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Don 't do that !
Don 't you try to eat me
I'm not real
Don 't squeeze
Don 't touch
I look real
And you might want a piece of me
I reckon
Don 't feed me either
with fake cooked shrimp or artificial cupcakes
I 'm no  endangered bird of  paradise
Those faux iridescent blue feathers I display
Can 't even fly me over the factice canopy
Of pseudo Papua New Guinea
Wanna enjoy a pretend dance
A simili nuptial parade ?
I 'm just a fraud of a plumage
A true faux extinct species :
Your dancing dandy.
Your *** toy !
JA Perkins Jun 2019
A baby cries for his mother.
His mother hears him cry -
looks for love from another
promise of a passer-by..

She says "no love from the haters"
but what she really means
is that her people no longer cater
to her schemes and childish dreams..

Just an addict without a name
with nothing left to live for
claiming loyalty to the game,
but it's not a game anymore -
the players have all turned
from bad to worse - empty hulls
consumed inside of fires burned -
desires churn inside their busy skulls..
Buyer's terms - they hire her
taking turns until her needle's dull
passed the point of no return
before she even drew a second pull.

Now the baby doesn't cry
Someone has taken her place.
Just another cold goodbye
to cut more lines in her face.

Posting photos just for compliments
from hungry souls too quick
to heat the coals of her cold confidence
But yeah, that's a really nice pic.  

There's an understanding between 'em
as she welcomes her guest
from "nah, I haven't seen him"
to "girl, you know you're the best"
Has her right where he wants her -
bitten by invisible bugs and fear
and a memory that often haunts her
when she looks in the mirror.

The baby's happy now..
Doesn't know what he's missing
She swears she'll see him somehow
to anyone who will listen.
Addiction and the likes of which.
ZWS Jun 2019
Faux Play

Webs of remorse cover my bed as I stumble back into brambles
A place that acts as a sanctuary but looks like a crumpled napkin
A recluse ******* that concerns no cordials
But those that comfort a king who bellows in his castle
Built high out of stone and assured to one day be ruins
A faux ploy to thou I’ve surrendered built on all of those who I’ve sundered
A war within my own; where ballast meets ballast
And blunder meets blunder
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018
When I look at from the varendah
I saw only a green grass floor
on my table full of memoranda
my bed is behind the french door

I am alone standing how lonely!
sure it's not a tranquility
when my room will be homely?
future is unpredictablility

Longing for the day when we can be
marry and having a chat without a pause
while teaseing and tasting one candy
sometime doing a bit of faux pas
Wyatt Apr 2018
I have a different view
from inside this cage.
The showers of the world will
never wash away my rage.
I know you cannot hear me now,
but I dropped this torch you made.
I abandoned your faux light
I've started looking away
from your false security.
All of these distractions,
you tried to get the best of me.
Surely I've lost my cool
a time or two from
lowering to your level
but now I have a such different view
from this **** of a scene
stuck inside this cage.
I've never spent the time to buy
so much space inside your head,
yet I still exist in it the same.
You're not worth it,
the time it took
to put these words together
but a message had to be made
to all those who questioned me.
Every monster has claws and fangs,
it's just a case of when to use them.
I'll pave my own way,
I'll find my own justice.
Life will come back for you,
just know it isn't always so pretty.
I'd much rather belong in a cage
than live life on a leash.
I'd much rather belong in a cage than live life on a leash. Life will come back for you, just know it isn't always so pretty. It'll get us all eventually, just wait.
ixamxaxcrybaby Nov 2017
Fairy tales and fantasies are someone's cause of happiness,
Happiness that can't be seen in reality,
Reality that we want to escape,
To escape just to feel faux happiness.
ga Aug 2017
Loving you is destructive

Yet I embrace the smell of agony with my bare hands and closed eyes.

I'm ready to be torn apart
And i regret that love
Wellspring Aug 2017
We are in an elegant ballroom,
Surrounded with decadent silks and lace.
Everyone dancing,
At this hypocritical masquerade.

Our hair styled with jewels,
With our golden gilded chaises.
Everyone twirling,
At this hypocritical masquerade.

But with all their talking of peace,
And their stalking about with grace.
Everyone falling,
At this hypocritical masquerade.

We are all poor in life and in spirit,
But we put on a fake face.
Everyone lying,
At this hypocritical masquerade.
When you're attempting to avoid all of your work... I'm a pro procrastinator
misty Aug 2017
how mesmerizing you are
not that i would know for sure
but if i knew you i would hold you so dear
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