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Syv Elena Nov 2022
my nightlight
on the nighstand
keeps the monsters
at bay

my nightlight
on the nightstand
keeps the sadness

my nightlight
on the nightstand
has nothing
to say

my nightlight
oh little nightlight
next to you
I lay
My boyfriend got me a cat shaped nightlight. I called it Naruko. I miss her.
Syv Elena Nov 2022
Love in its incorporeal form
I know her through and through
because the feelings that I have
are neverending with you
I'm with someone else and turns out I just have never felt love before
Syv Elena Jun 2022
Tomorrow has passed
Interstellar & interwoven
More than he cares to admit

United fates
Removed and obliterated

Farther away he travels
Amidst the heavens, beyond the stars
May you meet again one day
Syv Elena Jun 2022
In its harshest reality
And its sweetest embrace
In its lowest of earth
And its highest of heavens
In its coldest darkness
And its warmest light

It is one of the few symphonies
That will play until the end of time
Syv Elena May 2022
I'm good at whining
What can I say

I whine a lot
Every day

There's always something
That makes me complain

O boy
Here I go whining again
Syv Elena May 2022
I've spoken to my brother
It sure had been a while

I've spoken to my brother
Using cards from a pile

He gave me a little pick me up
He told me I should have more fun

But Mischief and Mayhem were long gone
When the springs of his clock had sprung

He recognized this and came with advice
"The memory of my mighty leap is dead weight in life"

He said so and I replied thus
bro what the ****
when he trolls u even in the afterlife :'3
  May 2022 Syv Elena
Riz Mack
Be like the rain
unafraid to fall

Be like the sun
shining light upon all

Be like the wind
helping others take flight

Be the brave new dawn
after the dark stormy night
Be all you can be
See all you can see
D all you can D ;)
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