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bess Sep 16
When I was a child

I thought
all my pain
would fade away
with age.

They say,
“you once dreamed
of being where you are now.”

And I did. I prayed
for time that
would take away my hurt.
I ached for identity
in the form of adulthood.

I once dreamed
of being where I am now,
but my dreams
were nothing like
Ylzm Jul 25
When we are children,
   We play adults.
When we are adults,
   We play gods.
When we are gods,
    We know we are but children.
Darryl M May 9
The touch of paralysis,
The feeling of my fingers going down your back.
The heavy, slowly released breath.
The suspension of your eyes in the hallucination of the mind.
Deep in desire.

Your lips are slightly open,
Perfectly positioned for a kiss of the deep.
Deep in desire.
You are mine, now.
Slavery of a free body teased with passion.

I touch you as if we’re alone in this world.
A touch that shames you in public,
Leaves you with secrets,
A sip of more to blush about.
Bonds of a mind drift.

Ancestral traces of my touch,
Inscribed in your affection.
Elation of hearts entangled.
Completed: 19th August 2018 [14:13 PM]
Chicago sounds lovely,
with new people places and things
I don’t yet know.
People around here say,
“Isn’t it cold there?
You’re going to get shot.
I bet your parents won’t like
you being so far from home.”

They don’t realize
that there are tunnels
and winter clothes.
They haven’t understood
that if I die,
I know exactly where I’m going,
and besides,
I was never promised safety.

My parents raised me to be independent,
and they didn’t try to push me to any
one school,
but when I showed them
the acceptance letter,
they called everyone.
They’ve been so excited,
and they think
this is a sign of success,
me going off and exploring and living freely.
chitragupta Apr 1
Adults fight all the time,
like children -
So I should take the charge and grow up already!
How might I do that exactly?
Should I start by sipping a cup o' tea?
Or take a swig from the bottle of whisky?
Grow some hair on my face maybe?

But I still fancy chocolate milk
on the side of animal-shaped biscuits
while I plug my earphones in
to cut out the domestic horror story
Don't fight in the presence of children.
They will learn what they see.
Or worse, turn out like me.
Juan Bot Mar 14
The trap fly walks across the room,

the house becomes the ardent fly.

Shining like gold,

As lustrous as Venus,

Its wings unfold,
followed by a swift shove of air.

Ascending into a new form of life,
the fly flies.

but gets trapped by an underground bear trap,
Always believe in your dreams.
Neo Feb 7
I drain you of your life and blood
I drain you of all that is good
I drain you and you don't even know
Maybe its me that needs to go
Maybe its you but we'll never know

It didn't start this way
I was one of you
Healthy and free to do what I want to do
A boy as wild as his dreams would take him
Ambition and compassion would only inflate them

But then...

The boy who flew
He lost his way
he lost his mind
His ambition and compassion drained.

Its funny
We circle back to the same old **** about growing up
It seems we don't know enough
and never did

Little did I ever realize
Our parents are just as much kids at the end of the day
Only their ambition and compassion is drained.
elja Jan 15
i am just a child
in a world full of adults
how could i not recognize my faith before
Capture me
Take me & make me yours
Show me your strength
Be not afraid of the pleasure
It's a game we are playing
Try something new
Is all , I want to do
Submissive I become
As you take what is yours
Yes that's it
I'm yours so it's yours
Show me what you want
It's built on lust & trust
It's all yours so do what you must
Cause lust is all I'm feeling
Mmmm now you get it
Oh yes this is fun
Passionate play
As you take what's yours
That's what I want
The rest is for us to enjoy
All night we shall play

© Jennifer Delong  1/5/19
Iska Dec 2018
You stick us all together
And declare we are the same
As if we all don’t have a different
Tolerance to pain
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