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Fheyra Jul 2020
Festive morn, I crossed with thee
Embellished silk shines with whirling elegance—
Of translucent textures and fine fragrance
The royal formation— that anticipates a chance—
A romantic browse of catered acquaintance.

As I swipe to slant,— Thy arms braced my shoulders— and uplift me—
In awe of my still,
Slipped palms of thy distant longed—
In the halls of hide and seek—
Despite the fragments,— Thou aimed to break the lines,—
Chasing this harmony,
Unravelling the elflock sway;— to clutch the Orchid; Until she stays..
In a prestigious ball, where all has started. They met gracefully.
Jun 2020 · 395
"With Thee"
Fheyra Jun 2020
Tonight, I laid with thee—
In this room,— Whence thou liberated these ******* to seams,
Thy vest unlocked the chest to beat—
The empty black skies,—
I wilt pray with thee—
With two candles intertwined..
From the comfort of someone, until those eyes close..
Jun 2020 · 948
Nowhere Falls
Fheyra Jun 2020
Streams— relay the slumber
Tributes to— the Waterfall's Sprite.

'Twas when— the compass— Dismantled
As the bedrocks gruel— Distort the ledge,
Confronted by— tidal waves;—
Imbued the Crush— of a Carapace
That let the Visions— Sprout;—
Abandoned— With the Barriers..

So long,— I do not know..

Sights— Times— are enclosing
Onto the lost,— And the Seafloor sinks
Slowly— Diminishing— The Sirens' Call..
It's just so strange not to remember anything.
May 2020 · 108
"Country— Quakes"
Fheyra May 2020
Outstretch the air—
Carved by colours
Sprinkle the wide— Singing Vikings!
Cargo Ships,— Route Inclining!

The ignited Flags of Statutes,
Hailing and burying,— Bonkers in buckets;
Hoops and loops,— with Claps of Needles—
To strike the Base— To No Vent
Whilst the other Mesh— huddle its tent.

What brings the Majors to this Event?—
‘Tis the dignified— that lined Straight Heads
Appointed the triggers— with earnest tests
“All of thee must mark thy honor—
Shield each and other’s posts,— And smash the Alien’s Bowl!”

The oath—which we left— the Dolphins behind
The Tails that rekindle— lullabies from baggages;
Tailors saluting the servants' urges,
That caused the immunity to separate.

Incoming visitors—
Driving the lenses to enlarge—
With Crossed Arms,— Convey the welcome— of Slashed orders
Recipes to pull— the Colon’s Stools;— Both to be ambitious
As Tenures of Patron’s Troops.

A leg for a leg!— A tank for a tank!
Let me sniff the organs in thy chambers—
To perform the drills— of thy cranes,
And later,— block thy Meteorites,—
For our Projectiles to flee!
Show the Main Lands— Thy Powers!

The faith of Hawk Chess—
Whence the heroes— throw their protests
Disseating Kings and Queens—
That envied the Scores of Ages,—
And snapped the systems,—
Celebrating the Disorders of Victories
Whether mine or thine— We cut the strings
Whence the Prerogatives— Laugh at the Quakes..
Fallen lives for territorial power is no victory, but greed..
May 2020 · 374
"A Stolen Piece"
Fheyra May 2020
Kingdoms more,
Kingdoms sore
Passing the guards—
Like busting bars
Riddles compact— From the numbers,— Etched in Hollow Blocks
The fact of goners—
Hit the doors,— and punch the backs— In hied, to navigate the tracks—
To boost out— Parts.

Steep lands embed this twisted wanderer—
Aches the leaves and humps— Pushing to slouch
As I beg the ground— Not to pound—
For the planes to switch rounds.

Offsprings declined the measures— of luxuriant wands
The caverns feed the infant's boredom
Does hold the dome—
For loitering dogs
An insatiable ****—
That climbs for ripe fruits—
And wildly shouts— The beggar's principles
Here and there— Values— Then eats apples.

