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Lisa A Anglin Oct 2018
In those moments that pass so slow
When you're down and feeling low

Still your heart and still your mind
And in that stillness you will find

That my thoughts and spirit are still with you
Along with the eternal love I have for you

© Copyright 2018 L. A. Anglin
Lisa A Anglin Oct 2018
When the nights are so still and the moon shines so bright
Those are the hours I think of you holding me tight
When passion runs fervent through out my soul
It's only to you whom I wish to relinquish control
If never I had felt such overwhelming satisfaction
I wouldn't be able to have this reaction
The ecstasy and bliss have been amazing it's true
But sometimes I wish I had never met you

© Copyright 2018 L. A. Anglin
Lisa A Anglin Oct 2018
As the clouds darken
and dominate the autumn sky,
I can feel the storm brew
within my soul.
The winds blow through
my volatile mind,
twisting my view into
thoughts of anxiety.
Thunder echos through
my empty body,
taunting me with endless rumbles.
Lightening strikes my heart,
leaving it with yet another
wound to mend.
Until finally the rain
bursts from my eyes.
Slowly the storms rage is subsided...
but only for awhile.
**** Him!

© Copyright 2018 L. A. Anglin
Lisa A Anglin Oct 2018
Life, (like a *****) can be a royal pain
Still one fact does remain
Life will go on each waking day
And only a ***** can do what others can only say

© Copyright 2008 L. A. Anglin
Lisa A Anglin Dec 2014
I look into the mirror and I am surprised to see
That I don't recognize the woman who looks back at me

There are no red highlights in her long blond hair
In it's place gray has taken root there

Skin that was once flushed with juvenility
Now is wrinkled and shows signs of antiquity

Eyes that were once bright and keen
Now look faded from the years they've seen

This can't be my reflection that I see
This old woman who's looking back at me

I can't have aged this many years
I'm not as old as this woman appears

Then I start thinking of the days gone by
And feel the tears pick my eyes

Growing up with in a family who loves me still
Going to school filling the bill

Dating and meeting the man I'd wed
Remembering the vows that we said

Being blessed with a new life to raise
Oh how young I was in those days

The years flew by as I reminisced
Remembering each milestone, the turns and twists

I looked at my reflection again and seen
A wise and mature woman looking back at me

A sad smile forms on my lips
As I slowly come to grips

That the years have caught up with me
And the price I pay is my vanity

Still, I wouldn't trade the wrinkles or one gray hair
For I've enjoyed the life that has gotten me here

Now I look forward instead of looking at the past
No waisting time, it goes by too fast

Blessed with a daughter and two grandsons who love me
I'm proud to be called Mom and "Grammy"

Yes, time has taken it's toll
But I still know how to rock and roll

So with each new day I'll dance and sing
To life's music and the gift's it brings

I give my thanks to the Lord and Lady above
For the years I've seen and all the love

L. A. Anglin
Copyright © 2014
Lisa A Anglin Dec 2014
I’m not telling you this to complain
Cause I only have myself to blame
But there’s something I need to say
Then I’ll go about my own way

I knew right from the start
You wanted everything but my heart
I thought I could play that game
Now things will never be the same

I never meant to feel this way for you
God knows I tried my damnedest not to
But every time our bodies entwined
I’d loose myself a little more each time

Dreaming of you holding me tight
As I lay alone in my bed at night
Yearning for the feeling of your strong embrace
Holding me close or just seeing your face

Knowing that the only thing that we shared
Was passion with feelings spared
Still I spend my days thinking about you
Wishing that you were thinking about me too

© Copyright 2008 L. A. Anglin
Lisa A Anglin Sep 2013
You sneak up behind me like the coward that you are.
Taking control of my life, leaving me disbarred
You turn my world upside down
Lost in the shadows I hit the ground

Save me! Somebody please..., Save me!
I’m drowning in this rampant sea.
Save me! Somebody please..., Save me!
Can’t anyone hear my frightful plea?

I feel you close in on me, suffocating my life
Taking over everything and turning it into strife
I’m unable to rationalize now that you’ve taken control
I struggle now just to hold on to my soul

© Copyright 2008 L. A. Anglin
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