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Spenser Bennett Sep 2019
I will not yet cede to your silence


To see myself with eyes so foreign
Unbecome, the weight and my headspace
These false faces, presented, applauded
Such suffocation, lift away, could I

Walk aside your healing
Inside, I'm dreaming
Wealth of empty numbers
Shade is but a feeling

All is fleeting, so it must
And yet the image remains
Of the dawn at dusk
Oxidize your heart now, hold trust

Stir your heart, give up my ghost
Should you find yourself awake and alone
Don't reach for my hands, you've come to
An isolation I've always known

Foot falls in a garden
Ash aloft on a high wind
Covet not abiding
Covered by untying

Frayed cloth of your choosing
I'll wake to an empty air, Confidante
Capture every inkling, promise I'm still breathing
Your heavy eyes disbelieved
How readily I held to grief

My lonely light!
How heaves this life?

Across every green, I call mine for peace
Don't say it's not to cleave
These bones and leaves; yellowing

Let go, let go, let go
Come winter's cold

Sacred? Quite!
A savored cry

Forgone for the forest
Should your water rise but for us

Our hands have held the heat
How we burnt the seed

Oh, for the prophet
Some did profit, some did weep

Ache and ardor of an armour
Wake and wander, suffer should the summer
Never cease


All my life I have felt a vacancy
All apartments, B, all apologies
Still you suffer not my kindness
Syl, I cede to you; your silence
Be as it must be
Heaving fore she breathes
Spenser Bennett Aug 2019
Caught no eyes for Reds
No stomach for butterflies: words I
shoulda never've said
My hands are waisted
Lungs ablaze, torched by low water
Modern man, I am, so suspended
All my lives, always I've been dependent?

I have no ears for nothings,
No matter how sweet
A nose ain't for roses nor pale concrete
Better served in service towards
Some dream, c'est fantastique...
A matter of mind, weighed Large Above
Kerouacian seams
Borne back, never to cease
My bones; clattered and battered an American beat

Some soul for a saving, suppose
No faith for the golden fleeced,
Howe'er a lion takes the meat, God knows
Of heart, I weigh much
But suffer no touch, unfeasted on an Appled iCore
How vacant must one be!
For life to give purpose, for Heaven to speak
How persistent a rose from a Sidewalk's end grows
Yet unlike a bull, I'll cane no Calgary
Thoughts on how obsessive consumerism and the overreach of advertising chip away at our ability to be human. I guess. Or not. Your call.
Spenser Bennett Jun 2019
All that is good
All that is golden
Will live in our hearts
Unlost, unbroken
Spenser Bennett May 2019
For what pain may bring
We suffer more of our fear
Pain is but a fleeting, physical thing
While fear lingers on for years

Say what you must of Epicurus
Call him what he must have been
A coward, a heathen, a hedonist
He rejected all but the pleasurable sins

For pain is a sin, against the happiness of spirit
And fear is as well, however, against the fortitude of mind
Run far from pain, avoid all who dwell near it
But fear, I say, you must embrace lest courage you ne'er find
Spenser Bennett Apr 2019
Fail me now
Oh, these little things
I'm sticking on
Gravitate, I will
Slow, sinking feeling
I could be so much better
Make it mean
Abating heaven, sing
Welcome home
Heart stained sleeves
So unentertaining
The way love goes
Scared shitless moments
All of life is falling
Back to the day I met her
Spenser Bennett Jan 2019
How sorrow held you
Without right
Night after night, stare out the window
At all the lights in the dark
Never once could you imagine
The light reflected in you
So bright, stark white
Heavily blue

Left the house today
One shoe at a time
I start to hope
Maybe it'll be okay
From that anguished slumber
You woke
To find a light right here
Not fleeting
But deep down I know
You're still sleeping

A leap made in faith's absence
The needle wasn't enough
To still the beating blood
And the sink won't ever be clean again
Oh, how darkness did consume
All that I had left to lose
In a note, washed by tears and blood
Reads, in your ever careful hand,
Spenser Bennett Dec 2018
All shall not last forevermore
Patient is the knock of Death at Life's ancient door
Let me gaze through the window a while more
Until Living becomes, as compared to Death, a bitter chore
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