The weathering turned the rocks to dust
I must— crumple my tasks
Ah, the shallows..
On search for walloped hearts— Of shortened wage;— Of weak grips
Oh, I thirst for distance
Lay down barks! Lay down!
**** the shallows!
God, oh God,—
Is this the penalty for swindling clemency?—
Just crumbs..
Just crumbs..
For open mouths..
Oh, why they broke it?

Face down,— I crawl to this warmth
They fade..
So I kneel for a while— With curved points— To the unknown shore
What beauty relies from there?
I am bandaged by whipped words
Tell the pending men— Of my bare tense..

Sigh and sigh..
The sand and seaweeds
Caressing the voyager's rest
Refresh the bonds of East and West—
From the rise and fall— Of Sailors' flow
Collide the surfers— With tentacles of Immortality!
The commands of Tides—
Emerge a Hurricane— to blow its treasures— with the Strakes!

Alas, the whales jump—
Splashing with the crystals
I know now..
The vast,— This is my Wealth— My True Luxury
My Kingdom calls me..
I shall embrace my prize..
I swim the bottomless Abyss..

They landed on my spot—
With only slacks on sand—
And the surface reads—
"Hah, I'm Rich Now!"
There are outrageous things they do to feed themselves in scarcity. They have morals, but alongisde, they need to stay alive.
May 2020 · 305
Odd Times
Fheyra May 2020
Merry, merry— thou filled a hummingbird's tone
Funny, funny— how sottish thy head on stone.

Amazed by blue lights, I swoon and stretch my arms
Looking back, my cottons on grass— ditched my charms.

To assume a side of a well-known— she greets
Received in one sight,— slowly, she falsely meets.
Awkward times can be weird and funny.
The third couplet(stanza) is the one that I experienced. Just imagine the awkwardness when you greet someone you thought you knew, inside a vehicle, that would really cause a blush in a shy thought.
You can all share your awkward moments, if you want😅
May 2020 · 219
Fheyra May 2020
An expedition from confined hoards,
That retreat pens— to get off the boards.
Retreat for a while, when everything seems tight..
May 2020 · 225
Fheyra May 2020
Applause to this object
A star to look up,—
But stands lower than a house
Who gathered all the fantasies— of hopeless travellers,— Which seek for devoted fancies.

Sparkling garlands,—
Simply, a life of itch
Flashlights everywhere on the platform,— Inutile to its basis
I memorize the trades of their toasts—
One day, I shall have my own boast.

After wiping spots on gold bars,—
I am still not a debauchee of love;
Even if they buzz,— Beehives— Are not mine to offer,—
But a gourmet to their stomach.

Assets clothing their merchants—
Reserving the furnitures—
To show the best features
For myself, I want a slammed window,—
Not some firm statues
"Galatea, we all desire Galatea!"

How adorable when 'twas knotted,
Lovely, but not loved,
Sheltered, yet not protected;
Paid, but not proclaimed
How many landlords will adapt me?

There is a target—
To a sudden stampede—
Oh, how startling!
Please, capture me
I will submit to your traps!
This bird is willing to be caged— Away!
I may now have my arrows— To run the bay!
Flipped death is my reward..
We do neither want to be objectified nor sold. Everyone is priceless, especially our lives.
May 2020 · 505
"The Lost Rebel"
Fheyra May 2020
Farewell, no—
Not a crow,—
But a lapse of lightning,
Flashes in films— with rocks thrown on a brim—
Creating verges on waters,
As it expands,— a mirror was formed
But shrubs are sobbing,— As the fog meddles with the river— So blinding; Then the mirror disappears
When droplets keep dripping,—
I could not see anymore..

"Find me..find me.."
Who are you?— "Find me.."
Are you a wolf from another pack?—"find me.."— Were you buried? — A breath? Or only pieces?— "find me.."
To be revived below the tree is a befuddling been..
"Find me.."
Somewhere, you are;
Somewhere, you will be—
I will find you..

