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Nicole Hurley Oct 2010
I was going through some hard times
I didn't know what to do
But than my life changed
All because of you
You showed me how to smile and laugh
Whenever I felt down
All the bad feelings I stored inside
Where no place to be found
So with all my heart and soul I give my thanks to you
Nobody could have made me as happy
Not as much as you
Nicole Hurley Sep 2010
All alone I stand still watching from a distance
I scream as the people walk by but no one listens
A shadow different from the rest stares back at me
I try to grasp it but it disappears right in front of me

I'm left standing still as the day turns into night
I look at the crowd and tears begin to fill my eyes
Not one familiar face in a group of many
Not one looks up or notices me

I'm like an old statue that everyone has seen
They all walk past me like they know where I've been
Yet no one cares to see where I'm going
Or how I got there or am I hurting

Suddenly I realize that I'm not the unnoticed
While no one looks at me, I'm the observant
At the end, I have stood firm on the ground
While everyone is searching for the peace I have found
Nicole Hurley Aug 2010
She's got whiskey breath and a box of tissues.
She goes to work to find some hope within her day,
But she comes home and finds herself once bed.

Depression has taken over her.
She has no feelings towards anything and feels numb.
The whiskey brings her the only joy and everything starts to make sense.

The shots brought her here...writing her depress non-sense.
Why does the alcohol bring her much understanding?
It's smooth yet hard liquid makes her feel she is flying through the sky.

She doesn't know where this is going...she's been drinking since Saturday morning...
...she's just a drunken mess and deserves all of this
Nicole Hurley Jul 2010
Salty lips pressed against the bottle
Waiting for that sun to set upon the sea.
The arrival of another being becomes apparent
As the handsome smile brings more sunlight to the shore.

The waves are crashing and the wind is blowing
But the thought of doubt keeps running through the mind.
The coconut *** smells so delicious but so evil
As I begin to discover what's really going on...
Nicole Hurley Jul 2010
Still falling...*
floating free
motionless spinning
within his gravity

My black hole heart
devours both moon and stars
I absorb his light
and am left empty

Darkness approaching
Eclipse beginning
The solstice of my sadness
Rotates on its axis
Nicole Hurley Jun 2010
Sleep is overrated.
Who needs to sleep when we can think.
Think about all the wrong we have caused.
All the tears and sweat hasn't paid off yet.
Dreams and hopes keep getting shattered every time.

Love is overrated.
Who needs to love when we can be free.
Be free from all confusion and heart breaks.
All the tears and sweat hasn't paid off yet.
Dreams and hopes keep getting shattered every time.

Knowing is overrated.
Who needs to know when we can just ignore.
Ignore everything that had happen and move on.
All the tears and sweat hasn't paid off yet.
Dreams and hopes keep getting shattered every time.

We are overrated.
Who needs to have us when we can
Be who we are meant to be and finally realize.
All the tears might be paying off now.
Dreams and hopes keep getting fixed...
Nicole Hurley
Nicole Hurley Jun 2010
I've been learning, slowly and sadly that some friendships must come to an end. I'm growing older and learning that my only friend that I will end up trusting, for the rest of my life, will be my future husband. This isn't a bad thing but for me, I like to have more company. Friends keep me alive--keep me happy.

I love my best friend, more than anything. Keeps me alive and happy. Keeps me sane. We have our laughs and we have our tears but this sort of friendship that we've been growing for a couple of years now is unbreakable & indescribable. I could go on for years to describe how much we mean to each other. It's just a remarkable feeling. I love it.

I just wish I could stay close to the people I've become friends with. I love every single one of my dearest friends--I truly do but I've come to realize that we will slowly stop being (best) friends. We will become just friends but then that leads to just becoming acquaintances. Then, which leads to what I hope will never happen--losing contact completely. That day will come--eventually--but let's just hope I will be ready when it hits me like a train--I know it will be coming but it will still be unexpected.
© Nicole Hurley, 2010
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