cait-cait Oct 7
the devil’s eyes are blue ,
from when they made him up in heaven ,

but he keeps his girls like toys,
and like dolls, they lay in piles.

you know,
ive always kept my mouth closed ,
and my sharp teeth dulled,
for i have been forced to wear a smile
to cover up each bruise .

so how come,
he looks at her like a dog ,
you all just let him bite?

do you think he ever kissed his wife’s wounds?

you know, we know that you men all kiss his,
it is time to be angry. It is time for women to bite and kick and scream and make everyone sorry for ever thinking that any of this was okay. I’m sorry Doctor Ford.
cait-cait Sep 25
disconnected ,
my torso has been torn from my legs
and i lay in pieces, separated
miles apart ,,

wires, like silver veins,
stem from plants
and flowers,
little golden ropes .
a noose around a garden *** ,
a robot without its head

they always say that love is blind ,
but i think love
must be cruel —
for she dressed me in red and then
left me to die,

and you know..
a tea kettle who boils
also screams ...
heard about that suicidal artist who handcuffed himself to a tree and then died. That’s what love is like. Maybe I’m just reading too many depressing things lately.
cait-cait Sep 20
i don’t trust you with myself ..
anymore ,

unfurled -
the ocean laps at my feet
as you wish to
gaze upon girls ...

perfect flowers .

you say that you understand , and
that you hate it when i do that.
but i think you’re drowning ,
and i guess ,
this means you don’t want saving ...

do you think —
you’ll still love me ,
even if i make
your face bleed all blue?

you tell me that i’m wrong,
in a way that should make me feel

i feel angry instead.
don’t try that ******* with me / truck hitter
cait-cait Sep 10
you’re a sick, sick person
my little,

with eyes like ferocious , angry
beetles, you
chew into me and cut out

if only you knew i wasn’t invincible,
if only you knew
                              you were toxic.

the cement is wet when you bash my head
the cement is still wet when it
my mom said "who cares what they think. theyll never understand it, and you dont have to say this part out loud, but things are different now."
cait-cait Sep 4
i wanted to give you everything ,
and ended up giving you myself
instead —

and i
called it giving myself up the only way i knew how ..

little wounds you can’t even sew shut,
id say you didn’t even try.

words can mean so much,
and still you zipped your lips tight —
and decided ,,

that love is simply ***.

you forget me, equating me to some image of
a dead body —

leave me to burn , like when i cried all
little rivers
that you did not even see ...

guess you’ll just have to be locked up,
with the rest of them

wondering why —
like most people do,
why is she so angry?

your punishment
will be torture,

and finally you’ll know —
just what i went through ,
for you
most people would call this good acting but i just think it’s womanhood. Not my best work but I’m trying
cait-cait Aug 30
imagine —
you are the last of your species,

an angel, who dances on

film that protects
this earth ,
your wings are broken ,
and these are the pieces of you that cannot go
home .

so on
tiptoes, this cracked marble
does not shatter,
everyone gets to watch you perform ,
unknowing of the cold truth that you are shackled
to ,

a ballerina in a box
that hums a sweet tune —

you still dance ,
even as the last of your species,
even though
you are all that you have left.

even though
you have decided that love is a form of
i didn’t know what to title this but my comedy lit class was assigned plato’s the allegory of the cave and i loved it.... this is somewhat a different style (or concept) for me but i hope you still enjoy. this was another poem where I wrote the ending lines before the beginning ha ha. Meaning Is up for interpretation
cait-cait Aug 24
six feet deep
you have buried me ,
and i bang on the coffin door—

little bees outside make honey
while i just try to breathe .

one day, this grass will grow quite tall,
and i will soak my
aching feet ,

who was it,
                    who told you to hurt me?

who is it, that wants me to

these roses are so beautiful, yet
all of them have
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