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they say home's where the heart
but if home is a carcass
that's real hard to believe,
'cause that's prone to give scars
and say home's where there's heart but
why go through the falls
inside and outside like there's no haven at all.
maybe there isn't, and im just thinking like tall—
toddlers, can you blame me when i search for feelings harb'd
in that space and in that place, and faces had a deeper cause
and love felt felt and with intent
there was no need to find a pause
or the flaws but,
this is not a beautiful space at all
maybe the veil finally hit the floor
maybe it all was a dream galore..

a black hole is all this is.
I need a night out
I need a day out
I need a way out
I need the needs now.
this may seem a tad sour
but that's how truth is, and this how the corner of earth be
there's no time for one's wellbeing
when you're trying to be a well being.
well, being in this place makes it quite a feat.
since this world ain't for Cs, just - well - be
because plan A always finds a way to sway when you're well on your way to being
your most and keep glee where you the well with waters of your heart be
being well off seems a fairytale from this scope
but there will be, a moment where our water runs deep.
I know that this is ******* you
I really feel your pain
Not physically or mentally but
through the inking you paint
on that page of your mistreatings,
of what this species did to your
Innocent and beauty being.
I'm truly cut deep by this and I,
know it's most probably an infinite nightmare and
I'm quite scared for the, future if this is how some men view a
woman and think they can run free and do a re-**** up
I'm really disgusted with dudes who reveal colours that
paint the world unsafe for our only hope of a loved one .

Man, **** 'em , but it really should be taught to all the lot
That it's okay sometimes to not know and learn from those who've got
knowledge on the thing , and not just push and shove 'em like a box
it's scary how the man has had this illusion that he's superior
now this same illusion is making hard headed animals
Loud nothings upon their heads ringing like alarms in mid
Dream sequence and these issues are just like a parable they knock
Out of the way and make no mistake, they take this thing little a lot
But what do I know. I just want change for our kings and queens
so godly they are hybrids and carry their dreams
in face of more adversity than we could ever endure
I'd to say, from deep inside my core of cores, on behalf of all the boars
that I truly apologize and prayers for y'all are more.
and that's just the two cents from your boy.
this is for all women. you're the pillar if this earth and nobody deserves the ill treatment you experience from day to day. much love. Meez*
the balloon popped.

the flight mood walked away with the last pieces of my
ever torn heart and soul not deserving of any good good brings.

the heart dos stopped.

although the love stays immense and an intense plot thickens
the thing is, the moon got another shade of blue from these eyes' vision.
all the sweet nothings are now nothing but deafening silence
but who am I to feel this way, I'm sorry for this shxt,
that I hand to you even though we weren't that type of ting
it won't happen again, I guess sometimes love makes me kid think.

the sads are getting intimate.
the flower bloomed but didn't grow.
the happys are no longer living.
mining is jealous of this low.
I'm so sorry for the rhythm but this was the best way to express how I'm feeling. I hope you like the piece
you say that you're a mess but
all I see is beauty.
Your aura, intrudes these, dark thoughts to
flee off and bring the most incredible lighting and beauty
'cause you synonymous of these two things, it's truly **** glee that you
bring, I swear one heard the birds sing when our hearts intertwined and interlinked yet you,
pulled and held it back in because you,
believe that you're not worthy of being somebody's everything.
this breaks one but front we lead

you say that you're a mess but
your filthiest would be when you say a swear, word but
in a very weird way, it's still word with most poetry and potent waves,
you're away, away, so so away
way beyond our understanding and your lovely is immense as,
you always flee free as a bird
you're a beach I'd love to love and hold but
your hold on the shore and waves just letting go is
giving you so much burden - unnecessary - you could simply let flow
let our soul to soul take us, beyond where mortals know
let the water clean you up and make you whole .

you say you're a mess.
so what if you are?
and even if that is so, this is a mess I'd love a forever with
such beautiful melanin and aura to die for, my God, I'm flicked
it's literally lit in the, spirit and we could be warm and fiddle with
the norms and give them a little spin so we, create our own
only our own so, you feel more whole - I repeat.
and clean, as you see I'm more than happy to call you home
just pick up your soul and let's touch love road

you're a mess but
one I'd be honored and privileged to love and hold.
I'm just trying to love you.
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