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Beauty36 Aug 2014
(Man meets woman, Woman meets man)
       Man: How are you beautiful?
   Woman: I'm blessed handsome!
     Man: Wondering if I could get to know you?
Woman: Of course
           (Beginning Of Relationship)
Woman: I've been hurt before so I'm very guarded of my heart and feelings.
Man: I'll never hurt you baby, I'll cherish and love you like the angel you are!!
Woman: I hope so!!
Man: Dnt hope baby believe it
Woman: Ok baby
Man: I got you boo!
                      (Months Later)
Woman: Baby you seem distant is everything ok?
Man: I'm good
Woman: You sure?.. Is there anything you wanna talk about?
Man: Nah I'm str8
Woman: Ok boo (Sighing)
                   (Same Night)
Woman: Hey babe where you at?
Man: With my *****
Woman: Okay boo can't wait for you to get home, got a surprise for you!!
Man: Aight
Woman: (Sighing)& (Thinking)
                    (Early Morning)
Woman: Bae we need to talk
Man: Bout what?
Woman: About us boo
Man: What about us?!
Woman: Things dnt seem the same. You really acting different.
Man: It's all in your head.. I love you gurl (Kiss her forehead)
Woman: Ok boo (Blushing)
                    (Week Later)
Man: Bout to roll over to my ***** house.
Woman: How long you gonna be gone boo?
Man: Bruh I dnt knw what's up?!
Woman: Dang I just asked cause I wanted us to go out and have fun.
Man: I'll be busy handling some business mane!!
Woman: Okay boo maybe some other time. (Thinking)
Man: Aight bruh
                       (Hours Later)
Woman: Hey boo what's up, what you doing? (CALM)
Man: Bruh told you I'm kicking it with my *****.
Woman: Which one?
Man: Tony bruh.. Why? What's up?!
Woman: LOL
Man: What's so **** funny mane?!
Woman: LOL... Hold on.. Hold that thought. (CALM)
Man: H..E..L..L...O
Tony: Hey bruh where you at??? Thought your az was at home I came thru
Man: D..A..M..N!!!!!!
Woman: LOL.... BUSTED BRUH!!!!! COME GET YOUR ****!!!!..LOL
Man: (**** faced)!!!
How Men truly get caught up
King Mün May 2017
ॐ..let the dragon fall asleep,
shawshank redeem
and sunrise(pillows) on the beach,
breathing oxygen into heat
and foul souls delete..
the Mün's still underrated, until sobriety faded
Eye've. been noticing these lenses on me,
reaping sowed grief
whilst I'm too paranoid to care,
too familiar w/the void to bare the voices
and the noise..
copy of a copy version- Voltaire;

only meta-physical deities make an unreal neguh feel naïve
anyway, I'll keep my inner thoughts short&(bitter)sweet,
unlike my (hue).man condition,
when my heART beats through the concrete,
doesn't really matter whether I bleed
I'm ******* human on repeat/reincarnate "so to speak.."
•two~thousand&seventeen(healing the poverty in your psyche.)
Gwen Pimentel Dec 2015
12mn: I was babaw. I made a "funny" joke. You didn't laugh. Usual. I made a funner joke. And this time, you laughed.

1am: I changed our chat emoji to a nose. You realized you were turning 17 in 23 hours. I asked you what you learned from this year, and you said "I hate people", and I wished you didn't hate me.

2am: I was asking you what picture I should tweet for your birthday. Why didn't we get a picture last night. You're laughing at me for wearing the huge *** NASA shirt you gave me. (Thank you a bunch for that.)

3am: I asked you how the Mcdo was. You said "good". My tummy grumbled.

4am: You asked me if I was up and honestly I wasn't – you just woke me up. But conversations at this hour are the best so why not? You sent me some songs. And my groggy self listened to them half asleep. You said 20 hours til you turn 17.

5am: Kuya Soy just left. I am sad. You said jmsn at this hour is great – and he is. You're now gonna try to sleep (**** it, just when I was awake). I asked you what time you were born so I could greet you on that time. But **** it was at 7 am, still, I set my alarm. Goodnight and goodbye, for the mean time.

6am: I write because you exist. Woah that dramatic effect though (just kidding). But really, I am awake, writing my greeting for you. I fell asleep with my notes open.

10am: I was still asleep, you messaged me in reply to "I write because you exist", you said same.

12nn: I just woke up and I just saw your message.

1pm: I followed you with my 2016 account. You followed me back.

2pm: You sent me a hugot quote about walking away or trying harder. I think I'm going for the try harder option. You never know how close you actually are to your goal, right? You said you're turning 17 in less than 12 hours.

3pm: Easy to talk to, hard to understand.

