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Glenn Currier Aug 2018
I am amazed
        but I know not why (knowing me)
how hurt closes me off
sews me up
amputates my heart
from people I’ve loved.

It seems I cannot get by
the rage she vomited on me
what she called me
her shocking condemnations.

Rage cuts deep
wounds heal slow
if at all.

Then I find out how she felt hurt and betrayed
when I changed and detoured
        because someone betrayed me.

But I am glad for those detours
where I discovered other worlds
and became more than I was.

I am amazed
       but I know not why (knowing me)
how hurt can remake
and occasion my transformation,
how the bad can become the good
        If I am patient enough
        and work hard enough
        to find
        or make
        cracks in that wall.
Andrew Jul 2017
How can we attain the perspective of the introspective
When detectives aren't respected
By crowds drawn by clowns
Made vicious by the wishes
Of Hades with rabies

In order for humanity to progress
We must all consider our place in society
Emotional disclosure accelerates our human race
Until externalizations halt our momentum
We begin to drift
Discourse drifts toward absurdity
Absurdity drifts toward reality
Reality drifts toward ****
And accepting reality
Means accepting the bullet's laughter
while it drifts through the innocent
Then we must accept where our souls have drifted
So our minds drift into fantasy
We wrap our abandon ties around our neck
And go to work

We live in a society
Where not giving a **** about what others think
Is actually encouraged
Yes, exchanging ideas can hurt
That's whiplash as we stop drifting and jolt in each other's direction
But communication
Takes detours to dead ends
As honesty and compassion
Elude us
In a self-perpetuating cycle
When education's only purpose
Is learning ******* each other
Before we know too much
Our species drifts toward extinction
Hans Taylor Nov 2018
I’ve more or less had to delete you
Ever since your Facebook wall
Turned memorial
But I still had clothes of yours
Now they live in a thrift store
They’re still there, I checked
Not to bad mouth your fashion sense
I’m just now getting used to
Referring to you
In the past tense
I still tense up when I hear your name
I used to do the same
Whenever you popped up in my contacts
I had to erase you to overcome that
And you were the top one at that
To tell the truth when I near your old place,
I take detours
But I suppose that’s a silly way to do it
Since you don’t live there anymore
And anyway,
I swear I see your face in all kinds of places
The parking lot where we sparked a lot
The back of the park, no lights, a good spot
I'm running out of ways to change the subject
When people ask why I never delete voicemails
About once a year I just feel the need to hear it
And I cry a bit
And I’m lying about the size of the bit that I cry
But never mind that
I hop on Spotify and listen to music
Our favourite songs of the time are hidden
In a secret Spotify playlist that I only play sometimes
Like I need some kind of alibi when I think about you
And I still make excuses, you know that
I never visit you
Sorry about that
It still blows my mind how loud a needle drop can be
When you swap a vinyl disk for a friend’s skin
I can still remember you scratching it
And that one time when you brought up six times
That you wanted to die
I should’ve probably seen the signs
But I didn’t at the time
And now I am frustrated
When newspapers
Quote your name as a cautionary tale
There's a whole lot more to you
Than a convenient warning
About the dangers of drug use
You are my friend -
And there you go, I've done it again
You were my friend
And it makes my teeth clench
When people who will never meet you
Put it down to a lack of strength
A missing backbone
But if you’ve checked my bones lately
You’d find they were mostly empty
I have leaned on so many crutches that they have fused with me
And I saw you at role call
For “alive”
Every morning
Until the day you died
Even when you hadn’t heard from your dad in weeks
And I apologise for all the missed calls on my part
One too many
My fault
Mea culpa
Seb Tha Guru Sep 2018
Nothing is the same.
I don’t know where to draw the line.
Said I’d never love again, but gave another try.
Anything will bother me, they said it heals with time.
I know that this is temporary.
I know that one day, I will be fine.

Kissing isn’t the same.
No longer touch and to love, I’m blind.
Crazy how I use to think that you were so sublime.
Tried to run your course.
I even took detours on mine.
a hard place and a rock’s where I’m between, but I still climb.

So many prices I have to pay, to right my wrongs, correct these crimes.
Thought I’d never see these days, I can’t stay out my own mind.
Can’t seem to get out of my own bind.

I'm standing in the dark.
Somehow, I’ll find a way to shine.
With you and many other things, I wish I could rewind.
While you continue to get drunk off wine.
And no matter how I feel,
What I say,
What I do,
No matter what I try.
I’m wrong every time.