In the misty voids, I followed you— and submerged to your world
The assuage of none,— oh, 'tis an eerie coldness—
Of belabouring sorrows and haunted dreams
The maze of narration leads to this path—
Summons the whispers of bushes that kept breathing and moving..—
Closer and closer..

In the silence— I sneak;
Someone screams,
—Run and run; Never look back— For shadows are treacherous trolls,— Seducing temples—
Enshroud the wilderness to frighten the all grown..
—"I shall call you once more."

Suddenly, I tripped to the quarry
Serpents hissing; The Arachnids are stalking—
"Where is my fire?!"— I rattled to tend
One foot back— Murmurs chanting rituals to this goose
Spill embers! Spill embers!
Fiery torches cast my foes!
Now, I could escape.

No!— The ravens,
I shall not be abducted
Hastily, I blew my feet—To leap in sleek,— As to surpass the endless drear—
I am not a kin to your lair..

Hence, I was a fool
Befallen is me,—
When I stepped to the end side of knoll
This rebel is a victim of sheer torn scheme
Help me..
I need to find you..
Help me.. Please, help me..

A nowhere eagle swooped me from my lore
Bounce away from this pity storm,—
And let these wings fly to the morn
The lenient Stratus Clouds— Bolstering my spirit— Up here, there are no hostiles and skulls
That it declared to me, as well,— "Away from your madness— Perpetrators are attracted by insane vigor. Cease grubbling illusions!
You must seek to believe that it is there, and not unknown."
I conformed to my Savior.

"Find me..find me.."
It was more vivid and louder..
The glimpse of gables, I see now— with a Cross at its top
"My eagle, nest me here"
—"You are here..Enter within."

Where am I?— I remember there were smoke and mounds;— Above me were clouds..
Wait, why are you smiling?
I shall pant— for I am petrified by all those obscured hollows,— Quite absurd?— Shake me instead
Now I ask you,—
"Who are you?"

—You found Me!—
Nightmares can devour the soul, and make ourselves lost forever..
This is overcoming death in the representation of dream sequence.
May 2020 · 204
"Intruders Everywhere!"
Fheyra May 2020
A mutated earthling—
From an elitist experiment—
Burst with thorns and limbs,— yet too little to be seen,— That struck mines— Into landslides.

Through and through,— to species and things
A coast to coast hunter— that becomes a Gremlin *******,— and thrilled by a prophet, foretold—
"A ditty hatband to put in flute,— is a note of sphere bullets."

For the meantime, hear the Chieftain's announcement:
"The folly is the naked; as the prudent is the masked—
No one should be phlegmatic in this game,—
For all of you should be sensitive— Unless, if you want to be an elsewhere's feast
Do not act— like a pearl with a great price!"

Soldiers cluttered in passageways,— For Pirates are Ubiquitous thieves
An assemble of frontiers hosed and geared— of wrought bodies— with uncertain prone.

In this war, together—
Barricades of water and bricks— Our chances to be unleashed,— From a long concealment,— To be sooner conquerors of intruders' exile.
Covid-19 is a current situation in all countries. The prevalence of this disease has an uknown end, but with our discipline, and the brave hearts of our front liners, together we will be free.
May 2020 · 765
A Tulle's Journey
Fheyra May 2020
White mares skipping high
Fleeting bows of flight
A delicate sway and tender—
Of nymph water bearers.

Grip to the pole— start bending your toes
Gritty witty Pointes—  slide sailing your stockings
Don't be weary— you all weigh like babies.

When everyone curves below,—
I might cry low
The tug of veins,— Twisting my equity
All for a share of artistry—
That shakes dynamic scaling
How can I fly with this?

A flock of gnasgabs— Forming on the floor
Say, I was bewildered—
By such floating nerves
I suppose, my anchors would stumble!

Muscles shifted miniscules to humongous
I learned the arc's way
How swans scoop to ponds,— and paddle
To split stems without abraded rock scrapes
The pricked would never ill still again— For the element of wind,—is a frolicking mentor of mine.