4pm: I learned that your mom's name is Nilda. Hi Tita pls like me half jk. Actually not jk.

5pm: You told me everyone was making 365 accounts. Actually, it's 366.

6pm: I told you I was sad about kinder eggs having genders. "idk lol ugh HAHAHA"

7pm: I asked you if you were okay, you said yes. (And I wished that you'd never lie to me whenever I ask if you're okay)

8pm: Some ungrateful btch be tweeting about not wanting to get food for Christmas. You say "BRUH FOOD IS ONE OF THE GOOD GIFTS MY *****", I laughed.

9pm: You made me listen to Jidenna (aheheh ahas) and I'm reminded of your great music taste.

11pm: You told me your family was fighting. This is your "worst christmas". I want so desperately to do anything to make you feel better, and I am trying to help you.

12mn: Still trying. I wanna hug you to absorb all your sadness.
hbd jm
Wren Djinn Rain Sep 2015
So what I drink all my calories
I'm sane and you're not, bruh
It's never enough even to wear
what you're wearing and talk
like you talk, do you even care?
Killing myself keeping things legit in your sphere
Black sheep combine forces to feel
wanted, keeping your company
I feel blocked when you're nodding.
Yes, I'm acting just like you want me,
bruh, I'm coming up short to your haughti
ness, blessed with a sense of self
stopping just short of your level and
what the hell, what I am doing here
fighting for otherness, concerned
with the purity of water of my brothers
and my sisters of the covenant
You talk about faith when it comes
to prey that you're stalking, keep
it strong, yolo, fleek, and a hashtag
To be honest I'm scared that my hometown
will be infested with those the internet
claimed and ingest, swallowed with
speed of light, people spit out as pesticide
turning the verdant green such a ****** brown
Yes you're so on top and classy, lacking
purposely the tenets that turn a body fancy
Cool *** beard bro, girl that's a freak ***
hairdo, up in the midst short sides a pool cue
locked in your hands up inside a ******* dive bar,
midnight drive holding a pipe 'hind your
headlights, Yes you're mixing with the best
making them arrogant, such a lens to view
the struggles they been through, Weird queer
younglings in their late twenties and homeless
at some point, only the noise of the sirens
and blue lit bathrooms, keeper of the needle
rights, and happiness,5-0 lights blasting on naito, picking
on the kids white/brown outside washing
the day away with the kiss of the pabst
taking a nap on the grass on the waterfront
blessed with lives with beards and queers
passing by as they want one.
r Apr 2019
I can feel the shift
into low now, one shot
one pill, one mile left
to go
I see a light on
up the hill
like most nights
trouble is
ain't nobody
home to talk to
I know
my bruh, Moon
he’s a lonely
old ****, too.
Spenser Bennett Jun 2016
Whether weather withers
Heavy penny pinchers
Or orders hor d'oeuvres
Don't mean I'm richer
I'm just not a city slicker
Don't say I'm bitter
I got honey in my pitcher
Oh no wait that's pilsner
Sorry I forgot my censor
And she told my I got a ****** up
There's a reason I don't miss her
And I'm just trying to be honest
But she left with my wallet
And now I'm elbow deep in Comet
Paying for a dinner, faux gras, I said that like ***** grass to the waiter
I know I can't pronounce it
**** it he's a hater
And she said see ya later
Later on Imma be Dark side
Like Master Vader
I roll up like high tide
And my homies roll up to Eastside
And I tried to go nuts
Now I gotta run hide
'Cuz bacon munch next door on their donuts
Call me crazen, brazen, but
I was cravin' me a donut
So I strolled up
And then she showed up
Tryna get some tacos
And she was with her ****-o
Head look like a rock-o
And he knows bout them rocks though
So I zip-zap-skidaddle
Back to the Eastside
Now the bar died
So I try to find a quick ride
Down to mi casa
But the cars they passa
Without no second glance - uh
Until I drive myself - uh
Now I'm in a jail cell
Callin' for a lawyuh
Writing out my woes nuh
Hiding from my phone bruh
Cigarettes at home
And my heads all full of fog
I should sleep this off
Imma sleep this off
Story poem/ Awful rap? Are those a thing? I feel like they're a thing.
cait-cait Jan 2015
Just kidding,
Sparkles don't heal
My wounds, only covers
Them up, like a mask but
For my heart,
That old broken thing.
Give me credit for trying,
Everyone is different,
Just like filters and sarcasm,
So if my words don't suit your taste,
Just know that I wrote them
With you in mind,
And forgiveness,
Whatever that means.
Feelings are weird.
Nigel Obiya May 2013
The sun burned through his skin, the saltiness of the sea almost acting as seasoning on his flesh, he could make out the birds circling overhead as his vision cleared. They were seagulls, not vultures. Still, they had a menacing look about them. He sat up and looked around the little boat, everyone was asleep, Michael wasn't sure whether this was due to exhaustion or whether they were trying to conserve their energy. One thing was for sure, that fireball in the sky was draining them of everything liquid in their systems. He stared at the sea and, for a moment, considered drinking the salt water, weighing this option against the raspy dryness that he was feeling at the back of his throat. The salt water could wait.
He stood up, and the sharp pain in his chest reminded him of the arrow he’d been struck with, it was gone now, but the pain still remained. The guys must have found a way to dislodge it, brilliant lot. There was ocean everywhere, no land in sight, no hope. For a moment Michael wished it was nighttime so he wouldn't be able to see far enough to realize that he had no hope of finding land anytime soon, and also that fireball wouldn't be tormenting them so. He stepped forward then caught his breath as something moved in the water.
A shadow almost the size of the boat swam under it. Michael watched as it glided, gracefully through the water. He had no idea what he was looking at, only that it was huge. A shark maybe? King fish? Both sounded dangerous, and both sounded like food. He was delusional, but hunger tended to do that to people. The food swam a few meters away, teasing him, and then circled back. He swallowed dry saliva.
‘What are you doing? You should be lying down, save your strength Mike.’ Modi spoke from behind him.
So that’s what they were doing, saving their strength. Food passed under the boat again and appeared on the other side.
‘Shhh… food.’ Michel whispered, pointing. As if he would startle a fish that was bigger than he was if he spoke too loudly.
Modi came closer. A shark fin broke the surface of the water and dipped again. They turned to each other and both had a mini-heart attack.
‘We should turn and head back to the island man, I’d sooner face those savages again than this killer of an ocean.’ Modi was saying, fear written all over his face. He grabbed his rifle and aimed at the water, but Michael stopped him.
‘Save your ammo bruh, we might need it. And anyway, we’re in a boat, it can’t reach us. Stop freaking…’ but before he could finish his sentence the shark had bumped into the canoe, tilting it slightly, ‘…GIMME THAT!’ he grabbed the gun from his friend and frantically pumped four shots in the direction of the fish, which swam hurriedly away, unhurt. Michael fell back into the boat, breathing heavily. He was a mess, the smell of the caked blood and that of the sea water finally catching up to his nasal senses, he threw up.
‘Bruh, I don’t think that’s wise… you need to keep that food in your body, not the opposite.’ Hamisi was saying. They were all up now, the gunshots playing the part of an alarm clock. Time to wake up and face an awful reality.
‘Shoulda’ just let me sleep.’ Juma said.
Mentally, they all agreed with him.
Keep your eye on this space...
Cunning Linguist Aug 2018
My trap tags don't expire  
I'm an arsonist for hire  
on these bars
Watch me spit fire, yuh

