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Happy Birthday Sister Dear
For the 65th anniversary of your birth
That yearly recognition
Of your time spent on earth…
But you are not here
I want to send you a present
One that will last forever
One that will never end
So these words I penned…

“Thought we’ve not always been close
You were loved in my heart
Then there’s the matter
Of that “other” body part
I want you to know
How much I cared
I may not have always been there
Or said the right thing
But my love is sent to you
On the whisper of an Angel’s wing”
July 21, 1954~August 23, 2018

For my sister “Dal”
That “other” body part is the kidney  I gave her years ago
We named her “Tinklebelle”
Both are now gone
Oh yes that is what I am
All of the time
Gotta get out of bed...Arrgh
Someone calls and wakes me up… Seriously?
Pain in my knee…**** that hurts
Get in the shower and almost fall… Oh ****
Climb stairs…No no no no way
Clean the house …Really again?
Can’t concentrate…Why bother?
Rock back and forth on my couch…Huh?
Change my thinking…You mean I can do that?
Maybe another day…
So today I am just Aggravated

Shattered Thoughts 2019
Written by Pat LeDuc
It was that kind of day
With every pill I take… I lose a little of myself
It almost makes my life bearable
With every pill I take… my mind borders on insanity
It almost makes my life bearable
With every pill I take
I break with reality
Pop another pill
It will never make my life bearable
Pop another pill
Just in case
A vicious circle...that may never end
(Medications for Bipolar Disorder)
When you put your hand upon my face
I was transported to a safe place
It helped me come to realize
I had so much pain to erase
But I wasn’t alone…
I drew strength from your touch
Your kindness meant so much
It came from your heart
And went straight to my soul
Making a connection showing me how
To win back my life
To take back control
But I didn’t miss
The wistful look in your eyes
It came as no surprise
As if to say:
“Another time
Another place
Your hand upon my face
No pain to erase
What might have been….”
For Michael...your truth...your life....your love
Gone but not forgotten
February 14, 1943 ~ November 30, 2019
Patricia LeDuc Aug 2018
Today my sister died…or maybe it was yesterday
I’m not really sure …how… why… or  when… it doesn’t matter now
If only I could talk to her again
I would let her know…
That If I knew that our brief encounter would be our last
I could have been kinder
The words flew thru out of my mouth
I wish I could take them back
Yes maybe I could have been a better sister
You pushed me away so much
That I had no reason the stay
You were wicked… spiteful… and …mean…
But you were my sister
You never moved on with your life
You suffered from the day Daddy died
Never to love again…
Your high expectations were written in stone…
In your cold …broken… sad… heart
You never knew the love you so needed
You never got what you deserved
You asked so little of life
Yet should have gotten the world
Your life was not sprinkled with true happiness
You were loved...but only felt pain
Why I will never know…
You had so much love to give
But you never found peace..
In life and
Now death
I now wish you peace
I wish you love
I wish you were here with me again
(roll your eyes at me…I know you want to)
Love is for giving
Love is Forgiving
I wish that from you…
Rest in heaven my sister
Patricia LeDuc Apr 2018
Are you comparing me?
To the others before me
The others in your life
Ex-girlfriends, ex-lovers, ex-wife?
How did I do?
Did I surprise you?
When I showed another side
One you never knew
There are other sides of me I do hide
You need to peel them back layer by layer
There’s no better compliment
That you can pay her
Than by comparing her
To those in your past
But while you are accessing
I am guessing
That is why I asked
Who Are you comparing me to?
~4/29/18 Released~
~11/03/03 Original~

Not my came from the words
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