What shape is imposed?
Is to be trained to sketch enough?—
Or to smother crust on feet?
A little pinch on my nose—
They told me— "Be toned, and not be a cylinder, or you'll be getting misfits."
If groom is to groan,— Then unwinding is not an option.

Stale eyelids, protrude lips;—
With undetermined purple ankles
Presenting, the queue of peacocks—
Crafted by coned imagery!
"Smile darlings, smile.."
"Grant them a magical show!"

A single blow, I think I would fall,—
Or a slip— Brought by fragility
A collapsed bud of covert slim blossoming
What sot titles be lurking—
On this lumpy staging?
I see the curtains closing..

Raggle-taggle pearls, no—
Just piercing prisms
Attach with vessel tubes— providing life
Rates and beats,— I am awake—
While their pupils start bowing—
In a forum with wheezing closed fists
I cannot nod for this; so too, I replied
—"Let brittle vases be a harbinger for naive pottery makers."

"Spin and spin around— Oh stop, I'm not a music box!
I love dancing,— but don't treat me like a doll!"

I escaped, from dry flower fields
Now, I am a deviant— of their snotter lying— of absolute bloom
A standard of fixed chains and keys
No more attending to an epithet of perfection,— For I will be the motion of my own tides and breeze.

I  battle to Ballet,— For 'tis as knight with armored strength— of fenced rivals 'til to bleed
I risk for Ballet,— Like cliff dancing, even on edges— I am steady,—
And tough to dive in lakes and oceans
I fall for Ballet,— How Alice fall to the Wonderland— discovering mysteries in every dooorway
I compose to Ballet,— As I dwell in the well of written poems and tunes,—
I inherit to move..

The wishful dandelions,—
Sprawling with honeybees and butterflies,— of me running with ribbons in Spring time
I feel my hair is brushing,—
As I blew these dandelions,— Sending letters to other gardens—
"Dark, Bright, Tiny, or Huge— Anyone can wear a Tulle,— Come and fly, as we're all free and beautiful like dandelions.."
Just dance to the wings of your heart, and you shall find freedom within your happiness.
Fheyra May 2020
My Spirit, I dropped
My neck, how tragic!—
Oh, why was I doomed?—
What a shame of love,—
Beset me for living
How poor was my trial?—
That king caught me— Just to be his vice!
Surely, I was a noble queen—
'Til the justice defied me..

Coined by 30 years,— Now deriving for 25 years,
This automatic era seemed haste for me,— Where people work less with limbs,— And more with chained machines
All tenses are verbose,— of such faint vision;— When all the dots meet,—
Perhaps, gallops are faster than wheels.
Whenever I daze in my reflection,
I morbidly feel the bruised mark on my pelvis,— whence Homer penetrated it,— And this slit scar on my nape— of my husband's infidelity
Oh fate, may thou all wrath in flames..

I was not an outlaw!—
Thou all praised a sculpture,—
And smashed it, when it was bore!
Thou bidded swears— To a bedswerver's norms!
My downfall revealed thy disgraced offerings— Traitors!

—My poor, poor queen— Do not weep,
    For I shall be great,— This lady will
    dissect the hypocrites, and clothe
    the faithful—
    I shall be the image of your tragedy
    and glory
    This is the order of my commitment
    I am a ponent;
    I am a defender.

Quote our testament:
"We art the culprits and victims of our own plot. If an admiring rogue invades thy core, it shall weakened thou as culprit into an ever victim— To be held in judgment, and to be both perceived as no innocent."

—The conviction of worldly accomplices,
    This shall be the vengeance of an obsolete sentence.—

Altaira, with me,—
Thou art neither a corpse—
Nor a bit of ash;
'Tis the time for ruling
Your Majesty—
Cheers to the jury..
This is the final sequence! The whole story was about a woman having her past life regression, and in her pasf life, she was a queen who was betrayed and beheaded. The rage of the queen still lives in her body, but her present self knows that she should be persistent to provide justice for herself, and to her country.