Got a grill in my mouth
& a grill on my porch  
New balance on my feet,  
In my kitchen selling work  
Got grass like I'm dirt
Hit the gas like I'm first
Eating *** with a thirst
Thots be scary go to church
Give that ***** heckin hurt  
I'ma dawg ripe from birth  
Yes I'm bound to rule the Earth
And I'll pillage til it skrrt
-Bet you ain't gon take my turf
'Less you finna prove that worth
Satisfy the ladies aye
my **** got 1 inch girth

& I'm all
Foaming from the mouth like she rabid  
**** yo ***** leave her shaking,
steady rabbit
Only *** wit gold
Cos' I don't believe in average
I'm a savage with these lavish roasts
so toast to this y'all napping, woah

Gimme  t h i c c  bone  
-I'm here to cuck ur *****
I Go Donkey Kong on em
wit bana-na clips  
Mushrooms down the pipe,
Now watch me all-star this ****
Leave em duckin runnin huffin
when tha muh ******
hammer hit boi

Ball so hard I got u trippin'
Spitting triplets in the kitchen
-To watch the world burn  
Is my muh ****** mission
Be shifting these gears
like transmissions in a sentence;
Remix it to ignition, straight
dunkin on y’all *****-***

Light me up that's what's up,
bruh you real *** vintage
Try and step to me,
catch you sleepin with those fishes
Throw bows with the flow
man I do this **** for fun
Dabbing every day
just stir the *** to color up

I'm on another level
Mine down on the nether
architect if ever
clever big-bro pullin levers
Embezzled Denny’s rhymes
Just to peddle to the metal  
& I'm never gonna give
Until I hit that ****** threshold yuh  

Flexin on these spades
When I play that ****** trump;
If you got no brain
Then I'm ganking all your junk
kickin in yo grave
Push up daisies in the trunk
I'm literally insane
u don't know about dat funk yuh

