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The trap fly walks across the room,

the house becomes the ardent fly.

Shining like gold,

As lustrous as Venus,

Its wings unfold,
followed by a swift shove of air.

Ascending into a new form of life,
the fly flies.

but gets trapped by an underground bear trap,
Always believe in your dreams.
Neo Feb 7
I drain you of your life and blood
I drain you of all that is good
I drain you and you don't even know
Maybe its me that needs to go
Maybe its you but we'll never know

It didn't start this way
I was one of you
Healthy and free to do what I want to do
A boy as wild as his dreams would take him
Ambition and compassion would only inflate them

But then...

The boy who flew
He lost his way
he lost his mind
His ambition and compassion drained.

Its funny
We circle back to the same old **** about growing up
It seems we don't know enough
and never did

Little did I ever realize
Our parents are just as much kids at the end of the day
Only their ambition and compassion is drained.
elja Jan 15
i am just a child
in a world full of adults
how could i not recognize my faith before
Capture me
Take me & make me yours
Show me your strength
Be not afraid of the pleasure
It's a game we are playing
Try something new
Is all , I want to do
Submissive I become
As you take what is yours
Yes that's it
I'm yours so it's yours
Show me what you want
It's built on **** & trust
It's all yours so do what you must
Cause **** is all I'm feeling
Mmmm now you get it
Oh yes this is fun
Passionate play
As you take what's yours
That's what I want
The rest is for us to enjoy
All night we shall play

© Jennifer Delong  1/5/19
Iska Dec 2018
You stick us all together
And declare we are the same
As if we all don’t have a different
Tolerance to pain
William Marr Nov 2018
All **** breaks loose—
on this day
children wear hideous masks
to hide
their innocent faces

All **** breaks loose—
every day
adults wear innocent masks
to hide
their hideous faces
Lhb Oct 2018
Here is to every child that didn’t get to experience childhood.
Who had to be a grown up.
Who had to lift themselves up.
Who had to hold themselves up.
Who kept up with the beating up.

Death wasn’t supposed to be our first word.
These are not the games we wanted to play.
We didn’t imagine our first heartbreak will be at this young age.
The only love we knew was pain and cruelty.
Peace is not a word in our dictionary.

So please, excuse the way we act,
don’t freak out when we push you away;
we are not familiar with attention and consideration.
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
An Adult in all da flair
And ze Child that lives in air
Have one thing uncommon

And zat is ze pressure to make few mistakes
Once zat is ze same for ze child

We have truly robbed children of zeir childhood.

Being a child itself should be a sign that a lotta mistakes are in order. Once you start pressurizing not to make them too much, congratulations, you loser.
(Tried a little fake French accent. I like ze fake accents!!)
Bartholomew Sep 2018
We went from “who loves orange soda?” to take a shot for me.
To waiting in lines at the DMV, from waiting in lines at the school dance like “bruh hold my spot for me”
From N64 controllers to leasing a Toyota Corolla
Dealing with these adult life problems we don’t have no control of

From pillow forts to the rents due
From action figures to hopes of six figures
From razor scooters to shaving with razors
From love letters to car notes
crazy right?

The only losses we worried about were argued through Rock Paper Scissors.
Now we worry about losing jobs, material things and on the news daily we lose our brothers and sisters.

The only pain we felt was scraping our knees on the concrete.
Now we scrape change tryna pay the bills hoping that our ends meet.
I wish I could go back, I close my eyez with my memories and feel gratification.
And the thing I miss most of all at that tender age is my imagination

I can’t believe I couldn’t wait to get big
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