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Syv Elena Jun 4
On the bed of the river
Is a mudbank with a grave
I have dug myself
And I lay there in the muddy deep

Cold and stiff
I'm not yet dead
but there is no breath
And my eyes are closed

From the forest yonder comes a man
Of which I am not sure if 'tis a man
It looks like a witch's poppet
Without a face, nose and eyes

It's legs like sticks
It's fingers long and thin
It sat right next to my body
My body that could not move, nor see

The man opened his hands
And scratched my chest so much
Continuing until I opened up
My heart so heavy

But it was not only my heart 'twas after
For it started with my spleen
The man took it in his scrawny hands
And lifted it up to its supposed face

And the face of which that looked like a poppet
Turned out to have a mouth indeed
Down the hatch it went
The entirety of my spleen

Hence the poppet continued that night
Digging up every part of me
And I could not move
I could not stop the atrocity

After a lofty meal the poppet was not yet done
For the deepest part of myself was finally a revealed
My heart with holes as black as tar
'Twas this the man wanted all along

And so the poppet man dug through my carcas once again
Right down through the broken and bloodied ribcage
The poppet man pulled out my heart
And he salvaged it

First, holes spilled the tar like substunance
Second, the last of my blood flowed out
Third, he ate the meat with lofty crunches
The poppet man was o so joyeous

Time barely seemed to pass
And the heart the poppet man ate never ceased
Thus I lay there in the mudbank
Feeding it endlessly
One night I decided to write about the week my brother died in excessive detail. After 3~4 hours in I had this vision. I don't think I'm doing too well.
Syv Elena May 13
I have to work tomorrow
I have to work tomorrow
I have to work tomorrow
I have to work tomorrow
I have to work tomorrow
I don't want to work tomorrow

I rather sleep tomorrow
I rather be in my bed tomorrow
I want to be free tomorrow
I don't want to greet anyone tomorrow
I don't want to go outside tomorrow
And I don't want to work tomorrow

But I have to work tomorrow
Because if I don't tomorrow
People might get mad tomorrow
I might get fired tomorrow
I'd hate myself tomorrow
But I don't want to work tomorrow

Every time I think about tomorrow
I get anxious about tomorrow
People are expecting me tomorrow
I have to live up to them tomorrow
But I can't live up to them tomorrow
Because I don't want to work tomorrow

It's only an hour tomorrow
It's close by tomorrow
But I still want to cancel tomorrow
Though I can't cancel tomorrow
Because I still have to work tomorrow
Even though I don't want to work tomorrow

My head is filled with tomorrow
Because I'm scared of tomorrow
I have to be outside tomorrow
I have to be among people tomorrow
But if I'm honest about tomorrow
I don't want to wake up tomorrow
I haven't written a poem in a long time. I had a job and it went good for a while, but I started to get in my head. That's how this poem came to life.
Syv Elena Dec 2018
She fell from the sky
She clipped her wing
I brought her food
As much as I could bring

But food she did not need
Twas gold she craved
I went to the castle with mighty speed
And gave her the coins that I had saved

She's ran across the island
She flapped her giant wings
Getting the greed somewhat frightened
They were blown back by the wind

A lovely friend
A trusty companion
Loyalty that will never end

Star Scream; the Griffon
I've streamed Kingdom on twitch and I gave my steeds names. My favorite is the griffon. I named her Star Scream.
Syv Elena Nov 2018
Passion ignites a flame inside of me
Anger does so too
Imagine the flame
When both of them catch fire
How hard will you fight then
Syv Elena Nov 2018
Are flowers
Are stone
Are tears
Are ash
One day I'll write a poem celebrating his life. Today is not that day. I'm sorry.
Syv Elena Nov 2018
I don't like the day
The sun makes me suffocate

The busy streets..
Earthly responsibilities..

I rather fly through the sky
And fall to the depths

But I also want to be alive
Rather than dead

Neither are easy times
But sometimes it's hard to find the line

I don't think I see it anymore
I can't explain.
Syv Elena Nov 2018
I have been broken and bruised
I have been beat down and abused
I have lived a life of misery
Where I felt I should have been removed

I got called at and bullied
I developed depression at age fourteen
Every day I wondered why I still tried
Every night I wish I died

I have never felt alive
Even though I was at the pinnacle of youth
It was supposed to be 'the time of my life'
Said to me by an old lady who saw it as truth

But last night I put things in perspective
I have cried but also felt happy
Whether I've felt alive or not is objective
However I will always see it as ******

But I'd rather live 80 more years
Where I barely make it through
Than live a life
That is without you
Last night was a grief kind of night and it was tough.
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