Blizzard **** a hipster *****  
Scissor kick your gizzard slick  
Crave attention slit my wrists
Iced out and I'm ****** lit

Like ah **** got that gas
check my Auschwitz
All about the offense
When I’m toxic wit that nonsense
Coursing through my conscience
Looking for recompense;
Like hollerin at a deaf *****
Or knocking over blind kids

I'm in that hearse
smokin herb
swerving verses
Turnin words
Like its a curse, ya
I'm getting tired of metal and poetry if you can't tell expect more obscene rap I hope offends. I'm gonna record this soon and will post link when I do
He's stout and shameless
Boastful and brainless
Brags about everything he has
And talk's about things that he wants
He can blow you away with his arrogance

An empty can dragged on a pathway of rocks
He has the scent of a swine when he passes by
Feet smells like manure that will make you blind
Eats without being satistfied
And speaks of himself then feels gratified

He wants this ,He wants that
He has this,He has that
He sounds like a little brat
But ,in reality he is already a dad
Now thats sad what a poor kid he has

I pity he's mentality
At the same time i hate he's animosity
All i will do is to acknowledge him
And never discourage him
Coz' i know it will crush his dreams
my egoistic brother who just came home
Shawn Mehaffey Jun 2016
Having s a crush on someone is like a mosquito bite:
You don't know when exactly you got it,
It's only really annoying to you,
You pick at it so it gets worse.
Matthew Oct 2019
I Think I'm falling upside down
into the chains of bromance
"Waiting on Wilson so we can check out the scene!"
"What do you mean, can't you see it? It's pretty mean"
Fun :3
lov es Dec 2012
Bruh, I swear to god
If I catch you on the streets,
I swear to god, bruh
When you know the bus driver sees you running.
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
Do men really just ignore the fact that women bleed every month and have *** and still manages to have the energy to handle men's *******? Like bruh, women really are superheroes.
Mikitara Jan 2014
the pages of my notebook are probably more lovelorn than i'll ever be
i never longed to be a tree burying my roots deep into Her soil, moaning
okay maybe i did because sometimes i only exist in crumpled up shreds of graphing paper between my awkward handwriting and
things i wish i'd have told you,
residing at the bottom of the ******* bin
(we're all writing about somebody)
fundamentally, i only exist between the blue lines and the margins
i want to be a tree again
Mother Earth is a **** (i mean, dang bruh, she's beautiful)
want my roots reaching as far into her as they'll go / want her attached to me in every way possible / want her in every way possible
i want to stay here forever
if i fall alone in the forest **** right i'll make a sound:
symphony of the lovelorn branches in C-minor except it's not really a symphony i'm just giving an impromptu solo to my ******* bin,
i have played the viola since 6th grade and
heartstrings since 7th
Let's see, where do I begin?
I ****** man-made ****** with the tip of a pen
Suddenly, ink burst all ova me Started to struggle see,
Karma came back just to smother me

It's snowing hard outside, but my heart stays colder
I'll snort a couple lines, cause I never stay sober
I'll take your little bars and straight up turn them over
Then whoop up on there *** cause I'm wiser and I'm older

See me in the cut, then you see me on the scene,
See me in the club, makin all these ******* cream
I'm an in-depth poet, then I am a rapper
I know you may not knows, bruh, you're a lyrical disaster
Your rhymes are inferior, a freshman to a senior,
How about you look straight down and bow to your superior

Got a mac ten up inside of my trench coat,
**** a trap whip, *****, I got a trap boat
Come up in my house, then I'll throw you in the moat
****** with my money, then my knife is atcho throat
I'll make you choke on all your vain insecurities
Your final words will be "Please, stop, you're hurtin' me!"
A certainty, this homicidal agression
Gonna take over, deep fry your ***, served with a blood dressin'
Done alot of ****** up ****, won't see me confessin'
I don't look up to no god, but I'm still countin' all my blessins
I'll end this verse, put you in the back of a hearse
I know your mind is blown, but ****, it could be worse
stop what you doing

