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one llucy Apr 2016
I have a little pocket, deep inside my mind
Where I throw out all my secrets, I want to leave behind
It can be good to remember but sometimes better to forget
Certain things and places, or even people that I've met
I keep my darkest moments,  buried in this hole
Because everybody's got a secret, they'll never tell a soul
one llucy Mar 2016
If you catch me fishing for compliments or looking for a fight
I just need to know I'm adequate, that everything's alright
I'm anxiously insecure, I easily regret
Mistakes are always on my mind, too heavy to forget
I'm suspicious of the little things, a skeptic to the core
Small changes make me nervous, I feel generally unsure
I'll always keep on asking things when I already know
Because anything can happen, people come and people go
That's why I need your confidence each and every day
I just need some reassurance so that I can be okay
one llucy Jan 2016
and just this once, I reached out into the darkness
I answered the beckoning call
I did not run away or slow my step
wondering if I had done something utterly terrible
or something absolutely amazing
unable to resist the hypnotizing appeal
because who doesn't want to stand on the edge of something dangerous?
one llucy Jun 2015
I don't know why,
but it always starts with an invitation
to dinner.
Excitement always turns to dread
when I sit across from you at the table.
You fold your hands,
while I play with the table cloth.
I wait.
For those words
"we need to talk"
"there's something I need to tell you"
I know what follows after those words
A death of family or a friend
A cheating parent confession
Loss of a job
Yet another time we are forced to move to a new home
or the worst words
"it's not working out"
the same poor excuses pour out of your mouth
faster than the waitress can refill my beverage
so please,
don't ever ask why I cancel our "Dinner Plans"
one llucy Apr 2015
You always whispered when you spoke
Everyone around you leaning in,
Hanging on every word, as if it were a lifeline
You always meander about, never truly belonging anywhere
Your eyes shift ever so slightly to take in your surroundings
Never blinking
Dark deep portals of unknown
I can always feel your gaze
On my back
Your stare touches my silhouette as I anxiously try to busy myself with anything but meeting your eyes
A blush spreads down my cheeks and neck
As I'm compelled to look your way
Only to regret it as I catch your ruthless smirk
You tease without even making a move
I fail to think of clever retorts as I try to recover my blunder
I wince with each step you take closer to me
When at last you are before me
I dare not look up as you tower over me,
Your hand weighing down heavily on my shoulder
I flinch as you lean in to whisper...
And then my mind is already unfaithful.
one llucy Jan 2015
This is only our second encounter
but all hesitation is gone from your actions
I walked into the lair of a merciless monster
igniting a domino of reactions
my cheeks flushed as I'm held by this beast
that I find myself pinned underneath
hot breath pours out on my neck
as my ears are grazed by your teeth
my heart pounds against your chest
your hands roughly comb through my hair
I squirm, submerged in your arms
continually gasping for air
your mouth desperately searching for mine
I finally succumb to your kiss
the problem with a fatal attractions,
is deciphering what's hell and what's bliss
one llucy Nov 2014
I heard this all from the grapevine,
curiosity killed the cat…
so… seems unlikely that my dog killed your chickens
just give the poor dog a bone
it's pretty much genetics
all that nature versus nurture
even he makes mistakes…
let's let boys be boys
bygones be bygones
you should always love your neighbor
I know you eat chicken too
we can't be having the *** calling all the kettles black
you know what they say?
If you can't beat 'em,
                                          join 'em.
My dog killed all my neighbors chickens…. not a good way to make new friends.
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