Tell me where I should draw the line?
Zersrol Oct 2018
Starting slow
Speeding up
Felt unreachable
Just my luck
The car continues off
As I follow with ****

I keep following
Taking detours
Out of trust
Soon enough I hit a hole
But wouldn’t  stop
Due to my stupidity

How naive I was
For believing I could catch up
Instead I should of went faster
Not to the car’s limit
But to surpass her with my pride

She was not all
All to me
Is me
Not her
And her silly games
Of cat and mouse

I have finally surpassed
Forgetting my Obession
Finally at peace
Not begging for her attention

My Obession is done
Now I may continue on
With my pride in mind
Never to fall for someone again
But that would be a lie
**** will soon rise again
Even if I don’t want it to...
This part two to the Obession with the car, I have finally got over my Obession, now I may feel at peace with my depression no longer haunted by her presence. Sorry for not posting for a while, school has been quite a trouble. For all of you I will post a poem on oct 24 after my performance at my play. I will  narrate and perform my poem for all can appreciate and hear on this date. ❤️
Sam Steaf Nov 2018
Is the pursuit of happiness really worth it? it's a question that’s been running against the chambers of my skull these past few days. Is it really worth it to suffer through much agony, to endure so many failures, to know that this planet is filled to the brim with people; yet none of them would bat an eye when you cry for a failure that no one understands? That no one understands because no one has the same ambitions as you nor the same goals. Isn’t it ironic that the only person that I know suffering with me is the only person that I ever called my soulmate, it isn’t a friend, a girlfriend, a relative or even a parent, it’s my best friend. Is it fair for two of the brightest minds to ever graduate in our year to suffer so much to get the education that they deserve, isn’t it unfair that they have to go through so many delays only because they flew to countries that wouldn’t acknowledge their past degrees? Isn't it unjust that even in love we've only had the short end of the stick. The answer to all these questions is yes, it is unjust, unfair and very ironic. Yet the last chapter of our story is the saddest, it’s that we could never change our reality. Life decided to ***** us over and put in the biggest hurdles in our already rocky paths, paths that we chose on our own, not knowing the detours, the crashes and all the failures that’ll come with them. We chose the path that led to the pursuit of happiness, was it worth it? **** no it wasn’t. Do we have a saying in how will it affect our lives in the future? Not a single word. We are nothing but fishes in the grand stream that is life, with the only purpose to keep on swimming
Bo Tansky Dec 2018
It was the coldest day of the year.
We welcomed the return of cooler weather,
Fellow followers of the southern sun.
Winter had almost begun.
Delicious cool breezes uplifted our spirits.
Inspired these awesome(?) lyrics
There was a luminescence to the light.
It sparkled with the dearest delight.
The days were shorter.
The nights' longer.
The seasons were changing.
Change was in the air..
Change was everywhere.

Southern change is slow and steady.
Unlike the north where one must always be ready
The mass migration from the north was still underway.
Hordes and hordes of high blood pressure,
Scoliosis afflicted octogenarians invaded our state.
We who bore the brunt of the brutal summers,
Felt like we belonged to a sunny exclusive club.
Entitled to space, the roads, the sunshine.  
Now we must share with the worst drivers of vehicular crime
Accidents galore.
Everywhere you go.
Someone overran the barricade,
Cars totaled
Cars mangled
Twisted and tangled
Cars flipped & chipped  
A road detours
In the land of the aged & mature
Mature, I say, only in age
Otherwise, it would be an absolute outrage.
And it is.

People meeting people in the most unfortunate way.
I tell you it tests your mettle,
It tests your patience,
It tests your good nature,
Not to mention the nomenclature
of your exclusivity.  
Better rethink civility.
Better rethink senility.
Better rethink livability
In the south
In the wintertime
Missing you had become a pastime of mine...
Seeing you and Robert in the coffee shop that day-
Delighted me.  
So that I completely forgot to order tea.
I knew I would see you soon,
As fate would have it.
Not being in the habit
Of that particular time
That particular coffee shop
That day,
Unplanned as this was.
That is to say
Not planned in the usual way.
Did the afternoon gods align?
Should I take it as a sign
Or is it pure coincidence
I know you agree with the ladder
It doesn’t much matter
Coincidence and me don’t agree
Nothing is accidental
No, I’m not mental
If you agree with me.
I admit it’s a hard nut to swallow,
Unless you’re in the habit of swallowing hard nuts,
Which most, I think, are not
Although I’ve never actually inquired
For the usual reasons
Excuse the nut reference
If you have a hard nut allergy
In which case you should stay away  
It’s not a bad thing,
More hard nuts for the rascal squirrels,
No hard nuts for the hard nut adverse.
How nutty is this verse?

