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Annie Quill May 2016
Hush now my child,
I know it's hard out there,
Unable to understand,
What they're doing,
Over there,

Hush now my child,
I know you don't understand,
Why they think the way they do,
How they got from here to there,

I know it can be lonely,
When you can't relate to them,
I have a bit of advice for you,
Look beyond,
Look above,
There are friends out there for you,
They may be older,
They may be online,
But they are out there for you,

Hush now my child,
and dry your tears,
No matter how bad it gets,
I will be here for you.
Annie Quill Apr 2016
My tree is not half known anymore,
I've got the other side,
I've got so much to go on now,
I've got the other side,
I've got more brothers,
Got three now,
I can see the other side,
I've got two dads,
I’ll figure it out,
Cuz I can see the other side,
How this will go,
I don't know,
But I can see the other side
Annie Quill Mar 2016
I didn't even realize something was wrong
I thought April, last April, was the last of it
That you got better
That I was going to see you again
If I had even thought it was a possibility
I would have hugged you harder at Christmas
I wouldn't have let myself oversleep
I would have stayed up all night
Just so that I wouldn't have missed your last visit

I didn't even know you smoked
That there was a chance of me loosing you because of that
I never even smelled it on you

I thought you would get to meet my kids
See me get married
See me become a grown woman
See me graduate college
See me graduate high school

But then the police came to the door
And I heard enough to piece it together
To figure out you were gone
Why now
Why my Dad's birthday?
Of all the times why now?
My Grandfather just died
Annie Quill Feb 2016
Drowned Jack
Drowned Jack
He's by your side
He's got your back
He'll keep you safe from harm today
He won't let them see you
Not to day
And on the day
You can't take no more
All you do is stand by the shore
Or any body of water will do
A bath tub, a bowl, a river, some dew
I can't take no more!
And he'll come to you
When you cant take no more
He'll give relief to you
Out by the shore
He'll give you a kiss
And you won't breath no more
And if all you need is someone to talk to
And talk
He will be there
He will listen
You can be sure
Drowned Jack, Saint of suicides
Inspired by this, a ROTG fanfic
Annie Quill Jan 2016
She jumped off the cliff
They don't know where she went
She is on the other side
Her time in this world cut off midsentance
Annie Quill Jan 2016
The common rage against superfluous rules
Drove many to chalenge the unjust laws
The killed many chances at life
Stifled hope to a cradles plight
Annie Quill Jan 2016
The girl hid under the blankets
Feeling a ghost outside the door
The blankets would protect her
In that superstition she was sure
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