beep beep you don't stop

I got pop rocks in the bottom of my socks

one eight hundred on the dial


buddy buddy what's your call

smoking fat blunts in my garage

sugar is sweet like sweet like the honey

homeboy is broke cause he ain't got no money


I'm in a hurry so why do you worry

working too hard can give you a heart attack

out swinging his bets cruising in his Cadillac

the big mac attack


it's the blind of the blind soon will fall into a ditch

the snitch very cool meat on the bone

like Home alone

got music in my veins not insane


Crazy is a lazy boy in the crib

Sitting back with those magic ribs

Summertime & the honey's are sweet

hear the music from my head down to my feet


it give one pause to think

Can't even think to dismiss this Earhly bliss in a time well spent in thought

there's a dozen of pots in my sink

you think break to the rhyme the rhymes filled with reason


it's the changing of the season without a reason

cruising down the neighborhood look for some props

getting caught being chased by the cops

took my forty & my nine they can go kiss my behind


bruh, bruh, bruh, don't you know

it's not what you know rather who you blow

time is a killer doesn't stop for any G-unit hood

doing no good as **** life would be


Rocking these rhymes busting out making sweet history,

I say hop, hop you don't stop rocking till they day is done

run, run, run getting capped in my knee cap having no fun

sugar can sweeten my smile with glee


Living in a land of make believe

what is one willing to achieve

banging on the hard cement floor

like homeboy Tony kicking it with a two bit *****


more, more, more

in the plausible quest

we can pass every test
AFJ Dec 2014
When your ex,
Texts you on some..
"Babyyyy where you been?
I miss you and i need you, always feel you like the wind"....

**** you left me though?..
Why'd you even save my phone?..
I thought we went our separate ways i thought that we were grown?..

That's when she calls me up, && i smell it in her tone..
If only she knew, Alcohols a quick escape and not a home..

Shes like..
"Naaaa nah bruh,
ive only dranken just a lil.....
But in honesty,
like really we should go on dr.phil.."

Proceeds, on some..

"i need a ride, whats for dinner, why dont we go visit moms"
playing the Weeknd, on a weekend, its The Same Old Song.

i always pick her up, and drop her off at Katie's..
******, like **** you know **** well she can get this crazy!
Now Katie's mad like, "****, you be her roommate then!"
I'm like, that was the plan but that **** caved in..

Well, this will probably happen again next week, & the week after.
what a long, sad and repetitive chapter..
i mean to most drunk texting is a matter of laughter,
but it leads me to drunk text her back & attack her...

On some,
"Babeeee where you been...
I miss you and a need you, & i feel you like the wind.."

Shes like..we talked about this never hit me up when your sober.

I'm like,
"nor do you, so so so when you coming over?"

She hangs up. .
Happens twice a month.
im sober when shes drunk..
& when shes sober im a chump.

relationship? Or relation-****?
Either way,
Far from a REALationship.

But i guess you can say, at least we speak it could be worse...
by the way, later today its my turn to text her first..

Waverly Mar 2013
Last night, a thump.
A body hurled, third floor.
Second floor doesn’t do that kind of thing.

It’s 2 am.
That time of night when people when wake up anyways.
Blue-dark like antifreeze.

I was hard trying to go to sleep.

My bank account’s been throttled by loans,
Bills, Coronas, Blunts, Girls.

They shut off the water.
I walked to the store and saw a friend.
Ashamed, I laughed,
Said I liked water. “Water like liquor
like Koolaid like fun. “

What I really meant was:
“Water like survival like broke like stupid.”

This girl operates in ideas,
Dances like a ballerina,
Acts like an actress,
And will probably get bored soon.

There’s one across town that knows her way
around a lollipop, calls me sweet,
wears red just the way I like it,
***** **** with both hands
and doubles over to her tiny knees to laugh.

The actress is less sustainable,
but I sustain thoughts about her more.

The thump, it interrupts,
Distorts a globular fantasy into a brilliantly skewed
Pixelated awakening.

Pixels drain out. Room
Clears of smoke. Velvet embalming begins, purple night quickens,
Halogen streetlights invade in battalions.
**** me.

There’s a girl with a rancid *****
I still love.

The electricity thrums.

I’ve never been humble;

I can hear second floor:
footsteps light like *** fear,
tipping to the nexus. To the spot
where some hurled
above even them.

Third floor gets down like that. I can’t be a hero.

I used to think it was second floor.

But they don’t get down like that.

If we shut off the power,
You’ve gotta pay.

I know, I know,
How much?


Carlos used to live on third.
Wife took the kids and dipped,
That elephant footed baby,
And the mouse-footed teen.

Carlos brought all kinds up after that,
Muffin women with huge, roach eyes,
Emaciated blondes with seamounts running their spines,
Thick, buggy black girls with ***** I wanted to stick my **** all the way into.

Then he quit. Broke one day. Told me everything was mine if I went up there,
and he was gone.

Third Floor was there in two days.

Bruh, they caught u stealing.

How much?

Don’t know, they were just talking about it at work today.


I watch way too much ****. Tonight,
I get ***** enough to burn holes in my palms.
Maybe it’s the fear and anger.