I digress
As you can see
My thoughts always take me back to thee
Thought I’d get a little fancy.
Back to the Day in question
Referenced by me in this digression
If I thought something interesting was about to unfold
Oh no, oh no
It was the same old, same old
After the polite amount of time
You picked up your phone
It was a sign
Business as usual
Or is it you hiding behind
Some kind of some kind  
I don’t know what
I such a nut
Stale coffee sits in the microwave
It pings its readiness
Forget my forgetfulness
One more round
The coffee’s cold
Like you
I take it out
Drink it anyway
While I wait
The coffee’s cold
And so are you
That’s all I have to say
And that’s why
Without thinking
I grabbed the phone that day
While you were busy texting
Hey, I wasn’t getting in the boxing ring
You knew that

Robert was rather overreactive
It was only me being me
I’ll meet your cold
And up the ante
Are you all in
Do I win
I was only playing, all along
That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write me a love song
Two for her
One for me
I think you’ll agree
It’s quite unfair
And you want to be fair
Don’t you
This isn't optional
Even rational
Or actionable
My phantom love
I get it.
I’m missing you.
Do you miss me too?
Dan Jan 1
What a memorable chapter the past year has been- familiar faces are now unrecognizable in distance, old habits led to new ones, old friends continue to form new bonds, highways are no longer unfamiliar, silence is no longer eschewed. My body is now my palliative and openness is no longer a distant lover- sometimes old habits are mawkish, leaving you feeling like a foolish doe; strangers serving as detours to help one self see beauty in the mundane, ambiguous laughter, laggard breaths shared in providence- every chance we get. Those strangers are now diaries, some pages are torn and some still undated.

To be reminded that being, is all that there is- is the only way I can try to live with compassion, brevity, and trust in complete surrender- knowing that I am still learning and nothing I feel, think, and believe is absolute, that it is necessary to be vulnerable. My questions are perpetual, yet my answers will always be mutable- exhibiting life’s incessant changeability.

If we are not grateful for what we have today, how can we make space for new people, experiences of joy and pain, and moments of grace to be grace. May we all find people to share our dysfunctions with, because we are truly manaical beings- and that is why we salivate love, in which is only possible when we can recognize ourselves and all its filth in the other, in all its complexity and absurdity. To love is to be kind, especially in opportunities for growth, and never underestimating the other's capacity for truth. May we speak the unspeakable. May we breath the unbreathable. May we all learn to say- I love you.
CataclysticEvent Sep 2018
This is my goodbye to you.
I've loved you for four years.
I've missed you for one.
I've taken back roads,
And detours to avoid your road.
Slipped and broken bones,
Trying to miss your exit.
Each without success.
Ending up in your driveway,
Falling in love even more.
Knowing **** well you don't love me.
I have loved you since 2014.
Been through **** and back with you.
Only man i trusted to meet my mom,
Last man to ever meet my dad.
I loved you.
Without bound or limit.
And in the end im spitting out teeth.
From the smack in the face when you left.
Hitting me out of nowhere,
Just gone.
Like i didn't matter.
Over text.
Like and after thought,
Oh by the way...
Ive back pedal and rewritten this dozens of times.
Trying to have the right words.
So you understand.
I'm not you.
Leaving you isn't something that's
Easy for me to do.
You mattered to me.
You were never an after thought.
But my neck still hurts from your leaving.
And 2 months later a new girlfriend
Who must have been there all along.
Like a shadow.
I have loved you for 6 birthdays,
6 christmas's, 6 thanksgivings,
and 5 new years.
But that ends here.
My heart's still pleading with me,
To wait a little longer.
To hang on,
He'll come back.
But you left so fast,
Almost like you were never here.
You watched me watch my dad die.
Told me you'd be here.
To hold me up,
You had my back.
1 month later you had her on her back.
And i became...
An after thought.
Left in the broken bleeding wreckage,
Of my life.
Alone with whiplash.
From the backlash of her,
And you together.
I have loved you for 4 years.
I'll probably love you a lifetime more.
But this is my goodbye to you.
Because after 4 years of loving you.
All i got was....
A text message like an after thought.
Oh by the way,
And whiplash from your cruelty.

— The End —