"I’ll shatter another wishbone"

I’ll shatter another wishbone
If it means you’ll answer the phone
I’ll scour for pennies on this deserted street
If I’ll be lucky enough for us to meet

I’ll stay up all night gazing for a shooting star
If I can rest my feet on the dash of your car
I’ll pluck every eyelash from my eyes
If it means I can wish away all the lies

But the dandelions won’t work
You’re throat is sealed with a cork
I’ll still wish for one more kiss
Don’t you see? It’s you I miss.

"this feeling is not a wishbone"
simone clarie 

i woke up at four am
you had died approximately three hours before
i got chills and lay impossibly still
with wide eyes
there was something
all around me

i climbed cautiously
down to the bathroom
to smoke a cigarette
as if someone
was watching

i drank a lot
of water

now whenever i get chills
i think it is you
trying to touch me

today as i methodically
wiped down tables
a radio broadcast in the background
was having a deep
sunday night personal in-depth hour
on the talk show
and all this losing a loved one
and a piece of me
is really getting to me
because you're still here
aren't i breathing?

this feeling is not a wishbone
it breaks evenly
and we walked away
with half of each

"No, if I find a wishbone"
david badgerow 

I wasted my words
I wasted your ears
I wasted my time
learning all your likes and fears

I've wasted some sunrises
I've wasted some sunsets
If I could drink them
I'd get wasted
on my own regrets

I wasted your soft skin
you wasted my touch
but I guess to you
it doesn't matter too much

Because you're on
to the next one,
and I'm left right here
thinking thoughts full of sorrow
and sharing them with my beer

I wasted your glistening body
I wasted your sex
In my head I was wasted
about the future,
like a house with a yard
and just two pets.

I wasted your lips
you wasted your lies
but I don't wish you harm
or hope that
anyone in your family

No, if I find a wishbone
this one thing I'll truly wish
that the next guy you fuck
has something
very itchy
on his dick.

"will i always wear my wishbone"

why do i bother?
knowing that lifting you up
only makes me sink further
into the dirt

soon enough i'll be six feet under
scratching at the soles of your feet
but you'll smile and laugh and say,
"oh how that tickles!"

that's just like you
to forget who you climbed over
to get to the top
the only thing that matters
is where you are now
and i'm ashamed
that i've let this go on

will i always wear my wishbone
where my backbone belongs?

now i sit here among the bugs and rocks
watching myself decay
from my feet up
and as my bones begin to protrude through my skin
jutting out at odd angles
and ever so slowly breaking down
to become one with the earth
i realize, too late
that you weren't worth it

"and a wishbone stick."
L Gardener 

Torsos in windows,
dark shadows,
whispered laughter,
and a wishbone stick.
Sickly, spider trees
rustle in the night breeze
Streetlight beams find me.
Nose growing cold.
Walking from home
all alone.

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