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Dani Oct 2018
A beautiful mountain, white with snow
A light breeze, a wind ice cold
Frozen in time, I stare in awe
Under ice is a heart so raw
Diamonds glistening, ice shimmering
An imbalance of time and minds dancing
Beauty and despair frozen in ice
Waiting for summer sun to pay the price
Still and quiet, but the pain screams in your head
Frozen in place beside your bed
Staring into the pains
A hundred rocks flow through your veins
A thousand needles biting skin
Outward calm, but screaming within
Summer warmth approaching
Ice slowly melting, diamonds gleaming
With perseverance you break the ice
It falls, shattering, what a sacrifice
I watch as there is nothing I can do
As your body shed the ice encasing you
It is beauty and despair, intertwined
Dripping to the floor, Oh how I adore
To watch you come alive. An uproar!
No longer frozen, full of motion
As if watching a glistening ocean
You stand tall, high above us all
For you melted the ice, made it fall
Leaving only a memory
Your fight so strong, dauntlessly
Standing, living, believing, and yet...
Your feet are wet, so with regret
I must inform of icy returns
Gone are the days of summer sunburns
For ice will come, it will be done
Your body shunned from our warm sun
You will freeze again, be lost again
Icy diamonds will shine like back then
You must remain strong while waiting,
Frozen in time that is crippling
Shed your ice everyday, overcome
One day Summer will stay and all this will be done
Auto-immune diseases has riddled my mother, and some days myself. Sometimes it feels as though you are frozen in ice waiting for the pain to end. I remember my mother being up at 4 am to allow body to "shed the ice" and get through the stiffness and pain that came every night.
When all the rocks
will have been thrown
and the last crumb
will be blown in the wind,

when even the final pledge
will has been violated
and just the darkness
will offer us refuge,

in the deafening uproar of the fear
your whisper
will be my guide,
the unseen
my only certainty.

I'll find you,
my soul,
and we'll raise
on transparent wings
of golden bees,
above it all,
to forget.
Isn't it enough to love and respect them?
Isn't it enough to do as they say?
Isn't it enough to spend time with them?
Isn't it enough to be who they want me to be?

Apparently not as it seems
The slightest protest or defiance
Will cause an uproar
As their good girl
Has been influenced to have a
Troublesome attitude
Along with her own  **opinions
Parents and their ******* expectations

— The End —