Third floor is not my problem.
They should fall. no question.
This has become ridiculous too long 'cause now it's debt'ning.
Becoming blacklisted before forty ain't legit man,
And this being a result of our continued sorrow stories gets me lit - ****.
We're proving that we are more the turn up,
So get the fees moving if you don't want some riots turning up
Listen to the kids bruh, I swear you'll hear the message
that the world needs to listen to for the future not to perish.
We are no Boxers but
hard we work and know our worth and its perks,
And so - like Donald - we deserve all the benefits
We are evidently the scorned for these greedy leaders
Who make empty promises and want more of the nothing we receive it's,
Sickening how the greed has got to their heads so the truth's a blur,
And the reasoning heads to a 0, back to being a baby.
The only 0 that's needed is the percentage of the increase
of fees and the brutality of the police is really of no need,
We fight peacefully and you go around killing and crippling our peeps.
But we won't stop, we the black sheep and donkeys that refuse to listen
to the bull unless it's what we want and it's a continued vision.
Although it may take a bit longer for you to see it,
It'll happen eventually, you'll 20/20 see, the whole thing,
But for now we shall protest and fight for our right
'Cause we're tired - #FeesMustFall - and we shant listen to any Squealer's plight
This is putting to light what the students are crying about and why there are so many marches, poverty has been a struggle to a black child and they want this to be rid of and change history, and besides that, the ridiculous amounts of tuition fees should not go any higher. We are making a change.
Me Dec 2019

posted this projecting my emotions about my past poems
Gigi Tiji Feb 2016
hey, whatsup break me open and have a look inside
a suh dood check out these heady feels but like
whoa bruh they tell me
simmer down
you're harshin that mellow
yellow matter it's no matter tell me something new
find me something else to say I'm a
fried egg in a skull here's some banter
gallop trot and canter I'm just horsin' around
of course it's not finely ground buddy 'ol pal
you'll have to crush it up yourself
if ya wanna snort it
but hey let's abort that mission
I'm just tryin' to chill in the kitchen
all I want is a nice meal I don't want
anyone to steal these lasts wisps of my soul
let's smoke a bowl and forego the physical
maybe think about something quizzical
something that'll bring me elsewhere
anywhere but before
Waverly Mar 2012
Germel had the dead-eye stare like he was

smoke this,
let it
I said.

"You're on it right now,"
Germ said.

But he took a hit.

Germ and I were smoked
and drunk,
we'd been at it
for the last hour.

And over that time,
love had reached
it's *******
into my heart.

had pulled the hurt
with a single knuckle
and a single

Sometimes bud

I wanted Germ to be all right,
as I dealt with the tornado

So much pain
on a sunday night,
so much

I wanted to punch
those dumb

I watched Germ puke in the bushes.

I felt awful
because I knew
she'd finally dipped on me,
and that
Bartholomew Sep 2018
We went from “who loves orange soda?” to take a shot for me.
To waiting in lines at the DMV, from waiting in lines at the school dance like “bruh hold my spot for me”
From N64 controllers to leasing a Toyota Corolla
Dealing with these adult life problems we don’t have no control of

From pillow forts to the rents due
From action figures to hopes of six figures
From razor scooters to shaving with razors
From love letters to car notes
crazy right?

The only losses we worried about were argued through Rock Paper Scissors.
Now we worry about losing jobs, material things and on the news daily we lose our brothers and sisters.

The only pain we felt was scraping our knees on the concrete.
Now we scrape change tryna pay the bills hoping that our ends meet.
I wish I could go back, I close my eyez with my memories and feel gratification.
And the thing I miss most of all at that tender age is my imagination

I can’t believe I couldn’t wait to get big
Realeboga M Sep 2015
"You're so cute", she giggles.
"Yes I am", I stand up and flex my muscles.
"Liking my boyfriend and ****", she blushes and looks to the clouds.
"I mean if he makes you happy then bruh heck yea", I flex my muscles again.
"I'm afraid he does...", she let's the words linger and sighs.
I Furrow my eyebrows and look at her, "You're afraid?" 
"Ee mma (yes ma'am ) ", she looks at me then returns her sight to the clouds.
I look to the clouds as well, hoping to see or read further into what she's saying. 
I see the grey clouds, bland looking, filled with so much mystery, so many questions, will it rain, will it not rain. 
I look back at her, "That he makes you happy?, kana I might be reading a tad too much into this"
She laughs,"I am, what are you picking up?"
I chuckle nervously,"‎That maybe you actually mean that this vast amount of happiness is scary and you don't know what to do with it". 
Her ****** expression changes  and her eyes glow with wariness, "Yes, exactly".
"I think you should enjoy it or something? I mean remember how we had a conversation and we don't truly believe in it. I think like just embrace it, I don't know how though", I scratch my head shrugging.
She looks at me and gives me a sad smile, "I'm enjoying it.. but kana 'monate o hela ka bosula' (Good things always end badly)", she sighs.
"That is so true. I mean I don't think we can ever be ready for that so I can't tell you to prepare yourself or always expect the unexpected because regardless of how it is it will always be unexpected. But according to Buddhist or monks they believe that if you imagine the bad to happen then it'll hurt less, I mean sure it may hurt like a ***** but it won't hurt like a ******* as it was", I look at her and smile
She looks to be in deep though, "Hmn. Monks or Buddhist are smart", she smiles back at me.
"Yea", I grin and look back at the clouds
Lopz May 2016
Hey bro, check out those chicks let's go hit'em up.
Hey don't do it you already told yourself you have standards
look at them that's not you, we know what you want.

