". 'Like' pages whose sole originality lies within their own existence but nothing they share. They steal from the rest of the web and re-post what they find for out-of-the-loop troglodytes; often done so in inferior context and with no perspective. The 'refried beans' phenomenon, I call it. I find it fitting because 'refried beans' are a double misnomer. The name comes from 'frijoles refritos' - which means 'well-fried' not 'refried'. They are also never traditionally fried more than once. Yet the name sticks, it gets repeated, it gets re-shared and now that's what they are: refried beans. This phenomenon is why I believe art and all original content eventually become so over-shared and overrated that it's no longer interesting but irritating. These three parts of the poem "Original Content" are separated in abstract authorial presentation. The author has clearly expressed his dislike for the disjunct un-imagination of the internet and presents it as such.

original authors losing control of their audiences who believe they are the creators and the artist's art is somewhat shareable
original miscommunication between web 1.0 and web 2.0 reality
original alphabet they use to type on their keyboards
original grammar they learned in school
original money their gov't printed
original content they re-post
original refried beans
original content
orginal contet
ogrinal cotent
ognal ctt
No copy pasterino pls
Anne B Jul 2014
No similes
No metaphors
No allegories
No alliteration
No irony
No paradox
No rhythm, and no rhyme
No more stanzas
No more verses
I miss you.

**2 8 . 0 7 . 1 4
It's not pretty. Why should poetry be a lie to that obvious truth? This is the truth; my body aches, and I think that writing will cure it away, forever. It won't. The world is ugly, so we should not cover up the truth.
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