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Beauty36 Mar 2017
A heart like mine.. is a tune I play in my head, for I try to protect it's every beat cause every day it's grows weak. A couple years have gone by after gluing back the piece's of it been broken well more Like torn apart. I hid from all life's obstacles cause I knew it couldn't take what was truly out in the world before me. Staying hidden for so long caused my heart to grow cold as ice. For if I felt I bit of excitement I would have to wind it or my life span would just stop. It's said when you've grown so cold that love would be the death of you. So I put up this barrier and treated others as if they had no true meaning to them. My nights grew long and dark just like I enjoyed it but still it was a part of me that longed for someone to just hold me... So  I watched you for a while not sure if you noticed me back. But once my attempts became unnoticed.. I walked away with not even a simple glimpse. You finally approached me with a goofy way of saying hello. Intrigued me with conversation which most lacked and was lost. You won me over eventually and my heart became a warm thump in my chest. For I knew I was alive again cause at first.. I just felt death. I loved you with my all. I loved you with my soul. To only have it ripped out by the man who actually made me whole.. the heart I once began to feel beat again is breaking apart from my soul. And only one more tear will end it all for my heart has once again grown weak and cold.. and no need to wind the clock cause that too has gotten old..
Beauty36 Aug 2016
LOVE is a word so often used by those that truly think they feel it or even know what the meaning of it really is.. LOVE is a word that men/women use to let someone know that they're sorry after doing wrong for forgiveness or use it to eventually get what they want by using the most powerful and strong word of them all..LOVE..
    I was once told that HATE was the most powerful word of them all, until I was told the Words I LOVE YOU.. by someone I trusted and LOVED deep down into the core of my soul betrayed and used me for their on selfishness.
 LOVE is now a simple word that I now know gets misused.. Taken for granted and thrown around like a helpless rag doll not having any meaning non what so ever. So the Simplicity of LOVE is a term meaning.. Meaningless love.. Non existing.. Forever forgotten.. For my soul has now been lost believing in such a thing as LOVE... SIMPLICITY LOVE.
Beauty36 Mar 2015
Take me on a trip and set my mind free.. watching all the waves as if I'm care free.. my spirit is on high as I leave all my worries behind.. sailing on this love ship to a place beyond our own imaginations. Our love will be far beyond the sea as we sail on the Atlantis.. The song says you'll come back to me but you're already here and here is where you'll stay.. my love for you is strong as if you have on a stray jacket trying to get free. But you'll rather stay trapped just to stay next to me.. Let's set sail on this Voyage to Atlantis.. watching the waves while setting  our worries free.. set sail with me and find an island that's stress free.. I'll always be there for you.. I'll always sail the Atlantis with you.. I'm your lady now and forever.. promise we'll stay together and never say our last goodbyes for we'll search for paradise out in the sea.. Sailing this Voyage to the Atlantis
The song Voyage To Atlantis by: The Isley Brothers gave me the idea for this poem
Beauty36 Mar 2015
There's no such thing as loyalty if there's no togetherness.. There's no such thing as communication, if there's no one listening nor trying to speak.. There's no such thing as love, if no one is willing to give their heart.. There's no such thing as you and I... cause some one decided to be no one to me...
Beauty36 Mar 2015
Am I crazy to still have feelings and thoughts of a lost love that I know will never return to me in this life time. Just only in my dreams or when I sit and imagine that you're here with me.. My heart feels as tho its been snatched out my chest and stabbed numerous of times to only bleed the tears that my eyes can no longer share... My belly has a surprise that neither one of us expected.. but now that this miracle has approached I don't know rather to accept it or deny it's request.. my mind is all over the place with emotions of such hate for you but yet my mind wants me to continue to love you.. I'm in this mental battle with myself so how the hell could I lose.. Reality kicked in.. (I already Have).. Nights of loneliness.. Days of Desperation. . Weekends with a bottle or two just to drink all my sorrows away.. Back to day one when the ******* weekday comes.. This is an ongoing cycle that I truly want to overcome... But how.. when I'm always seeming to be missing you.. listening to music we use to make love to.. watching videos we made and listen to how you brought laughter to me.. Tears want to fall but I'm too angry for that... I give up.. drip drip is the noise I begin to hear.. I'm leaking all my worries away but yet I know they'll all come back again.. So until tomorrow I'll just lay and pretend that you're next to me, to only fall asleep and keep my mind from wondering. Cause right now my mind and heart has no beginning nor end.
Beauty36 Feb 2015
I played myself yet again lending out a heart that I wasn't ready to lose. I allowed you to come in when I knw that the feelings I had were premature but I let you in anyway.. your body, your smile, your smell they all had me mesmerized with pure lust.. your tall stature was so alluring that it had me completely gone in the head.. the way you looked at me made me melt on the inside and when I rubbed you.. I quivered with much excitement. I got the man of my dreams the man that all women seek.. look at me.. but dnt envy me was the ego I had.. to only get knocked off the high horse I was on by the man whom I felt so deeply for that had my ego so swollen.. You played me, you used me and toyed with my heart knwing all I've been thru way before you.. I trusted you.. I believed in you.. I even asked you to marry me.. and got your name tattooed in my heart.. Oh how this is such a nightmare I want to awaken from.. but I knw this isn't a dream.. I still pinch myself cause I'll rather bruise myself than to have another take that part.My only question is what exactly did I do to deserve this pain and the way you have now began to ignore me.. Why hurt the one who loves you, but chase the one who abuse you.. I've yet to feel the love of a man so geniune so pure.. only the fake love from an imposter who only takes.. My world has turned upside dwn and it's all because of you.. my nights grow long with memories of you.. my days become faded from wanting you and my mind is going crazy cause I can't seem to forget you. Why does a heart hold on to such pain when the person who has done the hurting is happy and long gone living their life.. ****!!Smfh.. this love life of mine is tragic.. I give up due to being a hopeless, loveless romantic.
Just a poem I wrote.. I enjoy writing poems about love, relationship and also I've written poems about past experiences... Writing is a passion.. I dnt write and post them for the likes, but I do it just to share things I normally keep inside.
Beauty36 Jan 2015
Star Light, Star Bright wishing on a star tonight.. That my mind and that my soul comes to peace with those I know. My heart grows weary my mind never knows whoever I will meet whomever will ever go. I wish upon the star I see while gazing in the nightly sky.. which seems so dark with little light but all the stars are shining bright. I close my eyes to make a wish upon the star that shines on me.. that one day I'll find the peace I need to conquer all this negativity. I need a pure heart I need to be stress free.. I need someone to actually hold on to me... Star Light.. Star Bright I'll make my wish tonight I wish I could I wish I might wish upon the first star I see tonight.
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