But if I don't they'll think I'm a flake and I don't wanna deal with that remember what happened last time.
Now I know you had some trouble with friends but seriously
you're worried about them they don't care about you and you know it.
Yo, bruh you coming or not I see one looking at you.
Here's your chance show them you're better than that
they need to understand who you are they can't control you show'em
who you are.**
Umm... No I'm good that's for you guys go enjoy see you guys later.
The sequel to my first one comment on this if you liked it or what I could improve or change.
Thank You.
Lexii1602 Sep 2018
ight, so i aint tryna be those girls that always look for a complament ....
im being dead *** with this **** so ....

i look in the mirror ....
i think in my head ....
'i give up!'
i try and try ....
i really do ....
you made me feel some type of way ....
i really thought you could cuff me ....
we all good on Friday ,
you feelin all up on me ,
you huggin on me ,
you walkin me to my bus ....
now today tho ....
you actin all fake ....
you barely talkin to me ....
you keepin secrets ....
like **** outta here ....
why me tho ?
im so loyal ,
i stay by you no matter what ,
ion let no *** try and take you ....
but i got my hopes up ....
& you just killed em ....
like what is it about me no one likes ....
like all these hoes getting boys on their knees beggin for them
(mostly cuh they want their **** ****** ....)
but hey !
what bout me im
i stay by you
ion take you for granted
i give you hugs
i do all that ....
what dont people like bout me ?
am i not cute enough ....
am i not thic enough ....
is it cuz i wont **** yo **** ?
like bruh  ....
please tell me ....
i just want someone who wants me for me ....
someone who will stay by me ....
someone who would tell me i look good even when i look like a *** ....
someone who will show me off to their friends ....
and hype me up on the littlest things ....
ig thats just askin too much ....
mann i just give up tho ....
i aint those girls who be askin for complements ! im just sayin what i gotta say ! ion even wants no complements from no 1 cuh i just dont so dont waist your time on trying to make me feel better .... ik you couldnt care less bout me .... thanks for reading this tho !
calm Mar 2018
oh, where u at?
where u at, bruh?
e'ryone been askin,
yea you got they full attention.

uh, where you at?
where u at?
yo girl's been actin frantic
yeah she don't take none o that.


this town's been lost without you, man.
people seemin like they gone be lost without you, man.
actin like the end is here before they live's began.
tryin to move on, yeah, but they ruining my plans.


they be like "I ain't got no friends"
but they each other's fam, yeah, looks like you got you some fans, yeah
my attention span's affected like it got hit by your van yeah
bish your ban's been fun, yeah, but like where u f*ckin at, yeah

where you at?

oh, where u at?
where u at bruh?
e'ryone's been askin,
yeah you got they full attention

where u at?
where u at?
yo homie's actin crazy
yeah they can't take none o that

where u at?

you been on the road for a while now
keepin to yoself as if you don't know no one, oh wow
well congrats on the publicity, why don't u take a bow?
I hope their pain was worth it, boy, although I dunno how

oh, wow

yeah, don't care about yo friends anyhow
yo whereabouts unknown like secrecy's a kind of secret vow
you allow all this foul play like it's somehow all allowed,
you dunno how trust works so you misusing others now, ciao

where u at?

oh, where u at?
where u at, bruh?
e'ryone been askin
yea u got they full attention

where u at?
where u at?
u gonna lose yo followers
if you gone act like that

where u at?

