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Matthew Feb 5
I'm a

My frayed wires
by my familiar
square head

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Matthew Jan 27
I write prose
poetry to
I'm a product of
poor upbringing
Matthew Jan 21
How am I going to forget you?
Sunny day goes farther.
Matthew Jan 14
Perched in a tall nest.
Let's look at those at rest.
After the sunlight's haze
A sly clarity stays
Matthew Nov 2020
I have no wife
But I must be pegged
help I needed negging
Matthew Sep 2020
Inspiration moves like the wind
touching the grass
moving the hair.

It waxes and wanes
with or without your

Inspiration is the cool breeze during twilight
pointing you toward the moons and the stars
of the universe.
Matthew Sep 2020
There once was a man named John
He was gay
and wished he wasn't

So he decided to try something new
He married a woman
he raised all the goats, prostitutes, and ******* goats
His face formed a straight toothed smile
covering a shadowed tear
his circuits failed to reach a lightbulb
and no connection was made
now he was in prison
for holding an illegal human trafficking ring
and the ******* goats were allowed to roam free.
sometimes you can still hear them calling out to their owner John.
Such a sad story
based on this old poem
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