Remember from "Rituals and Joviality", the Spirit is the voice of the Psychologist that helped her meditate and see her past life. The "Saith the name of an Altar maiden" line referred to a command, for her fo say the word, "Altar", because it resembles the name of her past self, which is "Altaira".

Now finally, she became a judge in the end.
Justice is served.
May 2020 · 185
"Resurrection"– Execution
Fheyra May 2020
This lamb now caged with lions;
Soon to ride with horses
Face my subjects,—
With an overwritten expression,
Cursed by ballyhoos of vultures.

What a lampoon to be drawn in humanity,—
As they pass to my sight,—
Praying for confession— For a blessing of a new fashion,
May the tomb be the veil of thy busts
Beating drums, I shalt not stagger.

On this stage,— I untied my cloth,
Withstand the shaken land,
I hear the wailing of the sand
Mary whines blood this end..
Her Son's sleigh sweeping me..
Thy queen shalt flood— her fabric traught's pile.

I knelt on the ground,—
People whimpered with no sound
—"Be tamed Black Stalwart, for thou
     art forgiven."
To here falls the dillydoun's saw...

     "The raging agony and weight of
       strife,— May I beseech for Mercy!
       God, save this ****** ghost!—
       Never wilt I feel the land again...
       Light, hoise me up,—when my face

'Whence the uproar sham this throne blown!'
The queen was beheaded on her execution. She was firm in fright, even if she saw her husband with his mistress. She wanted her death to be the omen or the knelling conscience of their treachery.

Remember from "Gossip threats", when rumors circulated of her cheating, that time, she encountered her former lover. It was also the time that the king was plotting for her condemnation with the use of that man. Then from "The **** of Thrones", she met that man again, that concluded her horrific fate.
Fheyra May 2020
In the swirling zephyr,
The grass dances weakly
I heard an escort,– Awaits my way to the Wolf Hall.

A triumphant sinister;—
My broken pleasure,— How lovely to see thy scraps again..
Such a bounty hunter
What the gods want now?

Doth not turn me around!—
Doth not hang me!
If thou loose my ties,—
Thou wilt be a murderer of all vines!

Spare me!— I am not thy prey;
I am not one of Greek's peccant,
Please, off loathing my purity!

This predator devoured me..
The ****** of his dark matter, stabbed me..

The mob held me captive,— by net traps
The culprit lies next to me—
Acted one alike raw; then I was sacked,
I felt the bethel was mocked,—
But my Lord won't despise me.

A paralyzed arrest screeched me
I was stroke— by a vermin quenched for meat..

Thou art the most cherished
It is still me..
Scattered with mud,
Dressed in a blanket;
Hoping to kiss thee
Bend for belief,— and not forgiveness
Wherefor thy body shivers?
Thy cup is condensing,
Lips ill-looking;
Red flames changing blue—
Am I still the hue?
I sensed—
Thou fell into the pit
My shreds, thy lust
The roots art on the tip of thy nails!

An ancestral plague poisoning whoever sits,—
And bridesmaking is a promiscuous habit—
To grasp a braided hair,— for an accessory
Behold, the lineage of romantic paintings,
Whence the bonds turn to heist
Looting innocence and staying in history...
In this 4th sequence, the queen met her former lover, but it turns out to be a nightmare rendezvous. He ***** her, for a reward, that she could be dethroned. He made it look like thaf she made love with him by making her unconscious, and after, some people saw it, and thought she committed adultery. Her husband was there when the people saw his wife and the man. Who would ever thought himself, the king, planned this, for he has another woman. The last stanza reveals the political and immoral ways of monarchy.
Fheyra May 2020
They adored me,
This staff bethinks me—of the cauldron of my fortress
My Majesty, my beloved,-—Thou sealed our oath
We vanquished our domains;
Amending the ridges of rulers
Wherefor art thou atrabillous?—
I am always here..
My shoes, perfume, dresses, skin!—
Oft, thy presence doth bathe in battlefields,-- but my love, believe me
Thy half hath never trade scents with others..

