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Janine Jacobs Oct 2016
the dutch colony ascended on our shores
replacing traditional african education on culture
with teaching slaves how to pray

we saw the deterioration of black schools
and state-mandated segregated curricula
whites being taught better than blacks
who was only destined for subservient jobs

policies of apartheid birthed the bantu education
and later forced us to learn languages
which was not our native tongue
the youth could no longer be silenced
soweto uprising saw them dying for the cause

we have protested throughout the decades
silenced by the apartheid government
simply ignored

with Mandela’s release we saw liberation, freedom, democracy
and a single education system, we were finally equal
however the legacy of black inferior education left a deep scar
which has still not healed
our parents not able to give us the education they were denied

now students are holding the government accountable
who promised free education for a vote
the movement trending as #feesmustfall

anger expressed by burning premises, striking and rioting
i believe in the cause but who are you really hurting?
why destroy the very universities that you are fighting for?
Eddie Matikiti Oct 2015
Uprising stirring throughout the land
Children marching for a cause
The elders must listen
Dreams sold for so long
Time for reckoning upon us

A man's money is his life
Take his money you take his life
A man's education is his future
Take away that and you make him extinct

The youth uprising for a cause
The men in black suits must comply
Fees must fall
Education for free and for all

They sold us dreams of a land filled with milk and honey
For so long we believed
Soldiered on barefoot to no end
The richer getting richer
Bleak future for the African child

History will be made today
The men in black suits will answer
They will feel the tremors of our solidarity
No longer shall they hide behind their dark shades

Lend your ears to us
Let your hearts be compassionate to our cause
Fees must fall
Educate us for the future of Africa
They should fall. no question.
This has become ridiculous too long 'cause now it's debt'ning.
Becoming blacklisted before forty ain't legit man,
And this being a result of our continued sorrow stories gets me lit - ****.
We're proving that we are more the turn up,
So get the fees moving if you don't want some riots turning up
Listen to the kids bruh, I swear you'll hear the message
that the world needs to listen to for the future not to perish.
We are no Boxers but
hard we work and know our worth and its perks,
And so - like Donald - we deserve all the benefits
We are evidently the scorned for these greedy leaders
Who make empty promises and want more of the nothing we receive it's,
Sickening how the greed has got to their heads so the truth's a blur,
And the reasoning heads to a 0, back to being a baby.
The only 0 that's needed is the percentage of the increase
of fees and the brutality of the police is really of no need,
We fight peacefully and you go around killing and crippling our peeps.
But we won't stop, we the black sheep and donkeys that refuse to listen
to the bull unless it's what we want and it's a continued vision.
Although it may take a bit longer for you to see it,
It'll happen eventually, you'll 20/20 see, the whole thing,
But for now we shall protest and fight for our right
'Cause we're tired - #FeesMustFall - and we shant listen to any Squealer's plight
This is putting to light what the students are crying about and why there are so many marches, poverty has been a struggle to a black child and they want this to be rid of and change history, and besides that, the ridiculous amounts of tuition fees should not go any higher. We are making a change.

— The End —