they say u never had a good life,
and I believe them alright
you be all alone because you running outta knives, right?
actin like a victim when you commiting the crime like
so far from society? you be so fckin precious, smile

breakin hearts by being broken, you can't even write, whoa
sayin that you got nothing when we the ones that broke, you're
absolutely right in that none one really likes u tho
cause by the end o the day we all got places to go
A song, I guess. Enjoy.
Vashawn Jackson Jul 2015
Inside my brain
Thoughts of flames
To go on a rampage
Max pain
Is for you when u.going against johnny blaze
Johnny cage
Get killed an i still got on shades
I'm blade
The daywalker
An nightcrawler
Ever since the day i was brought up
The night was bothered
I guard up
Better have on some armor
Cuz im like a monster truck
Flow like an armored truck
With magic like the
So.come to hogwarts
Ill teach you wizardry
How to lyrically
Write at an.wizards degree
Magic wand sparking
I write pass the margins
I.auctioned it
To.walt.Disneys orphanage to offer it
alot.of magic
I let you taste an fraction of it
U cant get half of it
This.just an examine of it
Cuz my captions are functioning
At an mass production
You.*** an.trash ya flow need a bath
But even my trash you cant touch none of it
I.spit bliZzards
At the.highest temperatures
An.have you rappers have.igloos to build up
You.eskimos better chill bruh
Cause im a polar.bear lookin.for a meal you slug
Im the i keep that motivating in me
CuZ IM A.SUPREME ENTITY WITH an higher frequency
An negativity
Only rises my Energy
Maxi Jun 2015
I just wanted to let you know that I’m done.
If I ever loved you at all… I don’t love you anymore.
True, lately I’ve been lonely, and if I told you that I missed you, I don’t miss you
I promise I’m just bored.
You were already here, and I needed a muse. I was trying to talk to you
But you wouldn’t listen.
I was getting tired of the “Miss Yous”; they were starting to feel misused.
So I cut you loose.
Cause I was tired of the lies as well. No games, we both grown.
And we both know **** well that nothing resembles the truth more than what is true
So what does that make you?
Maybe I’m a fool because I didn’t listen when they tried to put me up on game about you.
Let’s play a game, and for once let’s not make it about you.
I dare you to tell me the truth…and while I wait, I’ll tell you mine.
1. What’s true is that I’ve been lying to myself while making up excuses for you.
2. I ignored every lip stick stain, 2am phone call, and deceit-scented fragrance...thinking that made me a rider.
3. I even decided to dedicate my poems to someone new, but two wrongs don’t make a writer.
Maybe I’m a fool, because I always end up giving the wrong people the right pieces of me...
Remember when I used to tell you that I was fat? And you’d reply, “No, you’re beautiful”
I wondered why I couldn’t be both.

Remember when you told me that you loved me, so you’d never cheat? I wonder why I didn’t think you could do both.
You were looking for real, while real was looking at you.
You were QUICK to give up something real when something close started looking at you too.
You reached into my soul and removed my vital organs.
Broke my ribcage to make a home for your heart…now tell me
WHAT THE HELL am I supposed to do with a broken ribcage and an empty space?
I can’t even blame you…by always putting you first,
I’ve taught you that I always come second.

I made your love home, my favorite place
& on the weekends you made HER home, your favorite place.
You were my poetry, my safe place.
My lock my heart up and don’t tell anybody where you keep the safe…place.
It’s funny though, because it seems that we had galaxies between us
And yet you still needed space.
Shout out to the pain that gave me understanding
Shout out to the pain that helped me realize what space meant.

I remember pretending to be every girl that you’ve ever been with,
Like you were a ******, and I was your first.
Like you were an atheist and I was the first church you ever stepped into
I loved you. Bruh, I talked to God about you.
I pretended to be the only girl you ever encountered so technically I was the only one, but I was never the only once because I was never the only choice that you had to choose from.

I remember you telling me that I would never have to compete with another soul.
I wonder why I believed you…hmm
I guess I was scoping the competition with my eyes closed.

Not closed too tight to notice you trying to pull wool over them though.
In my mom’s hopeless attempts to console me, she told me that time heals all wounds…as if she forgot that all wounds still hurt for some time.
But its fine... my palms are too small to hold grudges.
I’m done. It’s crazy though, I swear I could write journals worth of poetry to you
But when it comes time to speak, my voice gets caught in my throat every single time.
Not this time.
Baby our love was like a poetic metaphor.
It was either me or her…I guess you chose who you were riding for.
Gigi Tiji Feb 2016
hey, whatsup break me open and have a look inside
a suh dood check out these heady feels but like
whoa bruh they tell me
simmer down
you're harshin that mellow
yellow matter it's no matter tell me something new
find me something else to say I'm a
fried egg in a skull here's some banter
gallop trot and canter I'm just horsin' around
of course it's not finely ground buddy 'ol pal
you'll have to crush it up yourself
if ya wanna snort it
but hey let's abort that mission
I'm just tryin' to chill in the kitchen
all I want is a nice meal I don't want
anyone to steal these lasts wisps of my soul
let's smoke a bowl and forego the physical
maybe think about something quizzical
something that'll bring me elsewhere
anywhere but before

— The End —