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Ginelle Feb 29
In those late, fragile hours
on those dark, desolate nights
my soul seems to wander the earth
searching for a heart that matches mine

if soulmates do exist
then i'm missing a puzzle twain
Plato wasn't fallacious when he said the soul splits a brace

once you cradled my hand in yours,
our fingers dance, entwined;
I sensed this eternal connection,
that we are forever, intricately aligned
worked really hard to repair this. what do we think?
moon man Oct 2023
Here I lay, hoping that one of these days I’ll be laying across from you.
I want to feel the warmth of your hand, see the rhythm of your breathing
To know, within my heart, that your very being fills me with such a light that no darkness could ever hope to survive against.
Just as in your own heart, is filled with such a peace that you willingly give.
I hope our paths become forever intertwined and shines bright like a star, so the both of us are bathed in light.
I started playing kingdom hearts and felt that the title of the opening track, Dearly Beloved, deserved to have a poem under the same name. I hope I did it justice
Mays Benatti May 2023
A stranger stole my heart
left a mark I can’t deny
I never got to touch you but I feel you everywhere with me
It’s like our souls are intertwined
Isn’t it strange, stranger Or should I call you beloved stranger who stole my heart
You’re not a stranger no more
You have a place in my heart
I saved your love notes incase this is the last time you’ll write to me
I saved your voice notes incase I never hear you voice again
You said you’ll be back when you’re own you own two feet
I pray to god you find your peace
Annie Oct 2021
Can you pull apart the seems you sewed
When you were once as one?

I felt the high of being nowhere
And everywhere all at once.

We floated in a black space
And in it we combined.

My consciousness reached out to yours
And then, they intertwined.
Man Mar 2021
in this moment
our coalescence
as we become
still separate
but joining together
all the time
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
We are truly meant to be with eachother
Intertwined from the start
Destiny pushed us together
The truth is you've always had my heart
I could never lose warm feelings
Enjoy it way too much
Things in life in the way
Never in the way of your touch
Because I have that in my life
Able to stop feeling sad
Knowing you actually care about me
Enough to make my day less bad
There is an endearing mischeviousness
In smile that makes me laugh
Reminding how much I love you
Joy a gift I love to unwrap
I carry love with me everywhere
Tucked away in my chest pocket
Words are valuable and so divine
Voices of angels in my locket
Even when face is stuck in a box
A small
Smudge-filled screen
Clinging to phone as if
In your lap clinging to blue Jean's
You have the charisma
You are smooth
Body and tone
Waited too long to inform you of your skill
Going down you make me moan
Stronger than any satisfaction felt
Never want to leave this bed
Never tire of your caresses
Choosing our path
One step ahead
Come with on this journey
We watch the world around us burn
Whatever you do
I accept it
Can receive the love unearned
I hope you decide what makes you happy
It's me or someone new
Can catch a bigger fish I'm sure
Ran but emotions only grew
See each day as a chance to start over
Will always be welcome in my heart
Do not take the home we made for granted
Know where you are accepted and where you aren't
The best times in life are owned to you
Your life more important than mine
In your mind you are scoffing at me
Bold remarks
Fading lines
Remember words every time you feel weak
Let them nudge
Make you believe
It is you that gives me absolute pleasure
Say yes
All we can achieve
Love is worth the struggle and sacrifice
Know it as well as I do
If we both give 100%
There is no problem we can't work through
I am not sure if I posted this one before but I dont think so.. I wrote it in 2018 for my boyfriend's birthday
Fheyra Jun 2020
Tonight, I laid with thee—
In this room,— Whence thou liberated these ******* to seams,
Thy vest unlocked the chest to beat—
The empty black skies,—
I wilt pray with thee—
With two candles intertwined..
From the comfort of someone, until those eyes close..
cas Mar 2020
you said,
    "love is war,
      i am your soldier".

i'm in pain,
     yet you never came.

you held my hand,
     and there's no spark;
     you pulled me close,
     but then you fall.
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