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Fheyra May 2020
Regress from the birth of pillars,—
To transcend heirs of Elegy,
Beneath tunnels on quaint calligraphy.

Follow the Spirit,
Alive and wide awake,— Possess beyond gates of Court stairs
Have thou seen a soiree?—Stroll on those scrolls,
Saith the name of an Altar maiden.
- -...
Feasting meals, hanging chandeliers—
I am wooed for this
The goblets were applauding
A dazzling poise,—The gem chose me
On the embroidered carpet,
I was the center of it
Switching footsteps, gliding the surface;—wearing my earned headpiece.
That moment,—
I leaned before the roses.

–"Oh, the tight abdomen
    I felt like I have no ribs,
    Finally, I can breathe—
    From such heavy clothing
    Well indeed, her beauty descends to
    They called me lady,—
    A woman of the finest jewelries."

"I want to see her,
May I rest again, Spirit"
This poem is a thread like episodes. Likewise, a series to be told.
What will happen next to her will be revealed through other subsequent episodic stanzas.

Wait for the next story..
s Sep 2016
Milky drink stirred
in old cafe bottles.
A latte shade of rug
and bleach-blue cushions.
An indoor palm
tucked at the back
peeking through
the green metal shoe rack;
And mismatched curtains
that perfectly subscribe
to the reluctant & quaint
millennial hipster vibe.
Soft spotted lights
crawl the wall
and crafted coasters
adorn the floor;

And there are straws.

Caribbean music on cue
slipping out the room
just enough to find your way
to the adults drinking
at an early evening soirée.
Pina coladas are
Puerto Rican you say?

That would need
a playlist update.
Illustrated cards -
distributed in threes,
we gamble away
exactly twelve rupees.
A horrible liar,
I fold too soon,
And watch the game unfold
to an unknown salsa tune.
An argument about
stale friendships
calls for a group uproar
while hungry stomachs
beckon macher jhol;
And so we wrap
this instagram-esque
though one could argue
that even Slumber & Mayfair
would miss out on
too many little things
that filled this warm
pineapple coloured evening.
AM Jan 2016
cheers to
the new open doors
the start overs
and the forgiveness
we will be facing
as we dance along
the beautiful storm
with music inside us

— The End —