On a maudlin hour,
Fictions beleaguering my honor
Whose feathers perched on papers?—
Dare to charge me?
I shalt pour wine on those
No man could halt my portrait;—
This necklace wilt stay on me.
This is the third sequence, where she seems to hear gossips or fabricated stories of her flirting with other men. Although, it sounds vague, for she had never done anything like that.
Fheyra May 2020
Golden bells,—bedight o'er towers—
Amidst the betrothing melody,
The touch of stained glass—
Beams the rosary beads
Binding me with a man held high;
Now to be crowned his wife.
     "My lord, lend me thy right hand,
      As thy loyal servant,—
       I vow to pledge our country."

The Moonlight Song,— let our haunches be mere pitches—
Of forests rocked by branches
Ah, my fatal reverie—
Savor this antique scenery,
With classic gothic frames,
And worn laces,—Peaking the figures'desires
Cradle me,—
And thou shalt drink my glass,—
To offer a sip;-- so to paint moist on windows.

Sunrise, leap me to this town!—
How gracious men and children,
I shalt dress all thee;-—Make a stronghold that prospers the needy;
Lest the void of promised land—
Wither the faith of mankind.

With the King's side,
Reformation sets the nation to affluence;
The bonfire relives the glorious centuries—
Never scorn, swords unfold!
The 2nd sequence or episode. In this part, she got married with the king, and their reign was a successful era. Anyway, the second stanza represents the honeymoon. The third stanza represents of how a genuine queen she is. The last one conveys the marvelous sovereign of their regime.
Fheyra May 2020
Regress from the birth of pillars,—
To transcend heirs of Elegy,
Beneath tunnels on quaint calligraphy.

Follow the Spirit,
Alive and wide awake,— Possess beyond gates of Court stairs
Have thou seen a soiree?—Stroll on those scrolls,
Saith the name of an Altar maiden.
- -...
Feasting meals, hanging chandeliers—
I am wooed for this
The goblets were applauding
A dazzling poise,—The gem chose me
On the embroidered carpet,
I was the center of it
Switching footsteps, gliding the surface;—wearing my earned headpiece.
That moment,—
I leaned before the roses.

–"Oh, the tight abdomen
    I felt like I have no ribs,
    Finally, I can breathe—
    From such heavy clothing
    Well indeed, her beauty descends to
    They called me lady,—
    A woman of the finest jewelries."

"I want to see her,
May I rest again, Spirit"
This poem is a thread like episodes. Likewise, a series to be told.
What will happen next to her will be revealed through other subsequent episodic stanzas.

Wait for the next story..
Apr 2020 · 143
Fheyra Apr 2020
He hath me,—
And I doth love him,
For he is my armour;
He will assail our giants.

Curiosity come forth me—
When I saw him between two walls,
With glances of his eyes,—
I swallowed the anguish inside
Thinking he was a *****—
To be lured by his style.

Never I will bend for him—
Nor even breathe with him
I live for a certain pride—
Which he hath made me reside
To his shelter;—
Into his bones.

"Doth not tremble,
For thee will be covered—
With flesh and soul
I will hail thy body
Just be with me,—
And forever be thy slave."
–He spoke to me
   He was not cunning
   The humor faltered in his words
   What lonesome he ever bears—
   'twas that fear trapped inside him.
I gazed upon him;
With that moment—
When rays blend with blinds--
As the air clamors heat,—
I shared my blood,—
For rush is true when pressed.

Smiles ever genuine,
Hands never been this comforting,
Hearts fluttering like a dream
Oh, how free I am in thy heart.

As I imagine running barefoot with nature;
As thou art wonders of all beings
Everyday, a summer breeze;
Every night, a nightingale
I sigh staring the waves—
Hoping no one could find us.

Reach me, as I reach thee;—
Be ever relentless,
For forged stories will be our bridge
It may be built with guilt,—
But longer, it will prevail with our love.

