calm Mar 2018
I love you, honey, but not like that
you're turning out to be a psychopath
your eyes have no light, no soul behind their blue
it seems so me you're drowning in whatever's drowning you

I miss you, baby, but not this way
I need the old you back and I need him here to stay
your smile's just a lie, another of your tricks
well I don’t wanna play if there's a prize of falling bricks

I want you, really, but not that much
I have better things to do if you're just gonna be a ****
your face unrecognizable, a demon in your skin
I'm scared I'll someday wake up dead to find that I've ended up like him
calm Mar 2018
It's so lonely here, but somehow calm
I'm scared I might forget myself soon
I'm on my own here, with sweaty palms
That have no one to hold in their silent tune

It's too quiet, so full of peace
I'm terrified of what I'll become
Creatures of the night, will never cease
To be wild in their own home.
calm Mar 2018
I see her walking by
Amongst the crowd she walks
Clutching her schoolbooks in her arms
The whole world glistens in her eyes

No one sees her in the bustling halls
No one notices her , no one at all
Every day , no one at all
Except me

Head down, I pass life by
A dark stranger in a world of light
Schoolbooks kept close to my chest
Shielding my mind from the loud universe

I'm just another blank canvas,
In this town of Van Goghs.
Take no heed of where my footsteps follow
I can't trust my own **** self

I'm about to pass her
My heart thumps
My blood pumps
I wish this would last forever

But yet it hurts
Because I can never have her
From the inside the feeling burns
But I still love her

Sinking further into this dark hole
Like the life's draining out of me
Whispers of screams circle my brain
I wish this was just a dream

It aches, oh how it kills me
I can never live a normal joyful life
The familiar emptiness within me whistles a frozen tune
Unloved. Unwanted.
calm Mar 2018
I love you too much.
I think I'm in love now.

was falling slowly, with no rush,
but you've hit me hard somehow.

maybe it was the last time we kissed,
or perhaps our silly morning texts.

was it the calls from you I missed,
or is it that I won't know what comes next?

I love you too much.
I feel we both know now.

my heart bursts when you mention "us",
and I can't ever think of you and frown.

maybe it's the way you smile,
perhaps it's those gorgeous eyes.

is it cause I haven't seen you in a while,
or is it that you don't steal my fries?

I love you too much.
I think the world knows that by now.

still sinking, but I don’t give a ****,
cause you're my whole world anyhow.
calm Mar 2018
reset my brain
refresh my mind
show me new pain
turn back these times

relive this torture
set back the clocks
let me relove her
then fall back to dark

reset my brain
refresh my mind
break free these chains
that hold down my kind

comb my hair
and wash my face
let's all prepare
for the end of this race
calm Mar 2018
slowly sinking

gradually falling in love with you

eventually tripping and crashing for you

someday I'll be there to hopefully catch you too
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