This is our reality—
Where people will dissever us,
And utter foreboding tales of youth--
What is a youth,— If vehemence is unseen
Youth is a waste—Without making love
The world is aging,— So as passion disperses.

With this place,
He vowed to me,—
And held me to believe,—
Where warmth and tranquility hovered within
The echoing sounds of besought grace
Cannot compel the laws of the society,
Whilst the voices dispute us,—
We will live and weep here,
'til those who art not born yet will embrace us.

The dim will be illuminated—
By fervid shall marry serenity,
As rings, as lovers,—
Eternity will be hidden.

An emblem of reborn and death
A clandestine, forbidden to be free,
Where caves doth not mourn misery,
For the wild howls art sacred.
Forbidden love
Apr 2018 · 590
A Chorus to Heaven
Fheyra Apr 2018
Let us summon the Name of Everyone and Everything.
An accolade bestowed upon His greatness,
Where doves soar to the valleys of wisdom
Seeking for wonders love by Him.

Put a tune, or a note
To a song of faith
Is here to guide you in...
           "Gotta keep soaring high
             Keep climbing mountains,
            ' Till I rise my Heart
              Never gonna hold back
              Never gonna stop
              You know I won't give up
              It's the Spirit You put in me
              And the fight is to believe
              Oh, I'll be chasing clouds
              'Till I reach the edge of Life"

Take courage and have faith
For God is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Oh Lord, bless us all.
Feb 2018 · 269
Remember me
Fheyra Feb 2018
It's me?
Can you recall?
Do you remember me?
'Coz i remember you
Every nuances of your figures
The shape of fragility that binds with sweet serenade
Oh, it is so thee
The way you twirl your hips when the beat embraces your chest
As you skirt my path, leaning on you
The caress of your lips pressed to mine
Talking to me
Walking with me
Dancing with me
Loving with me
I reminisce your steps
Your eyes in night life
Your red cheeks playing with giggles
Your teasing touch upon my hands
You are my wonderland
And forevermore will be

Do you remember me?
I love you...
Do you remember me?
I still care..
Do you remember me?
Please, hold me..

Falls went down
Mind breaks down
As my heart bleeds to your memory
Our memory that can't be remembered by you
Coz yours fade away

I love you....
I will still make you remember me and wait for your return.
Jan 2018 · 460
Pretty Baby
Fheyra Jan 2018
A bloom of sunshine in a day
Playfully, picking up flowers for a fine treat
The paint of pastel that allures eyes
A sort of smile, a kind of way
Of a certain imagination of a happy gray
This will end a premonition for a day

A messy room for such a baby
Waking up, staring at a mirror; saying,
"You're a child"-- quite deceitful to look at it
Starting the day with a thing
Seemingly, suspicious to talk about
A delighted grace dives as i open the door
A place condemned of mockery and derogation
Sought as heaven for bullet heads

I stood on the crack
The party begins with a slap
Raise a cup! Raise a cup!
Green faces hover the floor
Crawling for legs, it's for sure
All come to see my beautiful
My rose, my bad
Skin as baby's lips
An adorn, i tremble
Carried me into the woods

One night, a filthy paradise
A job to have it inside
Pour with sweat over my body
Strangled my garments to shreds
Shackles, chains, ropes
Arms stretched, legs loose
Bend over 'til a joint injects
It is a norm for me
Oh how, why it shuts me
Please daddy, don't you grab me

As a prize, i puked 'em all
An illusion of running, always cuts me
My reward can't give me toys to play
A thousand compliments I put on my dress
While they see nothing on me
It thrills to call me pretty
Well indeed, I was trained
As a subject to pet a doll
They ask me if i want a candy
Who would ever thought, I was the sweetest candy

I know, it would be like this
A history of my shattered daydream
My haunted misery
Behind beauty is a lost innocent child
I am pretty baby
Oh why they throw me?
Children are precious. They should not be thrown or abused. Don't let the innocence of a child be ruin because it's a gift.

— The End —